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VAR Power Fried Cobra 29LX LE

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Jan 6, 2014
Hello everyone

I just became a member after being a forum reader for the past several months.

Needless to sat that This is my 1st post.

Anyway... I bought a brand new 29LX about a few months ago. This weekend I decided to add variable power to it. I had civil said you did too at this mod to the radio.

1st I went ahead and grabbed a scrap piece of PCB board and mounted t and there is only 4 wires going into the radio and soldering inside. So I soldered 4 wires inside and took it for a test drive. This thing worked ridiculously well. I was very happy with the performance. Then it was time to go ahead and make a perminant pcb and box for it. So I did, however by mistake I took the wire that is supposed to go to the front hole of the cut jumper and hooked it up to the inductor/coil/ choke side and vise versa. The new pot started to smoke right away and I could not get any of the beep sound that you hear when you press buttons on the CB radio. So I quickly disconnected everything figured out what my mistake was, and corrected it. Now when I press the PTT button, my SWR / power meter does not move at all whatsoever, however another CB radio that is about 1 foot away will pick up only white noise when I key the mike and not any sound (or my voice from the microphone).

I check to see if the microphone was gone but it is not. So I am guessing either the audio amplifier, or the synthesizer, or something else has been damaged.

Would anyone here have an idea of what part(s) and/or components I may have caused damage to inside the radii? and how I would go about testing it?
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