1. Uniden BC-RH96 Remote Head

    Uniden BC-RH96 Remote Head

    For Sale Quantity 1 BC-RH96 remote head unit. Works with BCD996XT. I believe it also works with the BCT15X and the BCD396T. I hooked it up and tested this prior to boxing it up. Included is the mounting bracket, cigarette lighter type power cable, data cable and original box and packaging...
  2. N

    SFPD - BCD396T or Pro-92 Assistance

    I have both an old Pro-92 (Original 1.00 firmware) and a BCD396T (also original firmware). I've been trying to get either one of them to pick up SFPD using the frequencies and talk group IDs provided on this site. I hear nothing from either radio when scanning for this setup. Other...
  3. BCD396T MINT Condition with **SOLD**

    BCD396T MINT Condition with **SOLD**

    I have up for a sale a BCD396T Handheld in Mint Condition. See the pictures. I have one too many. Letting it go for ONLY $180.00 with 2 Day USPS Priority Mail Shipping. YES it scans P25 Standard. See the Wiki. https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/BCD396T I use ProScan for programming...
  4. Uniden BCD396T Scanner

    Uniden BCD396T Scanner

    Excellent condition. San Diego switched to APCO25 Nextgen and this scanner will not do Nextgen. Does all other Type I rebanded. Google it. With good Li batteries, programming cable and software, charger. $295 shipped domestic. Contact w6caw1@gmail.com
  5. x7yth4x9u

    Uniden BCD396T Tippecanoe and Indiana P25 systems not picking up

    I have purchased a Uniden BCD396T. I use ARC396 software to program my scanner. I performed a factory reset and confirmed that the Firmware was the most current firmware for this scanner. I successfully loaded the Tippecanoe County (P25) Project 25 Phase I and Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T...
  6. Craigmoe

    BCD396T: Upload Issue With Freescan or BCD396T

    Hello, got lucky (I think) and got a ‘NOS’ BCD396T for under a $100.00. Have programmed BCD396XT, BCD996XT, BCD352P2 & BCD996P2 with absolutely no problems at all using Freescan, Windows 7 Pro. While uploading to the unit it slows down to an extremely slow crawl and at times stops before the...
  7. A

    BCD396T: L/O & 6 button not working. FIRMWARE UPDATE

    Hello, I am trying to update my scanner, I have everything plugged in and I start the application. I get to the screen where it says "1. connect the scanner to pc. remove nbatteries. 2. insert ac adapter plug while holding L/O and 6 keys. The scanner display remains blank and backlight turns...
  8. S

    BCD396T: PC does't see the scanner

    I previously used an old work DELL laptop with my BCD396T. I recently downloaded the ARC software (Freescan will not load) on my MS Surface pro. I can't seem to see the scanner, I think its in the way it sees the USB : serial cable adaptor. Any thoughts?
  9. D

    New (used) BCD396T

    Hi Folks, I just got a used BCD396T from a guy at the ham flea market and I'm at the point where I've got it loaded and working for my area. My new tangent is CLOSE CALL - I've done the RTFM thing and got it working and capturing calls and I've tested it and its working OK. So I ran it for a...
  10. J

    BCD396T - Problem with Talk Group

    I just recently revived my BCD396T and used ProScan to download a few LA City systems from RR into it. One of the groups is the LA City Muni system #3 (EDACS). I only download a few talk groups for experimentation, R&P, GSD, and Radio Test (all 04-nnn or 05-nnn groups). Everything works OK...
  11. R

    Problems programming Roseville Trunked system

    I have a BCD396T version 3.02.02 and have access to the RadioReference database. I'm using ARC396 version 3.2.004 to program the scanner. It's been a few years since I've programmed the radio and am having problems getting it to program correctly. I go into ARC396 and click on...
  12. A

    Montgomery County

    Has anyone out there who has successfully re-programmed a BCD396T for the re-banded Montgomery County systems got directions on how to do it? I have attempted to reprogram my 396, followed the directions to a "T", and all I get is dead air. I would appreciate any help that someone might be...
  13. S

    Should I upgrade or ok for now

    I would like to buy the Motorola XTS 5000 and I currently have Uniden BCD396T. If I would upgrade what would the difference be between those two scanners. Thanks everyone for your input. Cheers, Simon
  14. G

    Trunkview's compatibility with Realtek onboard audio

    Hi I'm trying to get Trunk view to work correctly. I have set the control channel and connected my BCD396T to the line in on my PC and the serial port. I can change channels fine with Trunkview and it is also decoding the control channel fine. But I cannot mute my input like the website says...
  15. walteremrick

    I need help

    I have a BCD396T Uniden and I am trying to use Proscan to upload MPSCS into it. I can retrieve the data but when I attempt to import it I get a message saying I am trying to put two sites into a one site scanner. When I pick only Washtenaw selections I can import them and upload them into my...
  16. B

    B396T needs programmed - east valley

    My unit used to to be programmed, but I have lost the files on my computer and reset the unit back to factory default. I am looking for someone to help me program the unit so I can hear smooth conversations between activity in my area. I would like separate banks for storm chasing, fire, trains...
  17. mg770

    Uniden BCD396T

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy the Uniden BCD396T. I live in Dunwoody,GA which is part of Dekalb county. I owned this scanner before as a trial but had to return it until I can find out how to program it better. So... Dekalb county has 5 precincts that all operate on the same dispatch. My...
  18. P

    BCD396T: Trouble Updating from 1.20.13 to 3.02.02 Firmware

    So, I was able to successfully upgrade my firmware on my BCD396T from the earlier version to 1.20.13 without any problems. But when I try to update to 3.02.02, I get the following error message: Programming Error!! Please check the following things: * Connect your scanner to the PC with the...
  19. del1964

    BCD396T for sale on Ebay

    Looking to upgrade. Scanner is currently programmed with almost all of South Eastern Indiana conventional and SAFET systems. Predominately Seymour and Columbus area. Will program scanner for buyers area for free. ITEM #180458871881
  20. jwhite83

    FS: Bcd396t

    I have for sale a Uniden BCD396T in excellent condition. I am asking $350. I am located in Los Angeles so it has well over 800 channels programmed into it already. I do have the programming cable for the unit. PM me for pictures