1. I

    DMR to Analog Bridge

    I'm trying to figure out if there's any kind of solution to linking a UHF Mototrbo system with a VHF analog system. Neither system are encrypted, so I'm wondering if theres some kind of repeater or bridge that can link each other to allow interoperability even if its a DVRS system. Unfortunately...
  2. Uniden BCT15 Analog Scanner

    Uniden BCT15 Analog Scanner

    Uniden BCT15 base/mobile analog VHF-UHF scanner. Great for scanning civil-military aviation, maritime, non-digital public service, etc. 25 – 512, 764 – 776,794 – 956, 1240 - 1300 MHz. Includes telescopic antenna and AC adapter. No other accessories or manual (can be downloaded on-line). The...
  3. kf6olc

    Recent Uniden updates video.

  4. Cashanova48

    Fayette county Sheriff's Office on ISICS?

    I know there have been plans for Fayette county to switch to ISICS, but I've noticed fire and everything is still on analog as usual, but the Sheriff's Office's license for analog expired two years ago and from my location I haven't heard anything out of them on analog. Does anyone know if the...
  5. C

    Scanning local EMS agency issues (Analog)

    Does anyone else have any issues scanning REMSA who uses analog still. Seems like no matter what radio I use they just come in with static. Is there something with analog systems where the more radios receiving the signal the more static it becomes?
  6. daugherh

    Dual Deck Setup Options/Questions

    Motorola guy here thinking about switching over to KW. I've been eyeballing the NX5x00 line because of the ability to do dual deck single head install. The way it is now in my truck I have to remote mount units (one UHF and one VHF) so that I can utilize both bands at the same time monitoring...
  7. D

    452.05 activity in the capital region

    Does anybody know what agency is active on frequency 452.05 in the capital region area? I’m located in the Guilderland area and am hearing it loud and clear. Doesn’t seem too professional, not LE, FD or EMS. Any ideas?
  8. P

    Why is analog used more west of the rockies?...

    ...And why did the departments on the east not keep theirs or use them as frequently? This goes for statewide trunking systems.
  9. C

    Analog Vrs Digital need help

    So this may be dumb and I’m sorry but I am new to this and need help. I looked up the radio frequency needed for my areas. I know some are still analog but some department went to digital. So I need to know what kinda digital police scanner I need also does it need to be phase I or phase II? I...
  10. H

    Baofeng Needing help diagnosing no sound with DTCS/DPL Codes in CHIRP.

    First off, I'm completely new to radios. I have a Baofeng uv-9g GMRS radio. I have tested it via NOAA to confirm its work. I want to use it to monitor my local municipality radio frequencies near me. I'm trying to program my radio through CHIRP. the freq. in question uses DPL 026 for tone...
  11. M

    Need help finding information

    Hello I need help finding information for Grand Lake Casino in grove Oklahoma 74344 I’m trying to find the frequencies but so far no luck I have a dm-1801 so dmr would be fine if anyone can get my the cc and talk groups that would be awesome thank you!
  12. UNIDEN BR330T Wideband Scanner

    UNIDEN BR330T Wideband Scanner

    BR330T Handheld TrunkTracker III 2,500 channel analog scanner #330Z54002156. Marketed by Uniden as a NASCAR racing scanner, this is actually a 100KHz -1300 MHz wideband AM-FM-NFM scanner, 90 cps, dynamic scanning technology, perfect for non-SSB monitoring such as civil and military air, amateur...
  13. UNIDEN BC246T - 2 FOR SALE


    For Sale are two (2) Uniden BC246T analog Trunktracker III technology (2004-2008), handheld compact scanners, both in operating condition. Dynamic memory with 1600 channels. 25-54, 108-174, 216-225, 400-512, 806-956, 1240-1300 MHz, AM-NFM, no SSB or digital. Original box: manual, belt clip, AC...
  14. N

    RFinder B1 - Like new

    RFinder B1 for sale. Dual-band VHF/UHF Analog/DMR. Includes original packaging, drop-in charger, screen protector, belt clip and swivel belt mount. Barely used - like-new condition.
  15. Reconrider

    Whistler TRX-1

    Putting some feelers out to see what I can sell this unit for. Year and a half to 2 years old. Barely used. Bought sds100 and have used that since. Use TRX1 mainly as my analog since it doesn't work on my simulcast state system. I do have the hard case for it as well as the 2 harder plastic...
  16. N

    Motorola XTS2500 Question about Conventional and P25

    I'm very new to this type of stuff and I don't want to make the wrong purchase. I'm looking at purchasing a portable radio such as the Motorola XTS2500 for work. It will be used to monitor channels as well as transmit on a few analog talk around channels and repeaters. I have been reading up on...
  17. K

    Camden County 500mhz

    I know primary comms are on the trunked system now. Although the licences are showing active for the Camden County police and sheriff 500mhz analog conventional, they seem to be depreciated. I had a dual watch handheld trying to pick them up listening to a couple frequencies of each for a while...
  18. H

    TRX-1: What kind of cc and how to set up?

    Can anyone tell me how to work with this kind of control channel? I've tried sets on MOT, P25 and DMR but none of them worked. 👇🏽 Control Channel
  19. HWG

    Analog scanning

    I have what I need to monitor the digital and DMR stuff. I also have a vintage piece just to have. Now, what I am looking to find is the last best analog scanner that was offered before the digital days. Some criteria: 300+ channels, AM, FM-wide, and FM-narrow, 25 MHz - 1300 MHz, CTCSS/DCS...
  20. Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Uniden BCT15X *SOLD*

    Recently purchased this scanner used for monitoring what's left of LTR & EDACS systems in my area, immediately following my purchase the systems started the move to DMR and P25. Not much of analog conventional here so I am selling this scanner for $145. $145 gets you the scanner, wall plug...