1. T

    BCD436HP: Brand-new BCD436HP for $399.20 (price seen on 07-16-2022)

    I saw this pricing information for the BCD436HP at Amazon after I had already posted the information for the BCD536HP in this forum. I figured I would make a separate posting for those who may be interested in the handheld version instead. Heads up for anybody in the market for a brand-new...
  2. SOLD - BCD436HP w/ all upgrades

    SOLD - BCD436HP w/ all upgrades

    Used BCD436HP that has all of the upgrades applied to it (ProVoice, NXDN, DMR). Included are the original antenna, belt clip, hand strap, SMA-BNA adapter, 6 ft right angle USB cable, leather carry case and box. No manual is included. Unit functions perfectly. Minor "rub" marks on the screen that...
  3. ToDaMax

    A "Mostly" Complete Favorites List for Public Safety in Wisconsin

    Hello! This was done using Uniden Sentinel software for SDS100/SDS200/BCD436HP/BCD536HP. I do not know how compatible this will be with other scanners, and I do not have the means to test it out. Apologies in advance. I am here to share a pet project I've been working on for some time. As a...
  4. Uniden bcd436hp Digital Fire Scanner

    Uniden bcd436hp Digital Fire Scanner

    Selling my mint shape uniden bcd436hp digital fire scanner No upgrades comes with programming/power cord and batteries and belt clip $330.00 shipped PayPal preferred or local pickup I ship with UPS Any questions you can contact me at quiz77rich@gmail.com
  5. B

    BCD436HP: Talkgroup Issues

    I am having trouble scanning and programming talkgroups. I have tried reading the manual and have tried doing everything manually and even with the Sentinel software. But the main problem is I cant hear or my scanner wont pick up the talkgroups. I used to use the BC125AT scanner but then I...
  6. D

    Strange repeater setup

    Hi In New Zealand I have found a couple of repeaters in my area that transmit DMR. This is a strange setup as its only 1 frequency with a DMR TIER 3 format. It has 1 frequency and when its not in use it has no data flow, its just dead. When a user keys up the repeater it activates a TGID 9999...
  7. ** SOLD **UNIDEN BCD 436HP scanner+Carrying Case+Remtronix Ant.+Batteries+Desktop Stand  ($400)

    ** SOLD **UNIDEN BCD 436HP scanner+Carrying Case+Remtronix Ant.+Batteries+Desktop Stand ($400)

    *** SOLD *** Pristine condition BCD436HP hand held scanner for sale. About 5 months old. Always used in house, NEVER in car. Has aftermarket screen protector. Includes nylon Carrying case, Remtronix antenna, 3)ea Panasonic Eneloop Pro Ni-Mh 2450mah batteries and 3D printed desktop stand. (the...
  8. 6

    BCD436HP: Program BCD436HP to avoid agencies across entire database?

    Hi, long-time BCD396XT user here, new to the BCD436HP. Very late to the table on this, but having always programmed my own on the older model, I'm having trouble figuring out how to work with the HP database. And of course, there have always been huge swaths of capability in each Uniden that...
  9. trentbob

    Firmware clarification

    This is in regard to new firmware update announcement made today regarding firmware update released in June, 2021. Uniden, please clarify who needs this firmware update and is it necessary, since it has no function but to accommodate new hardware. What radios require this update, what serial...
  10. JoeBearcat

    BCD436HP / BCD536HP firmware updates released

    Version 1.28.14 Released 6/25/21 (both models - BCD436HP and BCD536HP) ONLY use Sentinel to upgrade firmware. Some users have rendered their scanners non-functional using other update methods. Housekeeping update to accommodate revised hardware - No functional change from 1.26.00.
  11. MCKFD34

    BCD436HP: Sentinal Overwrites Profiles

    BCD436HP - Profiles all overwritten I don't even have to write this one myself. I found someone with the same issue - what gives? "For some reason, my profiles have all ended up identical and I'm not sure how/why. Each time I open a different one or create new, it's the same as the previously...
  12. BCD436HP - USED

    BCD436HP - USED

    I have a used Uniden BCD436HP for sale, it does have blemishes on screen and USB dust cover does not stay closed. It works as it should with no known hardware issues. I am selling because I have two SDS100's and this has been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. (again) This is used and it has...
  13. S

    LAPD audio cutting off on BCD436HP

    Howdy Howdy! I'm having a little bit of an issue with listening in to LAPD on the BCD436HP. When listening to their audio (from the latest database), I hear the dispatch/tac audio clearly, except that the last half-second of the transmission always seems to be cut off. I've tried different...
  14. BCD436HP  For sale or trade.

    BCD436HP For sale or trade.

    ****SOLD**** ****SOLD**** BCD436HP Good condition. Has DMR upgrade. Comes with radio and stock antenna. Also have programming and GPS cables. I do not have the belt clip. Radio functions well, as I use it to listen to the local stuff here. Wanting a base model non-database radio...
  15. T

    BCD436HP: Uniden BCD436HP Good Price Alert

    If anyone is looking to purchase a brand-new Uniden BCD436HP handheld scanner, Main Trading Company of Paris, Texas (mtcradio.com) currently has the scanner in stock and the price is $439.12 with FREE shipping included and no sales tax is charged unless you are in Texas. If you want one at that...
  16. G

    Oglethorpe County GA System - Help

    I just bought a Uniden BCD436HP and I see Oglethorpe County Sheriff dispatch, fire, ems, etc. but I can only pick up EMS. I think they have changed systems and the database is still reflecting the old frequencies. Does anyone have any information what I need to do to get the radio to pick up...
  17. T

    Trying to listen to Minneapolis ARMERS

    Would anyone in this thread know the ARMERS system well enough to help me get a Uniden BCD436hp configured to listen to the Hennepin CO Simulcasts? I bought the DMR upgrade hoping that would help... no luck.
  18. *SOLD* Uniden BCD436HP - 32gb SSD  / Remtronix / Box - $300

    *SOLD* Uniden BCD436HP - 32gb SSD / Remtronix / Box - $300

    Ready to Go...BCD436HP Includes BONUS Antenna - Remtronix Antenna much better than stock Upgraded from 8gb to 32gb SSD for more recording time. Installed Yellow Screen Filter - you can search and see others that did this. (can easily be removed). Original Box Only a month old 2800mah...
  19. J

    BCD436HP: uniden bcd436hp how do i listen to p25 police channels

    the info shows up and the signal bars are moving from no bars to full bars and some times it will come in for a spit second and something i can see activity but no sound, please help i feel like i spent 450 on a paper weight, im in ,orange county, texas
  20. Uniden BCD436HP - SOLD.

    Uniden BCD436HP - SOLD.

    1 week old Uniden BCD436HP for sale. Everything from box, except the box. Not a mark on it. Bought this then the SD100 and staying with the SD100 so this can go. Updated the firmware and database as well as purchased and installed the DMR upgrade. Just looking to find a good home for it...