1. J

    Audio/Video Cable for Pro-106?

    I've recently stumbled onto a problem with my Pro-106 Scanner and my PC/IF cable. (RS Category No. 20-047). It seems that either A). My computers sound card is not capable of picking up the audio data being put out from the scanner and cable or B). The model cable I have for the scanner isn't...
  2. phyberoptics

    Headphone audio: HomePatrol vs 996

    I'm considering one of the above scanners, and I'd like to hear from someone who has BOTH models. I have a BCD396XT, and when I listen with headphones, each time a channel becomes active, the audio comes on with a pop; it's really irritating to the point where I can't listen for long. Can...
  3. D

    Radio Shack PRO-164 no sound issue

    Hello, I've got a weird issue with my PRO-164. I've had the scanner for almost 2 years now and have never had any problems with it. I've listened to trunked systems (Anne Arundel County, MD), conventional (West Mifflin, PA & PA State Police Turnpike). I've even listened to CB's. This thing ran...
  4. M

    Vertex VX-454 VHF Receive beginning of recieved audio is cut off.

    Hello all, I'm having a problem with the radio. It seems that first second or so of a received signal is getting cut off. It happened when the radio is in both scanning and not scanning. I've tried the power saving functions both on and off with no success. Just wondering if anyone has some...
  5. scanphreak

    DSD picking up audio when no signal present

    I have a strange thing going on recently and I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what's going on. Lately while decoding a local 800mhz P25 system DSD will start to attempt to decode audio and partial words will come through. Only thing is the scanner is in SCAN when this happens. It's not...
  6. F

    Hawkes Bay Scanner

    I gave been trying to send the one providing audio for Hawkes Bay with the username "whtgrl" a message to request she turn in her scanner and if data is an issue for her I can hook up the scanner to my computer given she as me to have a lend of her scanner to do so. I can't message her due to...
  7. V

    Remote Controlled E1800/3 with Audio

    There is a new web controlled Telefunken E1800/3 available. Just visit Audio is via a TeamSpeak client. Have fun es vy 73 de Bernd, DG1DX
  8. M

    Audio Out on the Pro 106 Headphone Jack

    Has anyone else noticed that the audio out on the Pro 106 headphone jack sounds like it is "out of phase" when you listen with a pair of stereo headphones? I know the output is not meant to be in stereo, but clearly they do have output for both sides. The instead of localizing to the center...
  9. trooperdude

    Thinking of dropping my SFO Area CHP feed, replace w/ San Francisco PD

    Since there are two Bay Area CHP feeds, and SFPD is no longer available, I am seriously considering dropping my CHP feed in favor of replacing it with San Francisco PD. My site looks across the bay, so while it would be 20+ miles away, I have direct LOS to the transmitters. I have a spare 250D...
  10. B

    CDM 1250 Audio Pin Config

    Anyone know what pins I need to connect to on a CDM 1250 for audio to record? I know connecting to the speaker pins are going to produce an overloaded output. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
  11. shortbus91

    live audo

    how long it take too get approved to brodcast ur scanner
  12. N

    Columbus Police Live Audio

    I know there is a Zone 1-5 audio, a Zone 2 only, and a Zone 5 only. I'm trying to listen to Zone 1. Is it possible to get a feed without all 5 zones but that includes Zone 1?
  13. scaninnyc

    USB AUdio adapters

    So I bought some of those USB audio adapters that are all over eBay and I'm disappointed. There is a large amount of noise in them and I don't see how I can use them without getting hate mail from listeners. I tried direct connect and hub with no difference, the audio is terrible. Is anyone...
  14. R

    Problem with Mobile Live Audio

    ok soo i go to the website with my mobile phone and i click the listen icon and it pops up as unsupported content type. the phone i have is the metropcs samsung freeform. Suggestion: if ya'll dont have it set to support this fone can ya'll soo i can listen on the go. purdy plz
  15. Humancell

    Suggested Scanners for Live Audio Providers

    First off, it is great to see such a great site, and project, dedicated to feeds! What a great idea, and community. Now that I have found it, I want to add my local county and city feeds to the network. I'm really curious about suggestions on the "best" scanners to use to provide live feeds...
  16. B

    Audio distortion/hash on my feed

    I asked this before but never got an answer. My live audio feed of MIA airport seems to have distorted audio (not a humm, but some kind of distortion), especially on the lighter signals. If the audio is full quieting into the scanner, and hence into the computer, the distortion goes away. I...
  17. P

    Right scanner to stream VHF band

    I was wondering if anyone knows what scanner works best with the RR/sc application. I would like to stream a simple VHF frequency. Any help would be great, Thanks in advance!
  18. Paintball4life

    Radio Shack Pro 197 Audio Problem?

    Seeing that Radio Shack lowered the price of their digital scanners I decided to buy a new Pro 197 and I love it. But sometimes when a transmission comes through on a channel I can hear the person talking very quietly then the audio gets louder and more understandable. I searched through the...
  19. nesnet

    GRE PSR-600 Digital Audio

    A sample of digital audio from the Monroe County, NY (Rochester) P25 system. Starts out digital with the Monroe County, NY Sheriff Dispatcher, reverts to a analog UHF repeater for a school district, and back to P25 for a town PD. GRE PSR-600 digital audio clip...
  20. bassjunkie

    Ideal EQ Settings

    Just looking for some feedback on the ideal EQ settings for a scanner? I mean, I'm sure it will vary based on FM/Digital, even the frequency, but generally the best at removing the most amount of noise and boosting clarity of the voice. I'm sure there are some closet sound engineers hanging...