1. scanthewaves

    Ambulance EMS frequencies in Kleberg County?

    I see EMS ambulances on the way to Spohn Kingsville.almost daily, but I can't find any EMS to hospital frequencies in the RR database, I monitored VHF EMS to hospital freqs but nothing, haven't tried the UHF frequencies, Also I see that Sensible Ambulance seems to be the main company in the...
  2. S

    What is TriMed On?

    I thought TriMed was on the TRBOWEST system. I loaded their TGs into the TRX-1, but haven't herd anything the best 30-45 minutes. They're not encrypted, are they?
  3. BlueDevil

    Motorola MTR2000 with Zetron HEAR Decoder Failure

    The local hospital is experiencing a failure with their HEAR (Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio) system. The system consists of a Motorola MTR2000 base station radio, a Zetron H.E.A.R Decoder, and a Zetron Model 284 tone remote unit. The issue is that received audio is not making it to the...
  4. I

    CT CMED Call Numbers

    Sorry if I put this under the wrong category, wasn't sure where it would belong. I'm wondering if anybody has any information on the identifiers that EMS use on CMED, particularly for Northwest and South Central CMED. I've found a few older threads with some information, but not much. I feel...
  5. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  6. Oconee269

    Private Ambulance Services

    Does anyone have any frequencies for private EMS companies in the Upstate? Especially Prisma Health Ambulance Service, formerly Mobile Care, in Greenville. I know they are on digital but that is all.
  7. E

    Ambulance Radio Options

    Hey all- An agency I work with is specing out a new ambulance and there were talks about buying new mobiles with it. We have an analog VHF simulcast system with two repeater sites. We use Kenwood TK-790's for primary communications, with the dual head kit. One head in the back, one in the cab...
  8. C

    New NSW Ambulance Channels Help

    NSW Ambulance has switched off their old channels (the ones listed on Radio Reference) and I believe have gone to digital PMR and RoIP. Does anyone know the new freqs and how to program into a Uniden 396?
  9. VE3BLI

    What scanner and frequencies for Trent Hills,Ontario?

    At this time I only have a Realistic Pro-38,which is fine for listening to local ham radio repeaters. What would I need to listen to Trent Hills,ON emergency services? Are they encrypted? In which case I may as well not bother upgrading! Recommended outside antenna? Discone,other? Local...
  10. K

    Mysterious Waltham Public Safety Station

    Hello scanners! A while ago, I stumbled on a mysterious station from my location in Middlesex county. It is a sort of ambulance or public safety station on 152.370 MHz, and uses a DCS code of 155. I have been looking for this station's information, but it is not on RadioReference, apparently...
  11. F

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC HELP PLEASE Hopefully this is the right place to put this... My department recently took delivery of a 2015 Dodge pickup chassis Braun ambulance, which came with a RAM mount for our MDC (Mobile Data Computer). After having it installed by a local up...
  12. theshadowman

    Campion Ambulance - Cheshire

    I just started monitoring Campion Ambulance. I live in the area but didn't have an interest until recently. I am specifically interested in the Town of Cheshire. I am hoping someone can explain how their system works. Does Cheshire take the 911 call and transfer it to Campion who then dispatches...
  13. mcjones2013

    REACH helicopter base opens for medical flights at Mather Airport

    Santa Rosa-based REACH Air Medical Services is now operating out of a new base at Mather Airport, the company announced Tuesday. REACH in July said it would move to Mather by October pending negotiations with the airport. Setting up the base took longer than expected. The company's new $7...
  14. anthonymodrow

    HCMC and ambulance streams

    Anyone able to put a feed online for HCMC area hospitals and medicals online?
  15. kearthfan101

    AMR LA County UHF frequencies

    So I think the forums have basically covered the deal with AMR and low band in Los Angeles County. But what about UHF? I can confirm the use of Green 1 & 2 in the AV & Santa Clarita, but I need some assistance in finding out if the other UHF channels are still active. Santa Clarita 460.55, 100...
  16. N

    Hunters Amb.: encrypted or what

    Greetings, I have heard a sound while listening to Hunters Amb. here in the Meriden area but am not sure what it is. It almost sounds like a fire alarm klaxon but no discernible audio is heard have they gone to an encrypted radio system? Anyone know? please let me know. BTW it is heard on the...
  17. A

    Two Mobiles Same Vehicle

    I am looking for some guidance on installing two VHF CM300's in the same vehicle an ambulance to be exact. I don't have the budget right now for a dual head setup due to it being a last minute purchase of the ambulance to be used as backup ambulance. I do have two CM300's I am looking to...
  18. T

    First Care Cincinnati Frequencies

    I'm an employee for First Care ambulance service in Cincinnati and was wondering if anyone knew what frequency their squads are set at. Wanted to listen in on the scanner. Thanks!
  19. F

    TK880 for Station Alerting

    I have a TK880 that I am going to use for alerting via QCII at my station. The main reason behind it is I am tired of the Minitor and PR400 we have going from silent to rapid loud beeps and me wetting myself every time. Joking of course, however those of us at the station would rather enjoy an...
  20. C

    Cole County Dispatch Tones

    Does anyone have the dispatch tones for Dunn's ambulance in Mattoon, IL?