1. mushu

    Réparation bcd436hp

    Bonjour à tous, Je cherche à faire réparer mon BCD436HP. J'ai deux petites questions : 1- Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui serait capable de remplacer le port de l'antenne ? 2- Est-ce que le service Uniden Repair fonctionne pour le Québec ? Merci d'avance pour voter aide.
  2. Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    ***SOLD*** Hello, To generate some $$ for other equipment I am selling my BCD436HP scanner. It has the DMR and NXDN upgrades installed. It also has the internal GPS mod that was being done by John Wienke until recently. The GPS works superbly but requires an external power source in order to...
  3. Uniden BCD436HP like new.

    Uniden BCD436HP like new.

    Comes with box, belt clip, wrist strap, sd card, after market antenna, USB data transfer/charging cable. Hi please email with any questions. Or more pictures. This is practically new, just don't Use enough to warrant keeping. Price is somewhat flexible. Buy with confidence. Ships Free. Thanks...
  4. A

    UCA TG 18496, Event 3, Salt Lake County Activity on 436hp but not the TRX-1

    More of a technical question re the 436 vs TRX but posting on the Utah forum since you all are more likely to be familiar with the digital trunking systems used by the UCA. The 436 and TRX both have the same UCA sites and talk groups loaded and all in all seem to be on par with each other...
  5. M

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Programming p25 bcd436hp

    I apologize i have read many threads but I’m having difficulty figuring out if I’m misunderstanding something or just doing it wrong. I was previously a software and hardware engineer so I know my way around software but the terminology is throwing me. Unfortunately I suffered from a minor strok...
  6. S

    What’s the best antenna?

    So I currently have a bcd436hp. I want to listen to the Hillsborough County, FL P25 Phase II public safety channels. With the antenna the scanner came with, it was very choppy. I found this antenna (...
  7. G

    BCD436HP help with Chelsea Police Dispatch

    Hello, I am new to scanners. I read the manual as well as the easy to read manual, yet I still can't seem to figure out how to listen to my local Suffolk County: Cities/Municipalities - Chelsea: Police Dispatch channel (470.8875MHz NFM C131.8). I used to be able to listen to the channel on my...
  8. Sold-BCD436HP Reduced $395

    Sold-BCD436HP Reduced $395

    Brand new. Never used. Only turned on to show a working unit. Complete with all original accessories. Database and firmware are up to date. PayPal accepted and I’ll cover shipping.
  9. P

    BCD436HP vs TRX-1: Which is better at receiving simulcast

    Before I make my final decision, what one gets simulcast a bit better on average? Both phase 1 and phase 2. EDIT: besides the sds100 guys, i'll get a pager before I get the SDS radios anyways.
  10. P

    BCD325P2 vs BCD996P2 on simulcast

    Before you say anything; yes, I know they both are not made for simulcast but let me tell you. I recently bought the 325 and tried it out and I didn't have the best time on simulcast in my area but it worked! I atleast heard 70-75% of the conversation, until I traveled a bit with it and it...
  11. Uniden BCD436HP $265

    Uniden BCD436HP $265

    For sale: BCD436HP $260 The scanner works perfectly and looks great. The keys are nice and firm with no signs of wear. Comes with everything pictured. There are no upgrades but it has the latest database and firmware. I will cover shipping. Priced to sell. I accept PayPal.
  12. Uniden BCD436HP - Remtronix Antenna / Box / Charger / Upgraded Memory *SOLD*

    Uniden BCD436HP - Remtronix Antenna / Box / Charger / Upgraded Memory *SOLD*

    Uniden BCD436HP Remtronix Antenna (plus original) Upgraded 32gb Micro SD card Rechargeable Batteries No Scratches - works great !! Latest Firmware In Box with charger and cable * No manual - but its online * Non-Smoking Adult Owned * Shipping included to Continental USA ** PAYPAL.
  13. C

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: bcd436hp question about what to hold

    Hello, im new to all this so i dont know much. Im wondering what im supposed to "hold" if i want to properly scan a system. For example, theres a system called "Algonquin College" with a site called "algonquin tower" and a department called "facilities" with 5 channnels such as security, IT...
  14. B

    Fayetteville issues, BCD436HP

    I tried to do a quick search but didnt seem to find exactly what I am experiencing. Have all the latest updates from Sentinel for the BCD436HP, I literally have a favorite just for Fayetteville, turn off all other lists to scan, and it shows Durham-Fayetteville Fayetteville Simulcast ID...
  15. M

    BCD436 and SDS100 RX issues

    Okay first I do love both of these scanners - the step up from a 125at I started with is amazing. Having a screen and local frequencies automatically loaded is so cool. BUT on both devices - unless I’m using trunking discovery or conventional discovery I cannot hear a full transmission. I have...
  16. BCD436HP - Nearly New

    BCD436HP - Nearly New

    Bearcat TrunkTracker V Scanner with HomePatrol Programming. Purchased in July, forgot it doesn't work with simulcast systems well. Didn't go through the hassle of an Amazon return. Everything in box except belt-clip. FW and DB was updated when first taken out of box. Plastic removed and...
  17. Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    Uniden BCD436 HP scanner $350 with extra antenna

    I have for sale a 436 hand held scanner. Bought it off here with no box or manual. Software is online as is the manual. I have a usb cord for you to use for power. This also can use AAA batteries of your choice. I can also give you a magnet mount antenna, that can be used in your car or in the...
  18. Uniden BCD436HP – DMR/NXDN/Provoice Upgrades Installed

    Uniden BCD436HP – DMR/NXDN/Provoice Upgrades Installed

    This BCD436HP comes from a non-smoking household and has all three digital upgrades installed ($160 value). The scanner has a ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protector installed. Price included shipping via UPS. Includes: DMR, NXDN, Provoice upgrades installed OEM SMA antenna SMA-BNC Antenna...
  19. W

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Not picking up most transmissions on BCD436HP in 22031

    Hi, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm basically trying to replicate Fairfax County Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed to get FRD and PD on the Uniden. I created the favorites list directly from the Sentinel app using the Radio Reference import feature. Here's a link to my favorites list...
  20. BCD436HP


    *** Sold ***Uniden BCD436HP scanner for sale. Excellent condition. 100 % works as it should. Includes scanner/belt clip/antenna/3 rechargeable batteries. Asking $ 275 plus $15 USPS Priority Mail shipping to lower 48 USA. ***Sold**.