1. aptarmbps

    Midland Syn-Tech III P25 Radio Model: STP-404A

    Have been doing some research on the radio and coming up blank as far as user comments or feedback is concerned. Anybody use them and if so what are your thoughts, and how does it compare to some of the other P25 portables on the market. I really like the channels, user functions and other...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    About PG&E's MPT1327 system....

    I am curious as to any possible rationales for PG&E choosing to deploy MPT1327 as their radio system instead of a Type II, LTR, or any other comparable analog trunking system. From what I understand, its one of the only MPT systems that exist in the U.S. and its a type that's mostly used outside...
  3. L

    SDS100 learnings and questions

    Hi team, long time listener, first time caller,etc. Based in Seattle and primarily monitoring public safety in the city limits, previously with a Uniden analog trunk tracker. Bought an SDS100 recently to add WSP and hopefully overcome some issues in town. A few notes. 1. The default of 400...
  4. J

    WS1040: Whistler 1040 New out of Box

    I live in northern Wisconsin Dead center between two counties Ashland and Bayfield. I just bought the WS 1040 because it's specs say it can handle PS25 trunking. I download the PSREdit500 software and installed it. 1.I was able to work my way through importing a trunking database from...
  5. P

    Hytera x1p vhf analog sim card lte service

    I have the x1p and i use it for vhf analog i wanna know if i can put in a sim card and use it as a cell phone as well ? Or is there any radio that dose have this capability's ?
  6. T

    Can you listen to analog frequencies on tyt 380?

    Can you listen to analog frequencies on tyt 380? If so? How ? Specifically emergency channels like weather Thanks
  7. S

    Scanning Analog frequencies

    Hi i have 2 SDR's using unitrunker and dsd+ fastlane to pickup an edacs96 trunking system. all working well. My main question I would like to be able to scan through a list of analog non trunking stations for fire brigade and other standard frequencies. I have seen I can use sdrsharp to tune...
  8. J

    OP25 analog/digital mixed trunked systems?

    Is it possible to use OP25 for analog/digital mixed systems. Like Fleetnet Ontario or Fleetnet Manitoba, if so what is the NAC I use or command line argument?:confused:
  9. BCasto

    Wake Simulcast Analog vs Digital

    By chance yesterday I had the Wake County Simulcast system up on 2 different scanners sitting side by side. I noticed one was receiving activity on PS Tac 14 and the other wasn't. As it turned out, one scanner was set to receive both analog and digital, the other only digital. The...
  10. WX9RLT

    Pros & Cons of Digital vs Analog

    Can you provide information on the Pros and Cons of Digital vs Analog Basically the range, reliability, safety for 1st responders, etc... I am trying to research this topic, and thought I would post this in hopes to get some answers from people who know scanners/radios :) Thanks in advance
  11. Buttabean

    Clayton county (City of morrow)

    Im hearing dispatch talk to a possible battalion chief acknowledging that she hears him on the "old" frequency of 154.07000Mhz so I assume from this they have a new radio network setup or have jumped on clayton county P25 network. And are keeping their old licensed frequency active. Not sure...
  12. E

    Luzerne County To Go Digital

    Switching Luzerne County 911 Radios to Digital Begins Tuesday | "WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County announced Monday that changes are coming to improve the response to emergencies."
  13. R

    what's left in St. Louis conventional frequencies?

    i've been waging the reception war with SLATER here in Kirkwood, and in that the best solution i've found to my reception issues is to turn my squelch ALL the way down. now i'm only listening to trunked on my two main boxes... and i started to wonder, what's left in the conventional...
  14. B

    analog vs. digital

    I know there has to be a place to find the info, but I must be passing it by. I want to purchase my first scanner radio. Where do I look to find out if the law/fire/emergency agencies in my area are still using analog or if they have switched to digital? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. P

    Uniden BC355N not working?

    Yesterday I picked up a 355N. I know that it can only do analog. It will only receive a few runs though. I have been missing dispatches. The frequency is 154.130 Why can I only receive calls if the pager tone goes off first then the digital tone, then the computerized voice talks to dispatch the...
  16. P

    Confused Newby

    Hi. I signed on to try to get help. This is my second scanner that I cant get to work. My first one had trunking and it was so far over my head so now I ordered a Whistler Analog Desktop scanner. Here's my question, how do I get the frequencies if my city is not on the list? The closest...
  17. H

    Does XTS-3000 encryption work in analog or just in digital mode

    Looking at an XTS-3000 that supports two encryption modes ... DES-XL DES-OFB Does the encryption work in analog mode or does it only function when operating in digital mode? Thank you.
  18. H

    How does analog DES encryption work?

    Some of the older Motorola System Saber radios make use of DES encryption. How does encryption work with an analog signal? Encrypting digital signals seems straight forward but how are analog signals encrypted using DES?
  19. H

    Can a digital radio make use of an analog repeater?

    Can a digital radio make use of an analog repeater to relay to another digital radio? I am thinking probably not but I am not sure so I figured I would ask. The same frequency is being used in both analog and digital but am I correct in thinking that the analog repeater would not know how to...
  20. H

    Both digital and analog operation?

    Which Motorola radios can communicate in both analog and digital modes? XTS-3000, XTS-5000, Astro Saber? Thank you.