1. AB5ID

    Android app user with an Apple iOS question

    I have an Android phone and use Scanner Radio by Gordon Edwards to listen to my feed. It's by far the best mobile app I have found for many reasons, including it never gets killed in the background, automatic stream reconnect, meta tags display, etc. My friend has an iPhone and I want to...
  2. M

    Waterbomber Wildfire Tracker App - Tracking Aerial Wildland Fire Aircraft Tankers - Powered By ADSBexchange Data

    Waterbomber Wildfire Tracker App - Powered by ADSBexchange ADS-B Data. Firefighting aircraft are among the mightiest planes of the sky. Not only do they help save lives and protect properties, they are also incredible to see in action. Now you can follow them all from the comfort of your own...
  3. T

    Comprehensive Repeater App?

    I am looking for an app (or website) that not only lists all repeaters in my area, but which ones have backup power (solar, propane, etc.). Also is there a resource that shows the repeaters reach? On one one of hoshnasi's youtube videos (famous ham youtuber), it shows the reach of a specific...
  4. KoruII


    I am new to purchasing scanner equipment but an avid listener to the iPhone Scanner Radio application. Several months ago my hometown (Baltimore, MD) Police radio broadcast went and remains offline. I believe I read that the provider has moved out of the area and it appears no one is...
  5. P

    Broadcastify App Crashes After Update

    Hi there, I was perfectly using the Broadcastify app on iPhone 7 till now. A few days back my phone got an automatic upgrade. However now that I am trying to open this game, it only shows a blank black page and then it crashes in few seconds time. Please help me with this!
  6. D

    BCD436 Analyze Log App

    I wrote this App last winter and have tested it and would like to share. it implements the Logging/Current Activity/LCN Monitor Functions for the BCD436 and probably BCD536 though I cant test. I used my HP1 as a guide so works very similar to that. I only have Win 10 to test but should work...
  7. N

    BCD536HP WiFi App

    I got tired of waiting for Uniden to release their app, so I created my own. Right now it works on windows and provides some remote control and display of the scanner over WiFi. I set it up to be used on a Winbook, which is a small 8" tablet suitable for mounting in your car. I got the 32GB...
  8. medic29

    Contacting Uniden re: Siren App

    I've read through the messages posted here on RR about the siren app and noticed the mods getting sensitive about the members' frustrations and them voicing the same, especially since this site seems to be one of the largest sites where folks who have scanners come to socialize, communicate...
  9. L

    New iPhone Scanning App

    I just released an iPhone App that lets you listen to all the radio traffic on the DC Fire & EMS radio network. My system archives everything, so you can quickly search for and replay older calls. It is available for free on the App Store...
  10. S

    BCD536hp wifi and App

    The sales rep and the store owner where I purchased My 536hp discussed with me with some uncertainty two issues why we haven't seen the Wifi streaming and control of the 536hp as was promised and a vertices by uniden. This would require a major firmware and or hardware revision " specifically...
  11. S

    Beta Testers Required for new iOS app (listen, monitor, program and more)

    Hello all, We are currently looking for a few good beta testers to help give our new iOS app a good run through it's paces. This new app, scan-streamer, enables users to stream not only live audio, but real-time scanner display info (talkgroups/banks, channels, tags, etc). Users of...
  12. R


    Anyone else using smartphone to listen to scanner radio? I have been using these two android apps. It works pretty well. police scanner police scanner code lookup...
  13. 2

    Phone app keeps chirping or poping driving me crazy

    although i have had a home scanner for 20 years or so, I'm new to scanner on my android cell phone. I'm using the Scanner Radio app and I keep getting a chirp or clicking sound about every 3 or 4 seconds some time 6 seconds, the status of the feed is idle with no talking going on. I tried...
  14. M

    App Shootout - FlightRadar24 vs. Planefinder

    App Shootout: FlightRadar24 vs. Planefinder Reviewing the ADS-B data coverage on both Apps. March 22, 2013 Take a look at the phone or tablet of any aviation geek, and you probably find the same apps time and time again: FlightAware for general flight information, LiveATC for aircraft radio...
  15. scanphreak

    Help: ProScan Webserver Stream to Android device

    I have Proscan 5.6 on my windows 7 machine, and currently I have the web server enabled and I have no problem getting the web server on Dauphin HD browser on my Android device, however when I click on the "listen" link I get a message saying nothing available to play this file format. I...
  16. Mtnrider

    Albany man arrested using scanner app

    Albany man arrested after posing as police officer - NEWS10 ABC: Albany, New York News, Weather, Sports
  17. S

    Police Monitor

    Hi all! I have released a new app for Windows Phone 7.5 called Police Monitor. The link to the app is This release is the first and I plan to offer more features soon such as the ability to add your own streaming url...
  18. L

    Android app sync with online upgrade?

    I just bought the RadioReference app for my tablet computer and love it. I now want to view archived stuff and it says I need to upgrade to "Premium". It seems to direct me to the website, so I came here and opened up an account. But if I upgrade to Premium online will that sync with my...
  19. WX9RLT

    Kindle Scanner App

    I bought a Kindle 3 last night I am looking for a scanner app for it i tried listening to the feeds on here, but it doesnt have flash player, nor will it download the files to play in the media player. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can listen to the scanner feeds via Amazon kindle 3...
  20. W

    New Android App Worldwide Repeater Locator

    Repeater Finder....follow this link for more info! Bob W2CYK New Android App RFinder...your worldwide repeater directory