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Using Yahoo groups for information

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Jul 22, 2002
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I have recommended on a number of occasions using Yahoo groups as a source of background information, particularly in the area of HF utilities. Unfortunately, Yahoo has a well-deserved reputation of sending its subscribers a great deal of marketing stuff and other junk. Obviously you should have anti-spam and anti-phishing software, but the fact is you can cut that junk out at the source with a little effort.

It's been years since I set up my Yahoo accounts, so the instructions below tend to be useful for someone who already has an account on Yahoo groups. But once your account is established, these should be useable;

1. Go to your user ID at the top of the page where it says Hi (insert your user name here)

2. Using the pulldown arrow, select Account Info

3. Enter your password

4. At the bottom of the page under Notifications and Subscriptions click on Update Newsletter & Marketing Options

5. You will be brought to a page with 3 tabs on it. Make sure you unclick all the options you don't want, and click on Save Changes for each page.

The amount of marketing and other junk mail will eventually trickle to a halt, then stop completely. I have had a number of Yahoo accounts through the years, and once the above procedure is complete, I get virtually no marketing junk from Yahoo.

I belong to several groups - NASWA, DXLD (DX Listening Digest - run by well known authority Glenn Hauser), Shortwave SWL Antenna, UDXF amoung others - and that just barely skims the surface. There are numerous such lists - take the time to dig a little and find one that suits your interests.

73 Mike
Aug 8, 2009
The new Yahoo! reads! your! emails!


Apparently the 'new' Yahoo Mail rolling out now will be reading email for marketing purposes!! (As bad as gmail)

Yahoo! suggests it is the users' job to warn anyone who emails them that their messages will also be scanned.

I will be notifying my friends who use YAHOO as i dont really want to email anyone on a system that does this!!
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