1. Uniden BC246T (2 units)

    Uniden BC246T (2 units)

    For Sale are two (2) Uniden BC246T Trunktracker III technology (2004-2008), handheld compact scanners, both in operating condition. Dynamic memory with 1600 channels - 25-54, 108-174, 216-225, 400-512, 806-956, 1240-1300 MHz, AM-NFM, no SSB or digital. Original box: manual, belt clip, AC...
  2. J

    BC246T Menu Help

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me with my issue. The LCD screen on my BC246T no longer works through my own fault as I forgot it in my vehicle overnight with -30 celsius temperature. I want to connect to my pc to reprogram my scanner and was hoping that someone would be able to please map...
  3. JimD56

    BC246T Good Shape All Accessories TO TRADE for a BCT15

    Looking TO TRADE my BC246T in good shape for a used working BCT15 or 15X. Don't need the accessories. The unit comes with the box, manual, AC/DC Cables, Rubber and telescoping antenna, and a USB Cable The BC246T is PC programmable for FREE using Free Scan. Its the Trunk Tracker III series...
  4. AK4FD

    BC246T & alpha-tags?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a way to broadcast alpha-tags over my feed broadcast. I know there isn't an option for it but in RadioFeed there is a whole slew of scanners listed that can broadcast tags and I was wondering if any other scanners can emulate my BC246T so I can provide...
  5. L

    Arc246 + ftdi + winxp

    Hi, I've been trying to get the following combination to work with no luck. WindowsXP virtual and a physical machine, Valley Enterprises USB1 with FTDI chip, and the Butel ARC246 software. I installed drivers, followed the documentation, click connect and the keypad locks (screen says remote...
  6. I

    What's missing?

    What am I missing? It CAN'T be this difficult to figure out my BC246T scanner. Are all you guys professional radio technicians or employed in careers associated with radio? I'm a 51 year old machinist/mechanic so I'm not a complete idiot, but I am very frustrated with my scanner programming. Is...
  7. I

    BC246T: Programming template

    I'm a new member and I'm so far unable to program trunked systems successfully. I've been trying to set up a Motorolla VHF system. It seems that some of the terms are not universal between my owners manual, my ARC software, and this site. Is there anybody who would take the time to make up a...
  8. G

    Miami Dade County System

    I own a BC246T that I have not used in a couple of years. Recently, in the last few months I've been able to use it to monitor MDPD. However, I have other county groups I have recently been interested in listening because of where I work (Miami Dade Transit). Do the "recent" changes in the...
  9. S

    firmware update for 246T with-OUT a ac adapter

    I am just getting around to updating my firmware to 2.60 from 2.05. but my ac adapter died a few years ago and I have been using 2 sets of rechargable to power it, Is there a way to do the update without one? I just got a 396xt and getting ready to sell the 246t and I really don't want to buy a...
  10. J

    Mobile Antennas and range

    Hi, I have been reading this forum for several years now. Great forum with tons of info. I mostly listen to the radio at home. My first scanner I ever got I was like 8yrs old. Now, I am in my mid 30's still listening. Recently, I have been taking my portable out on the road to listen to...
  11. B

    Bc246t help!

    Hey Guys, I have a BC246T Scanner and i lost all of Fremont & Newark, California (Alameda County).Police & Fire Calls. Did they change their Frequencies or System? If so, how do i re-program my scanner to receive them again? Your help is much appreciated!!
  12. B

    Forsyth County P25 System Newbie

    I am brand new to scanning and have a few questions. I just purchased my first scanner, a Uniden BC246T. While reading a lot of forums and the user manual as well as a lot of information on this site I found the system type in Forsyth is a Project 25 Phase I (FDMA). Forsyth County Public...
  13. D

    BC246T need help

    the button on my BC246T don't work !!! all the numbers and the other don't work just the ON/OFF work when I plug my scanner into my computer amd try to control it with bctool it don't work too !!! please help me !!! Pier-Yves
  14. A

    BC246T USB PC Connection Nightmares

    Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a BC246T and a USB-1 cable from Uniden. I'm am having one hell of a time configuring any computer, be it vista or xp, to recognize and work with this scanner. I've downloaded the correct driver from uniden as and installed it. When I plug the scanner in...
  15. R

    Help With These Frequencies

    Can someone please help me decipher these frequencies for me. I am retired from Ford and these are the channels that the IT guy gave me. I have a Uniden BC 246T scanner and I would like to listen in on whats going on but don't know what this is to bring it in my software (ARC246). Thanks Bob...
  16. J

    NEED HELP Hillsborough EDACS System BC246T

    I own a Uniden BC246T Scanner and dont know how to program the EDACS systems and i just seen that Hillsborough updated there system and dont know how to put the frequenceis in along with the LCN. With theses frequencies i dont know how to put in my scanner in order for system to work.Can...
  17. N

    Which would you buy?

    I am interested in a hand held scanner. which would you buy Bearcat BC246T or Icom ic-r5 and why would it be the best choice ?
  18. S

    Renton Highlands - Bad Reception

    Programmed my parents scanner who are in the Renton Highlands - WA-900 area.... Scanner is a Uniden BC246T Pluged in the talk-groups for Renton PD, King Co. SE Prec talk-group Sheriff and ValleyCom for ems/fire. Used the recommended frequencies and added most freqs for the EPSCA Simulcast and...
  19. davidmc36

    Power/Charging Circuit Fried

    I sort of hi-jacked another thread talking about this so I thought it would be apporpriate to do a new thread. I recently did the firmware update to my BC246T. After I was done it would not accept power from the wall-wart. I confirmed by using a meter that there was power and even tried another...
  20. Grog

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER

    Anyone have any BC246T files for Charlotte or VIPER that they can share? I'm looking to play with this thing and would not mind some help since I'm a long time GRE user. There seems to be much more software available now too so be sure to let me know what you use. Either upload the file...