1. Uniden BC796D

    Uniden BC796D

    The scanner is in good working condition with good display, all knobs and buttons intact and functioning. Comes with all accessories and original box. See photos. PayPal preferred. Will take personal check or postal money order but funds must clear prior to shipping. Shipping will be USPS...
  2. R

    BC796D: Uniden Bearcat TrunkTracker IV (BC796D) Phase 2 receiving.

    Extremely new radio operator here, I recently received the radio in the title from my grandfather and have been experimenting with it for about 3 days. when i started i knew absolutely nothing about radio and i quite frankly still don't, but using the information ive gathered from my other...
  3. GraniteScanner

    BC796D: Volume Knob Dead Spot

    Hi All, Whenever I switch on my BC769D the volume is already pretty loud. It would appear there is dead spot on the volume knob. Its not until turning the knob about halfway that I can even increase the volume. Any potential tricks or fixes? Thanks
  4. V

    BC796D: Uniden BC796D continues scanning.

    I have a BC796D that I have programmed for Michigan's Public Safety Communications System(Motorola type 2/p25 800mhz) and I have the talk groups in for my area and it scans and picks up the conversations, but it will listen for about 2 seconds and then start scanning again while the...
  5. K

    Unien BC-796d Parts

    does anybody know of a site online where i can pick up the bottom feet for the 796d ?
  6. W

    2000 Toyota Camry

    I'm looking into replacing the stock radio in 2000 Camry with a single DIN after-market radio. The stock radio is two DIN so this would leave a large hole allowing me to install some other equipment. I currently have a BC796D just sitting around and would be interested in figuring out if I can...
  7. K

    BC796D: Issues programming Bell Fleetnet into BC796D.

    Hello everybody, I have recently acquired a Uniden BC796D scanner and I am trying to program into it Bell Fleetnet, specifically OPP for Burlington and Niagara. I have tried doing so both by hand and using ProScan with no luck. I am able to program in the base frequencies and offsets, tower...
  8. V

    BC796D: Alpha tags loaded, but not showing during scan.

    To start with the specs. ARC250 Basic demo linked to my RR account to program my BC796D. It has been updated to the reband, if that matters. Mainly scanning Phase 25 Type I in Southeast Kansas. All the banks and programming went pretty smooth. Bank tags appear properly and when I go into the...
  9. C

    BC796D not holding on some transmissions

    I know the scanner it kind of old, but it's the only one I have. Lately I've been noticing that while scanning, the scanner will stop on an active frequency, and then start scanning again before the transmission is even finished. I've checked all my delays and they are all either 2 or 4 seconds...
  10. R


    Thanks to the help I received here I upgraded the firmware and re-banding for my BCD996T. Working fine again, thanks guys. Now trying to do the same with my BC796D. I uploaded the latest Uniden firmware version and the Uniden VUP software said is was succesful. With the ARC250 software I...
  11. F

    Help programming in tri cities

    I have a BC796D scanner, a guy at my FD programmed it for me using the computer. I am not sure what software. I just need to add a tac channel to Richmond and would like to add Richmond ambulance and also VSP. I am clueless when it comes to programming trunk. If anyone can help that would be great.
  12. F

    bc786d Scans but wont stop on talkgroups

    I have programmed my bc796d scanner with proscan, it scans and scans but will not stop on my stored talkgroups, but if i have it on ID SEARCH it stops all the time on the talkgroup id that i have installed. Any help?
  13. K

    ARC250 basix/BC796D programming

    I have downloaded Balt. County, MD fire, an APCO P25 Phase 1 System from RR to the ARC250basic software and thought I properly exported to the scanner. However, scanner does not stop scanning during dispatch, which I am now hearing on my R7100. Does the Butel software support P25? The Trunk...
  14. K

    BC796D firmware download frustration

    Had to install Tera Grand USB 2.0 to RS232 serial converter on laptop operating Windows 7. Device was installed and shows as operating COM3. I think I downloaded BC_VUP v2.0.0.7 and BC796D V3 60 correctly into my C drive and unzipped them. However, I cannot install onto the Scanner. I get a...
  15. K

    Software Download Procedures BC796D

    Just received a BC796D, which needs to be reprogrammed for this area. This is my first trunking scanner. Not sure which programming software to purchase (ARC, ProScan, ScanControl??), but cannot program radio until I get a proper serial/USB converter cable. Can I purchase and upload software to...
  16. D

    Red Deer Pub Safety Trunking on BC796D

    I am trying to program this system on my BC796D. On the trunking info page Red Deer Public Safety & Public Works Trunking System, Red Deer, Alberta - Scanner Frequencies it shows a custom frequency table. However, when I program the radio as Type 2 Custom, it asks for a base frequency and an...
  17. A

    Uniden Bearcat scanner BC796D

    Hi, I have a BC796D scanner and I am picking up a P25 digital Police frequency. I have it in channel one. I have programmed 5 other frequencies that are normal frequencies but the scanner locks on the digital P25 and only scans that frequency. I have the manual for the scanner but I am having...
  18. Rabbitiswise

    BC796D Vista attempting again

    Well I attempting to connect my BC796D to vista again. I am a little closer that in the past. Now the software(BC SS and Scanner Control) Recognize the port(even when i change the port number), but yet it don't pick up speed or that its connect to the pc. Any Ideas?
  19. jtech48

    ICIS Program on BC796D

    I Have Been Up All Night Trying To Figure Out How To Program My New Uniden BC796D With Pro Scan And Also Manually With negative Results. I Just Hope That My Fellow Scannerbuffs Can Help Me Out, Im New To The Uniden World, I Was Able To Program My Pro-106 With No Issues But Im Sure Uniden Aint...
  20. n0mpd

    Newbie, BC796D

    I'm a new guy and just recently figured out how to download the data base using the ProScan software into my BC796D. Now the problem I'm having is the trunked channels are not working and all the frequencies that should be there aren't. I live in St. Charles Missouri so I monitor St. Peters...