1. SpaceForceCmdr

    Batteries fully charged?

    Quick question: what should the voltage read when the batteries are fully charged? My scanner is a Bearcat 125AT. On it's screen, the batts are almost fully charged, but it only says 2.89. When I put the batteries into an external charger, it shows a full charge is 4.3 volts.
  2. Deziel0495

    Kenwood Viking Series Gang Charger

    In the coming days we're getting a shipment of VP5430's with the KNB-L2 batteries and the KSC-Y32K intelligent chargers. We're looking to order extra batteries as spares and since the chargers do not have an extra charging slot for the battery I was wondering if Kenwood has a gang charger that...
  3. MagicMan08

    BCD325P2: When using AC adapter to PC - is the unit using my batteries or AC power?

    When using AC adapter to PC - is the unit using my batteries or AC power? Hi there. I tried to research this a bit beforehand but came up short. Does anyone know if I'm plugged into a power source with my USB ac adapter, but still have batteries in the scanner; is it running off of the AC...
  4. S

    Impres Battery Firmware Upgrade

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if Impres batteries firmware can be upgraded or not, we are using NNTN8359A batteries; when I insert the battery to the multi-charger, it shows that the SW is V3.3. So is it upgradable and would that make a difference? and with which software can be used for this...
  5. S

    BCD436HP: Scan while plugged in (solution)

    I can’t believe I just found this after 5 years and thousands of AA batteries... figured I’d share the idea, works great Lenink AA Battery Power Supply Adapter,Replace 3 AA Battery,White
  6. W

    APX 7000 battery issue

    Just bought a refurbished APX7000 radio from an authorized dealer for my volunteer EMS gig. It worked great on shift. Brought it home this morning and plugged the Impres charger in at the house, then dropped the radio into the charger. The green light came on once and then immediately went...
  7. M

    Homepatrol 2 & Eneloop Pro Batteries Issue!

    Hello all, I typically use the Eneloop 2000 mAh white batteries in my Homepatrol 2 scanner. I decided to pick up some 2450 mAh Eneloop Pro batteries, thinking I'd get a little more time in between battery change-outs (I don't charge in the scanner). Well, the Eneloop Pro's won't power up the...
  8. C

    VX-820 ATEX Batteries?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on where might possible still have in stock. Some ATEX Batteries for the VX-820 series. FNB-V100Li I think is the main battery but as the radios are discontinued, I appreciate stock on the batteries might be rare. If anyone here has any stock...
  9. Danny37

    Picked up 2 xts3000 radios and now need some help for a volunteer EMS service

    Recently I picked up 2 Motorola xts3000 radios for our volunteer ambulance service. They both came with Ni-MH batteries with a capacity of 4000mah. So far I love the radios and programming them was an ease to do. One down side is that the batteries are heavy and I mean heavy haha. Sometimes I...
  10. D

    Uniden BCD 436 HP Charge Will Not Hold

    Hello all, A few days ago my scanner died in the middle of the day when it typically can hold a charge from morning to the evening, so i figured it was time to get new batteries. after installing the new batteries, again the next day the radio died after only maybe 4 hours of use. I have not...
  11. Y

    UnidenBC346XTC battery life

    I have the the Uniden BC346XTC which is a discontinoued model. I wanted to ask current owners or anyone who knows how this scanner works, how do they keep their radio on all day if the battery dies so quickly. I have to constantly keep mine plugged in. I put in AA alkaline but they don't last...
  12. U

    NiMH vs Alkaline for C Crane Skywave

    I usually will use AA rechargeable batteries in most everything using that size with good results. But I started wondering if the added .6 volt of 2 alkalines would benefit the C Crane Skywave radio I just ordered. If there are no comments perhaps I will do some testing. The Skywave only uses...
  13. GeneseeCoMI

    Pro-106: How to display Pro 106 battery life level?

    I bet this has probably been asked here a thousand times before, but how do I make a Pro 106 display how much juice is left in its batteries? I always run it off of NiMH's and leave it plugged into the wall with the AC adapter that matches what's in the manual when I'm not using it, but I drove...
  14. V

    BCD436HP: Brand of Original Batteries

    I have tried everywhere to find out the brand of the 2300 (green with orange ring) batteries that Uniden provides with their scanners with no luck. They seem to out perform every brand I have tried and I would love to get some. I have eneloops and eneloop pros and while the pro actually has...
  15. N

    HP-2 Serial disconnects solved

    I've had the HP-2 for about 60 days. I've been logging hits using Arc Patrol. The HP-2 developed a habit of disconnecting the serial connection at random. Sometimes hours, sometime minutes after connecting. Other times it would not link up at all and Arc Patrol locked up. Windows always detected...
  16. W

    2500mAh NiMH Batteries in BCD396XT - OK or not?

    I need new rechargeable for my 396XT and stopped at a store that sold me 2500mAh batteries (NiMH). I got them home and was ready to install them and the label in the radio said 2300mAh ONLY. Does this mean that the adapter could allow the batteries to overheat/overcharge and damage the radio...
  17. K

    RS Pro-106 battery assistance

    Hey, This is my first post here so hopefully I get it right LOL. I have a Pro-106. I must say its a nice unit. I do have one problem with it though. I've been using rechargeable batteries in the radio since I bought it. However, it seems I have to replace the batteries once a month because...
  18. M

    BCD396XT Battery Charging

    I have a question as to the optimum setting for Charge Time. The scanner's default was set to 14 hours, but I figure the 800ma (nameplate rating) charger should charge the 2300mah NiMH batteries in about 3. I want a full charge, but I don't want to smoke the batteries, so right now I'm set to 5...
  19. F

    Precious Metals in battery connectors?

    Hey everyone. Im totally new here and to this radio thing. I have been reading as much as I can on scraping for precious metals in radios, pc's, etc. Then I recently came across several Motorola Radius CP200's, P1225's, and GP300's.. More than I know what to do with... In thinking I was going to...
  20. J

    Mixing NiCd and NiMH batteries in scanner

    Is it OK to mix NiCd and NiMH AA batteries in my scanner? I do not charge them in the scanner I have a battery charge and know you have to charge them separately. I have three NiCd and one NiMH battery and wondered if it would be OK to use them in my scanner together.