1. V

    SDS100: Habigis bluetooth adapter with SDS100

    I can only hear audio from the rear speakers when I use the Habigus with my sds100 in my 2019 honda accord. When I plug it into my bcd325p2 it works fine. What's up with that.. I can't figure it out? Any suggestions? help? Thx
  2. K

    Yaesu: Yaesu FTM-300 Bluetooth

    Anyone have this radio paired with a Bluetooth headset other than the Yaesu SSM-BT10? Not really finding much on the interwebs for compatibility. Advice comments and the like greatly appreciated. 73's
  3. Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550

    Unication G5 Dual Band P25 DMR 700-800Mhz and 400-470Mhz $550 Unication pagers perform exceptionally well as P25 simulcast scanners. Performance is second only to subscriber radios costing many thousands of dollars. Very good condition. Model number: G5B67BF-SXUCEN1400 This unit has firmware...
  4. BlueDevil

    Bluetooth Scanner Volume Control

    I finally got my scanner setup with a BLE Volume Control that allows me to wirelessly control the volume of the external speakers hooked up to my scanner. It works like a champ. I also put the scanner on a WiFi Controlled Outlet adapter so that the scanner can be turned off remotely and/or put...
  5. M

    SL3500e questions

    This radio looks interesting and has a couple of features I've not run into before. I've owned and used lots of 2-way radios (analog and digital) but I'm curious how some of this new stuff works. 1. Bluetooth. I can see how it would be easy to make a bluetooth headset work with a radio, but...
  6. aircatheavy

    Send scanner output via bluetooth to headset

    Hello, I have a Uniden BC246T scanner What I'd like to do is use a mini adapter that plugs into the 3.5 jack and sends the output to a Bluetooth transmitter so that I can wear headphones and listen to the scanner without a corded headphone. I thought this was going to do that but it seems now...
  7. C

    Please Help. I am dumb to this

    Ok, our agency is using the APX 6000 portable with Bluetooth. In the setting we have selected over the counter Bluetooth and Motorola. We have tried several brands of Bluetooth headsets. The radio can see them, but when it goes to pair the device, it says failed. However, a iPhone 7 will connect...
  8. K

    Yaesu: VX-8V Bluetooth connectivity

    I have a VX-8R and was wondering if anyone has/knows if it will connect with Bose bluetooth headphones? I would like to know before I purchase and install the bluetooth radio chip. Thanks, and 73!
  9. J

    Challenge for Uniden

    Let's see if Uniden can shrink their next HP scanner to shirt pocket size. Impossible? I present as evidence the Kenwood TH-F6a tri-band transceiver -- just 2-5/16 x 3-7/16 x 1-3/16 inches, with a Li-ion battery that has nearly twice the wattage of the BCD436HP. Introduced about 15 years ago...
  10. D

    help I want new ideas to pass a medical signal

    I am a dentist that sedates patients. We have multiple safety protocols in place to ensure that they are absolutely without a doubt safe. Sometimes I need to leave the room. A trained assistant is always in the room watching monitors. When I leave the room, I need to hear them breathing the...
  11. Radioman96p71

    Unity XG-100p Bluetooth options

    Wondering what headset/earpiece units anyone has good luck with. I have the radio paired with a normal off the shelf cell phone headset but the mic audio isn't routed to the radio and there is no PTT function, so i'm wondering, what accessories are out there that work the best for radios like...
  12. Mrthor3232

    BCD436HP: Blutooth small Transmitter

    I have a Bluetooth head set that will support up to two devices and looking for a small Bluetooth transmitter to attach to the headphone jack that is small. So i can stream the scanner while I going about my day. I do not want a wire on that I just want it to attach to the jack. Dose anyone have...
  13. KK4DAN

    Can you use Direct Talk with BT headsets? (have more questions too)

    So, I was doing some reading and came upon some old threads that talked about Nextel Direct Talk (Not Direct Connect) where the phones have the ability to go off network and talk directly over the 900mhz ISM band frequencies. First off I had no idea that some of these iDen phones did that, but...
  14. N

    Another Blue Tooth Question

    OK I read several posts regarding the use of bluetooth to listen to the scanner. I purchased a Jabra A210 adapter and tried a Jabra BT530 and Moto H375 for earpieces. I can't get any audio through either ear piece. Going by the flashing lights on the pieces, it appears that they are paired...