1. S

    Hello, after awhile away.

    Hello again, I've been a member since Nov 5, 2005. Since we are again quarantined and lockdown restrictions, I finally decided to unpack and dust off my old Uniden BC895XLT and BCD996T scanners, old relics from storage in hopes to play with them again. Hoping to find other scanner enthusiasts in...
  2. iceman382

    BCD996T: Official Uniden Software for the BCD996T

    Subject: Official Uniden software for the BCD996T Version: Anyone have a copy of the BCD996T Uniden Advanced Scanner Director software? BCD996T_UASD_v1.0.12.0.exe The Uniden official link is dead... PM me. Thanks.
  3. M

    BCD996T: Programming Issues For Champaign Il

    I just recently bought a BCD996t scanner and cable for the scanner hooked it up that part worked great, Downloaded freescan and bought a membership to Radio Reference and downloaded the file for Champaign METCAD system uploaded it to the scanner it shows on the scanner that its there but recive...
  4. mesocyclone

    Best equipment for monitoring RWC, PPD, PFD?

    What is the best equipment these days for services on RWC? I currently have a BCD996T and don't seem to be hearing much from PPD. Someone in another forum wrote that it is not able to receive everything on RWC (unencrypted, of course). I also have the handheld equivalent to the 996T (don't...
  5. J

    Uniden BCD996T

    I bought a BCD996T from a guy off CL and had all the police stations and fire dept. I wanted to make a channel with just in my area but I got confused so I reset it and bam lost all the work that he put in..so I'm wondering how can I get it back if not anyone in the valley has a computer I can...
  6. J

    BCD996T: Uniden BCD996T

    I done a reset on my scanner and lost all my digital police frequency. .I'm new to this digital scanner and I don't own a computer. How and where can I go to retrieve the numbers that was on it before. Also I bought it from another guy but lost he's contact info.
  7. 0

    Difference between UBCD996T and the BCD996T

    Hey guys, Just wondering what are the differences between the UBCD996T and the BCD996T apart from the market? For where I live we don't have frequencies in the trunking database (freescan) available as all our police freq are on the conventional database and run in the 450-490MHz range baring...
  8. M

    MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications (P25) Youngstown area

    I am running ProScan software on a BCD996T scanner. My database includes Frequencies that are labled "Leavittsburg AP 25" and "Salem AP 25". (I live in the Youngstown area, Canfield Oho) I hear the regular Marcs traffic (not ip) from the Campbell site after putting in the custom band info. But...
  9. M

    Playback audio has disappeared

    I am running a BCD996T on ProScan. When I playback recordings of scanner traffic, the audio sounds "echoey" or "tinny". So I opened up the audio tab and started "adjusting". My scanner is connected to my SoundMax sound card with a stereo cord, even though I only see the graphic display of...
  10. dscully

    BCD996T Trunking Help

    I have used this scanner for several years in a conventionl public safety system on VHF. Recently I moved to a county in Texas that has an 800 Mhz trunked system that, according to RR, may have recently been rebanded. I upgraded the firmware in the scanner to the latest version. I have located...
  11. PoqFFEMT

    BCD996T/BC-RH96/GPS antenna use

    I've done a search and can't seem to find this but I'm sure it's been done before. I've got a 996T and GPS unit that works great together and I'm wanting to add in the remote head. I only see one serial port in the rear of the 996T. Is there a way to hook them both up to my scanner and I'm...
  12. D

    ACR996T Recording

    I am running ARC996T PRO on a Win7 DELL T7400 with SoundMax. In ARC996Pro, Virtual Control>Recording there is a button "Set Recording Volume." It doesn't do anything. What I want to do is change the sound source -- it is now "line in" -- I want to change it to a USB Sound Card. I already...
  13. NFR85

    How do I setup Alpha Tags with Scanner cast

    I have two feeds I’m broadcasting. One is a BCD996XT and the other is a BCD996T. Is there a way to setup alpha tags on both of them so my listeners can see who is talking. I noticed there a several threads but I cannot seem to find one that will guide me in the right direction for step by step...
  14. M

    BCD99xt intermittent audio loss

    When my xt stops on a channel, I lose the audio for about one second approx every seven seconds. Sometimes I miss important information. It's kind of like when I turn on Priority and it goes back and checks the Priority channel. But I don't have priority turned on. At least its not showing up on...
  15. M

    ProScan streaming from my wireless laptop

    Is it possible to hook up my 996xt to my laptop with it's wifi connection to the main hard wired PC to stream over the internet using Proscan? Or do I have to have the scanner connected to the hard wired PC to make it work?
  16. M

    Not recieveing new APCO 25 on bcd996t

    A fellow scanner club member programmed new frequency info from his BCD996XT into my BCD996t, But my 996t isn't recieving the new system. the 996T isn't even seeing signal bars on that bank, even though the XT sitting right next to mine is recieveing the new system just fine. The 996T is still...
  17. A

    Monitoring of ARMER in Blaine MN with BCD996T

    Hello, Relocated to Blaine, MN from Toledo, OH in 2010. Have a BCD996T that worked great on a P25 system in Toledo (MARCS). However, since relocating, I have reprogrammed for Minneapolis and St. Paul and have very hit and miss reception for the public safety freqs (fire, police and EMS). I...
  18. N

    Programing Help bcd 996t

    OK, I know I've aged since I programed my 996xt but I just picked up a used 996t and cannot for the life of me remember how to specify, in the Database, which freq's I want to download and program. The list that shows for Ventura county, CA has a lot of stuff I don't want or need to listen to...
  19. medic29

    BCD996XT front port...issures...@#$$%%^

    The front port and/or associated connection cables on the 996T and 996XT has to be one of the poorest design ideas I can imagine. The port wouldn't be so bad if the cables which connected into them were at 90 degrees, but to stick out an inch is crazy. The port and cable connector are both so...
  20. J

    BCD996T no reception in 935-940mhz after upgrade to 3.02.00

    Last night, I upgraded my bcd996t firmware to 3.02.00 from the original 1.03.11. Since the upgrade, I noticed that it would not lock on the control channel of the 935mhz to 940mhz systems, even while using an outdoor antenna and even when setting the squelch to 0 while in scan mode. I set up...