alpha tags

  1. P

    Issue with special text characters

    How come you can't access other special characters ( | : ; ' ", ! etc...) in text tags of systems/sites, groups, or channels when programming in the scanner or with programming software on every uniden made scanner except the homepatrol series, and the only way to add them to your text tags is...
  2. Cashanova48

    Using a Boafeng UV-5R for a Broadcasting fees

    I am currently planning on using a UV-5R for a Broadcastify feed and am wondering if I could use a standard headphone audio jack cable plugged into the Boafeng speaker mic and the PC's Mic input or would I use the programming cable running to the PC's USB. I am currently using Scanner cast for...
  3. KG5HFL

    Help with op25, liquidsoap, and alpha tags...

    Can't seem to get alpha tags to show up and I'm guessing I'm missing a step. Watching the liquidsoap logs I'm getting metadata update error 404. Any Suggestions?
  4. L

    trx 2 scanner tag with there own talkgroup idea

    HI Why not have trx 2 ez scan program can add the alpha tags beside there own talkgroup after i save the talkgroups. Instaead of edit and guesting the wrong alpha tags and what alpha tags are beside the talkgroups to the save. thanks
  5. T

    Alpha tags not displaying

    I'm listening to the Albany City and Colonie Police Fire and EMS feed, which (usually) has alpha tags which I can see in Scanner Live on my computer, or on the 5-0 Radio iPhone app. This feed is really tricky to understand clearly because of how many agencies are on it, so the alpha tags are a...
  6. V

    Inserting alpha tags - darkice & Linux

    Hi Folks. I use darkice on Linux for my stream. I have also recently written some custom software to get the current channel number data out of the radios and generate an alpha tags string. I can update my own Icecast2 based streaming server's metadata by calling the admin API URL and can see...
  7. S

    WS1065, alpha tags, and Scannercast/RadioFeed

    I've been running a Broadcastify feed for about 6 months using an old scanner and Windows 10 laptop running Scannercast. The feed was rock solid, with virtually no downtime. With the summer fire season approaching, I decided to upgrade my scanner to a WS1065 so that it could send alpha tags...
  8. k5dxm

    Homepatrol II

    Can anyone guide me in passing to Broadcastify alpha tags with my Homepatrol II? Thank you in advance.
  9. C

    Help with choosing a new scanner?

    I have several scanner and ham radios, but none that have Alpha Tags. I have had a feed for some time but only used ScannerCast in audio only mode. Is there an up-to-date selection guide? A example is a BCD996P2 that appears to have replaced the BCD996T, but appears not to have all the updates...
  10. SamAltenberger

    Alpha Tag Synchronization Issue

    :confused: Greetings all, I have a question regarding alpha tags on a Broadcastify feed. I currently stream the Seattle Fire feed on Broadcastify (the "Broadcasting Alpha Tags" option is selected), using a Uniden BC346XT scanner (latest firmware 1.05.00) connected to a computer running Windows...
  11. AK4FD

    BC246T & alpha-tags?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a way to broadcast alpha-tags over my feed broadcast. I know there isn't an option for it but in RadioFeed there is a whole slew of scanners listed that can broadcast tags and I was wondering if any other scanners can emulate my BC246T so I can provide...
  12. AK4FD

    ScannerCast & BCD536HP...

    Is there a way to broadcast AlphaTags in ScannerCast using a Uniden BCD536HP?? I've downloaded the serial port files, rebooted my computer, even set the scanner in serial mode & set the Tag setting at the 996XT choice, even saw something about Windows Device Manager up checking the UBS root hub...
  13. I

    How to display Alpha Tags w/ Winamp or VLC

    I am trying to get Alpha Tags to show when I am streaming with Winamp or VLC player. When I stream using Java Web Player, I get a window showing a Winamp skin and the Alpha Tags are displayed. But using Winamp client, I don't see any. Any help would be great. I don't mind using a different app...
  14. G

    Unitrunker and ScannerCast

    Gentlemen, I'm using a RTL+tapped scanner setup with Unitrunker and DSD+ to provide my local live audio feed. I want to be able send alpha tag data (Talkgroup, Target, Site) to from Unitrunker to Scannercast so my feed listeners can see who's talking. Has anyone been able to achieve this...
  15. SlipNutz15

    PSR-410 and Metadata

    I have a GRE PSR-410 scanner for my one feed and I have the USB cable plugged in to it and have my software set for sending Metadata and it shows channels on the ProScan software but it does not appear to be sending the Metadata to RR servers. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. W

    Uniden bc346XT

    Is there a way to program Radio Unit ID alpha tags into the 346xt in an EDACS Standard system? I have a list of all the Radio IDs and their alpha tags, and I see that I can have the numeric ID show up by going to Menu - Settings - Disp. Unit ID. I'm wondering if I can add the alpha tags to this...
  17. janesvillegreg

    Pro-107 Alpha Tag Help

    Please delete this post
  18. B

    WinAmp Bookmarks

    Question about bookmarking feeds in WinAmp. It seems like most of the time, when I do it, the title is usually or some variation, and never what the feed is. I can go in an edit the bookmark, to the correct title, but then when I play it in the playback screen it still gives...
  19. K

    Alpha tags not visible...why?

    I have been trying to veiw feeds with alpha tags such as the NH Strafford County feed and several others claiming to have alpha tags, I use either the web player or wmp but have not seen any alpha tags. Can someone please put me in my place and tell me what to do. I have searched these threads...
  20. S

    Roscommon County Alpha Tags

    I have noticed recently that Alpha Tags have been appearing on the Roscommon County list, I'am curious where these came from and the accuracy of them. I have been monitoring this county for about 14 years and at a loss to explain them. Thanks In Advance Dennis