1. NFR85

    BCD436HP: Audio Muffled

    I noticed it today that when I'm listening to Nashua NH which is Digital trunking. I turned it on and it sounds muffled. I lowered the volume level and it helps a tad but not the greatest. I plugged it into a headphone jack to see if I notice improvement but its the same. I just did a firmware...
  2. N

    436HP and GPS cabling

    I don't own the 436HP yet, but I do own a relic Garmin GPS V which has a NMEA output. I can buy various cables to fit the GPS. Some have serial connectors (PC connect), some are bare wire, etc. What would be the simplest cabling method to hook the two together?
  3. T

    BCD436HP: BCD436HP Case

    I apologize if this has been discussed before, I did a search and couldn't find anything. Is there a nylon case in development that will be released soon or is there one available now for the BCD436HP? Usually, I can find cases on Scanner Master, but are there other vendors that sell...
  4. Jakeportland

    BCD436HP: I need antenna

    I need a antenna
  5. theaton

    BCDx36HP: WAV File Manager

    Here is a free Excel spreadsheet that will list, rename, and sort WAV files generated by the BCD436/536HP scanners. It will reorganize the files from the folders of 100 sequential recordings into folders based on System and Department (or Site), and it will add the TG and UID (or Frequency and...
  6. R

    Unitrunker with BCDx36HP

    Has anyone gotten Unitrunker to work with a BCDx36HP for a control? I had it working for a voice, but not control. Thanks
  7. A

    BCD436HP: Control channel output

    Hi all. I have found C_COUT hole on my scanner's motherboard 436HP, but I don't know how I can decrypt this signal. Which program should I use? And how I need connect this to my PC? Thanks all.
  8. G

    Miami Dade County System

    I own a BC246T that I have not used in a couple of years. Recently, in the last few months I've been able to use it to monitor MDPD. However, I have other county groups I have recently been interested in listening because of where I work (Miami Dade Transit). Do the "recent" changes in the...
  9. NFR85

    BCD436HP Antenna

    I was wondering what type of antenna is used for this radio? I'm in area with 800MHz and wanted to upgrade it but I don't know the name of it. Looks like you screw it in by twisting it in. Thank You
  10. U

    BCD436HP All Conventional Channels squelch open

    I've been slowly working my way through creating and editing favorite lists in my settings using the Sentinel software. Very recently ALL of my analog (conventional) channels on this radio act as if the squelch is simply not there (turned all the way open), with static heard until a user on the...
  11. K

    Joplin MO, anyone in? (not receiving local PD)

    I just got a BCD436HP and it's receiving everything but my local Joplin PD (which is totally why I bought it, so I could hear them). The firmware version that my radio now shows is 1.01.01. When I was talking to Uniden Tech Support earlier today, they told me there are two firmware releases...
  12. NFR85

    Entering TGIDS to BCD436HP

    I entered in my TGIDS in my favorite search. I know on the old scanner i had to use the letter I then the number. When a company keys up for example Engine 1 Rig doesn't display. It just displays the TGIDS & UID # Here is what I did. 1. Click on Manage Favorites 2. Selected my favorites. 3...
  13. NUGEN

    Uniden BCD436HP/536HP scanner help

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this or not. I've pretty much mastered the BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners. If you bought yours and you still haven't gotten it working or want it customized more contact me. I offer tutoring on any GRE, Radioshack, or Uniden scanner as well as...
  14. del1964

    Few GPS options :( BCD436HP

    I would like to see a GPS signal received icon or something. Simply plugging in the GPS cord doesnt necessarily mean that there is a GPS signal correct? A menu area like the Home Patrol had where you can see if satellites are being received Would also like to have the BCD396XT option of...
  15. NUGEN

    X36 units bad clock/calendar settings?

    I've programmed about 15 of the 436/536 units. During doing so I've had at least 2 of them give me issues when setting the day on the clock. It goes thru the first few steps and then gets to the day setting and it tells me Invalid Range please press any key to continue. I first thought maybe I...
  16. yaesumofo

    Uniden Bearcat BCD436HP first impressions

    I received my 436 this morning. (LEFT OUTSIDE BY FED EX!!). The radio is light. The belt attachment point on the radio is made of plastic. (is this a cause to make the radio lighter or to lower costs? Either way I prefer the metal attachment point vs the plastic. The 436 Has a BIG display. It...
  17. jimmnn

    New Scanners

    Is anyone in Colorado going to purchase a Uniden BCD536HP or BCD436HP? They look pretty cool and I want to play. Jim<
  18. blantonl

    Uniden Announces the Launch of the BCD536HP and BCD436HP Radios

    Uniden this weekend announced the new BCD536HP (base/mobile) and the BCD436HP (handheld) Radios in this Youtube video. Uniden New Scanner Launch - YouTube These new radios include the full RadioReference.com database and the same easy to use HomePatrol interface, as well as a full keypad and...
  19. mondaro

    New Uniden Models Question

    Ok, with the announcement of the new Uniden scanner models what NEW JERSEY agencies will be able to monitor, please include agency and county. I will start by saying. Newark Fire Department ( Essex County ) Thanks
  20. blantonl

    Video of the new BCD536HP in action

    Here you go... in action from Whitefish MT. Very Nice Radio Indeed. The new Uniden BCD536HP in action - YouTube