1. Paintball4life

    Radio Shack Pro 197 Audio Problem?

    Seeing that Radio Shack lowered the price of their digital scanners I decided to buy a new Pro 197 and I love it. But sometimes when a transmission comes through on a channel I can hear the person talking very quietly then the audio gets louder and more understandable. I searched through the...
  2. nesnet

    GRE PSR-600 Digital Audio

    A sample of digital audio from the Monroe County, NY (Rochester) P25 system. Starts out digital with the Monroe County, NY Sheriff Dispatcher, reverts to a analog UHF repeater for a school district, and back to P25 for a town PD. GRE PSR-600 digital audio clip...
  3. bassjunkie

    Ideal EQ Settings

    Just looking for some feedback on the ideal EQ settings for a scanner? I mean, I'm sure it will vary based on FM/Digital, even the frequency, but generally the best at removing the most amount of noise and boosting clarity of the voice. I'm sure there are some closet sound engineers hanging...
  4. krokus

    PSR-500 audio hiss

    My apologies if this has been answered previously. I just bought my first PSR-500 at Hamvention, and noticed yesterday that there is a constant hiss from the speaker while scanning. From my days of working on stereos, it sounds like part of keeping theAF amp transistors biased. (The hiss is...
  5. T

    Bcd996t install options

    I am new to this hobby and am very excited to get started. We are designing a custom coach from the ground up and want to add a scanner and we want to make sure we do things right. Our selection for the scanner is the Uniden BDC996T. Our choice of antenna is the Austin Spectra. The scanner...