1. W

    BCD536HP: Audio is cycling mute on every channel

    No matter what channel I have scanned I have an interesting thing happening. For instance I have a local FM station on one of the memory settings, and I click HOLD on the channel, but I get this intermittent drop of audio, and it happens on any channel I am scanning, as if the unit is cycling...
  2. T

    Troubleshooting bad audio on a M/A-Com 700P

    Hello all, I am trying to fix the audio on 2 M/A-Com 700P portables. I have attached the audio file of what the bad audio sounds like so you can hear it for your self. First let me tell you what I have tried. I tried using a speaker mic, no speaker mic, a different talk group, different...
  3. D

    pro 651 low audio to feed

    I got a pro 651 today and hoped to use it as a new radio for an existing feed. I plugged the existing feeds audio cable into the headphone jack of the pro651 and the audio is very very low @ any volume setting. I tried a pair of earphones on the 651 and the audio was fine. Does the pro651 have a...
  4. del1964

    GNURadio gqrx no audio out to speakers... help

    Have GNURadio installed...gqrx running on Linux in VMWare....Everything looks great. Monitoring local NOAA weather frequency.....Signal looks great. Waterfall looks great. But I "hear" no audio from my laptop speakers??? Where/What am I doing wrong? Checked squelch and its not that.
  5. SlipNutz15

    Barix feed setup audio quality

    I am test running a Barix setup. I configured it according to the Barix Instreamer 100 wiki and I listen through the Barix headphone jack to verify my inputs are ok and there is no humming or static whatsoever. When I listen online there is a "tunnel" sound to the feed. What is with the quality...
  6. del1964

    New to DSD+ not hearing audio through speakers?

    New to DSD+ not hearing audio through speakers? I have unitrunker running, Virtual Audio Cable, latest version of DSD+ running. Everything looks great on Hoosier P25 SAFET system. Audio graph is do I "hear" the sound??? #LittleLost
  7. SlipNutz15

    Embeded player options

    I have feeds broadcasting to Broadcastify and also a personal server. I have no issues with the Broadcastify side of things but my server is on a dated embeded windows media player and I was looking at other options for embeded player that can work across platforms including mobile users. The...
  8. Chas486

    Rosewill USB Audio Issue

    I'm not new to broadcasting on this site, but my old computer died and I am trying to get my new one up and running. I purchased a Rosewill UHB-330 7 port USB hub and two Rosewill U-701 Sounboxes. My computer is running Windows 8.1. The scanner software is Proscan ver. 7.2. Everything...
  9. NFR85

    Feed Volume Feedback needed

    I need your help as I ran into members complaining they cannot hear it. The volume is at 7. If i make it and higher the feed will obviously be too loud even at the lowest setting. I can hear it very well 10/10. Manchester Police
  10. I

    PSR-500 questions...

    I have this unit updated to latest firmware. 1. In manual its saying FN + SEL opens help menu for almost every page, i never had this working for any page. 2. When press SRCH button it scans different preset ranges like HAM, Aviation, Railroads etc sometimes i get into mode where i have to...
  11. K

    Bcd966xt no audio

    Radio: BCD966XT Firmware: 1.07.03 Programming: FreeScan Info source: RadioReference download into FreeScan, conventional and trunking Radio setup - default for that radio within FreeScan Specific local channel: Johnson City Site Details (Greater Austin/Travis Regional Radio System (GATRRS))...
  12. S

    Wilmington, NC - Law enforcement agencies encrypting radio trasmissions

    Wilmington, NC - "The advent of mobile apps and websites that allow more people than ever to listen to police radio chatter prompted two local law enforcement agencies to follow a growing trend across the country – encrypting police radio traffic." Full story: Law enforcement agencies...
  13. M

    mts2000 mic muted on repeaters

    New to the forum, seems there are people here who know what they're about. Here's a conundrum! I have an MTS2000 model H01RDD9PW1BN: flash code 001008-000000-0 (I've attached a .CPG file renamed as .Doc...... so rename back to .CPG (it might work)) ! I have re-programmed mode A with the 8...
  14. A

    BCD536HP Audio Output Problems

    I am trying to setup a feed but cannot get the audio output on the BCD536HP to work properly. I have tested both audio outputs and have a very annoying whine that comes through the audio. I have posted two sound files that demonstrate the problem. Is there anyone that can post a schematic on...
  15. skywavesli

    PRO-106 occasionally no audio with Talkgroup

    Hi, I just bought my PRO-106 and programmed it with WIN500 using RadioReference. I'm monitoring a Motorola Type II APCO25/analog mix trunking system. Everything works fine however, occasionally a APCO25 talkgroup will come on but there's no audio. The transmission lasts long enough to make...
  16. W

    Audio Recorder Sangean DAR-101

    I recently purchased from Amazon a Sangean DAR-101 Digital Audio recorder and a 32GB SD Card for a little over $100. I'm very please, connected to Uniden BC895XLT via the line out of the scanner. (the recorder also has a built in mic and connections for external mic). The recorder has what Hams...
  17. D

    ACR996T Recording

    I am running ARC996T PRO on a Win7 DELL T7400 with SoundMax. In ARC996Pro, Virtual Control>Recording there is a button "Set Recording Volume." It doesn't do anything. What I want to do is change the sound source -- it is now "line in" -- I want to change it to a USB Sound Card. I already...
  18. T

    Getting audio from your SDR to a program on the same PC (picture heavy)

    First things first, I am not a computer guy, I am a hardware guy (mostly tube type), what follows is just what I have noticed and found to work. I make no claims to being any kind of expert, just a sometimes frustrated user that might have encountered the same kind of problems as other users...
  19. daugherh

    HT1250 Speaker Mic Question

    Hello all I recently purchased a HT1250 and have it set up the way I like. I ordered a speaker mic for it from ebay and it works, but I get the audio from both the speaker mic's speaker and the HT's speaker. Since the accessories are supposedly interchangeable with the Moto GP338 I hooked the...
  20. WX9RLT

    Scanner Audio: Moment Of Silence Tribute To ISP Trooper James Sauter Who Passed Away

    Scanner Audio: Moment Of Silence Tribute To ISP Trooper James Sauter Who Passed Away In The Line Of Duty Scanner Audio: Moment Of Silence Tribute To ISP Trooper James Sauter Who Passed Away In The Line Of Duty | Rockford Scanner Here is the Moment Of Silence and ISP Trooper James Sauter last...