1. N

    Hunterdon County - new amateur questions

    Happy to be on this forum. Live in Hunterdon County NJ & wanting a reasonably priced analog scanner to start out with, for the car. Something simple to use, to scan local emergency services dispatches. Just for personal use, so nothing too high tech. I have tried using apps on my iPhone, but...
  2. idaviss45

    Motorola PR400 Legality to own

    So I’ve been looking recently on buying a radio just to LISTEN on. (No transmitting just to listen to chatter) I’ve been in the market for radios and the Motorola PR400 has sparked my interest price wise on how cheap you can get them for on eBay and still have the Motorola brand. The question...
  3. TornadoAlley

    Cheapest DMR radio on the market?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for a low cost DMR radio (preferably handheld). Looking for an easy way to monitor DMR channels without breaking the bank. Thank you in advanced.
  4. S

    Beginner in Radio Scanning with AOR DV 10 Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner and need a short introduction to the radio scanner aor dv 10. I have read the instructions but I can't receive anything at the moment can someone give me brief instructions on how I can programming the Radio Scanner so that i can hear somethings? i live in...
  5. sempervirens

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 -- Scanning DMR and P-25 Amateur repeaters?

    Hi all, I'm trying to listen for DMR and P-25 traffic on my local amateur bands, and can't figure out how to do it. I've tried two things: 1. listen for digital chatter with an analog radio, and directly enter that frequency on the SDS. It will sometimes decode the color code and TG but the...
  6. N

    RFinder B1 - Like new

    RFinder B1 for sale. Dual-band VHF/UHF Analog/DMR. Includes original packaging, drop-in charger, screen protector, belt clip and swivel belt mount. Barely used - like-new condition.
  7. LouisvilleScanMan

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van

    My 98 Astro Roadside Service/Search and Rescue Van
  8. AK4FD

    Catawba County area Ham Radio

    Hey y'all, For those Ham Radio enthusiasts (or Amateur Radio, as some prefer to call it) in or around Catawba County I have had BrandMeister DMR network create a Talkgroup for me and my group to use. We are all a group of local Firefighters, EMT's, Rescue Squad members, etc. It took me 10...
  9. N

    New radio, what channels to program?

    Greetings! I am a new, unlicensed owner of a Baofeng UV82HP. I have downloaded the CHIRP software and am overwhelmed with programming options. I would like to use the radio for talking to family in the same geographical area, for use while offroading or hiking, possibly talking to family in...
  10. AK4FD

    DMR Repeaters in NC for Hams

    Does anyone have a decent list of DMR Repeaters in North Carolina for Hams, specifically linked systems or the like, similar to Brandmeister or DMR-MARC, etc. I an in NC and looking to talk to friends in other states. I have only found 1 or 2 DMR Repeaters for my area that can do that, but...
  11. N

    Need Motorola PM400 Code Plug

    Just purchased the new Motorola PM400 radio and need a code plug for amateur bands and fire departments. Anyone have a code plug they can share with me? Thank you!
  12. G

    dPMR/Analogue Compatible Radios

    Hi All, I am contemplating trying out the dPMR digital voice mode, to be clear I am NOT referring to DMR, but to the system as standardised in Europe as DPMR using the 446Mhz frequency range, that is FDMA (frequency division multiple access) using the AMBE+2 vocoder. I do not know if there is an...
  13. W6SAE

    Manually Programming Baofeng UV-5R

    I recently came across this blog post: WP4AOH: Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming It demystifies the process of manually programming the UV-5R. It gives good information regarding radio settings and step-by-step instructions for programming for repeaters, stepping up or down...
  14. V

    Beaufeng Radio Questions.

    Is there any way of a putting a delay on Channels while scanning Traffic and although I see a feature for busy chan lockout on scanned channels the manual does not explain how to temp lock out frequency's that are busy without the need to too delete them.....
  15. R

    Vertex VX-2200-AG7H-50 open up to 440mhz?

    I'm testing for my ham license soon and looking at radio options. Would like something that could do GMRS as well. I found a good deal on this radio have searched for information on opening up the frequencies, but found nothing. Thanks.
  16. S

    Can a victimless felon get an Amateur Radio Licence?

    Today this news blurb from caught my eye. I saw some pervert sex offender (felon) got his radio licensed take away from him. And on and on the article continued... FCC Reverses ALJ Im 26 years old. I am a convicted felon. When i was 21 i was convicted under some drug charge. It was my...
  17. S

    Failed my Technician Test

    I have been studying pretty much everyday, super engaged. When i dont know the answer i will envelope myself in the subject whether it be through youtube, or independent studies. I have been studying for 3 months almost on When i went to take the test i saw that the questions seem...
  18. T

    Amateur Ham Radio License

    Hello Again, I have been thinking about getting an Amateur Ham Radio License for the past little bit. How can I go about getting one in the GTA, how much does it cost, where can I study for the test? Thanks, AP
  19. DiGiTaLD

    Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™

    Greetings! Once again this year, K9NZF Systems™ and the Chief Anderson Amateur Radio Club are proud to announce the Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ special event wide area voice network for the 2012 Hamvention®. MegALinK™ was conceived as a way to provide FM mobile voice coverage from central...
  20. kc8mln

    Will narrowbanding effect ham radio?

    I am a ham op and also on our local FD, so I know that our county has to comply with the FCC mandate for narrowbanding of all public safety/service frequencies in the VHF & UHF bands, but will the narrowbanding mandate effect the 2-meter VHF and 440-UHF amateur bands in any way? (ie, will...