1. U

    Hytera PC47 firmware cable Pinout

    Hello dear friends, I'm looking for a pinout for the Hytera PC47 firmware cable, thanks!
  2. T

    Radioddity GM-30 - radio starts to transmit when connecting PC USB (RD-201) cable?!

    I've noticed something quite bizarre, so I wanted to check if other users of this unit: Radioddity GM-30 have experienced this issue or not? -- This way I can make a decision whether to keep it or replace it (since I am still within the warranty period). -- Not sure right now if the problem is...
  3. I

    Nashville guy w/PRO 106 needs opinion on which program to use?

    Fri 9:25 pm on 12/23/2022 I'm new here... and ran this post yesterday on the Radio Shack Scanner forum. Hope I don't get thrown out for re-posting here. One of the replies mention this forum may bring better luck in answering my question. Picked up a never before used (with box, manuals...
  4. vagrant

    Unusual / Interesting cable or wire installations

    Popping a hole in a wall, or passing a line through a window or doorway is typically not much to write home about. Some installations are a nightmare. Other installations went well due to some creative thinking. While I have destroyed fish tape on a pull, I have lucked out other times back in...
  5. BlueDevil

    Daniels / Codan VR-4R modules

    I am trying to program my Daniels / Codan VR-4R modules and I don’t have the correct programming cable. I believe it is a USB cable that interfaces with an RJ45 connection. I have looked hi and low all over the internet and haven’t been able to locate one. Does anyone know of where there might...
  6. HWG

    PRO-650 programming

    Is ARC404 the only software that will work with the PRO-650 desktop scanner? Is the 20-546 the correct cable I will need? I have a feeling this might be a challenge to find.
  7. T

    Chip File for Cross Country Trip

    I am traveling across the country from CA to FL next week using the southern route. I am looking for a Chirp file for my BTECH UV-5XR that will have many of the proper emergency, local & repeater channels programmed already. I understand some will overlap from one state to the next, but I was...
  8. S

    Programming Cable BC365CRS

    Greetings, I have acquired a Bearcat BC365CRS Scanner, on the back is what appears to be a 1/8" audio jack marked "PC I/F"; the manual says this is used for firmware updates, but I'm hoping it can also be used to program the scanner from a PC. I have an old cable that I used to program my Radio...
  9. K

    Help me program a P99+ Astro Spectra Hi Power and a Mid Power Astro Mobile

    I have two radios Im attempting to program: High power Astro Spectra Model T99DX+099W_ASTRO ID T04KLH9PW9AN Ser 412AWS0076 86W Astro Mobile Mod T99DX+086W_ASTRO ID D04KKF9PW4AN SER 412ABU3902 Both are the "1MEG" models I have RFGuys RIB-Less cables for both that are confirmed the correct...
  10. Z

    Programming Motorola P1821AX Repeater.

    Hope everyone is doing well. since the covid, I have been trying to get a repeater I have to program. I have been thru a long list of things, I have a Motorola P1821AX. I have a older dell which I have already installed FREEDOS on it, and when I try to read the radio RSS Version R06.00.05...
  11. Z

    GTA - Antenna cabling help

    So, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I've used my Uniden 436hp in my vehicles for a few years now have used a slew of different antennas from mag mounts, lip mount, etc. I recently picked up a VW Golf and picked up a Breedlove...
  12. N

    325P2 nonUniden Programming Cable Question

    I recently bought a used 325P2. The cable supplied with my radio is not the Uniden one but its working fine on my Windows 10 laptop. I use Freescan to program the radio and it does a great job. However, I have a desktop that I also use for radio work. Its a Windows 7 OS. It does not...
  13. wqwx352

    LMR400 to RG6

    I have RG6 Cable already ran throughout my house like most people do and I just cancelled Cable so I want to know if anyone has used RG6 instead LMR400 for their base stations? I bought LMR400 cable and have it connected to my Antenna 30ft above the ground on my roof but it's just coming...
  14. J

    Availability BC-UTGC Uniden GPS Adapter for SDS100

    Hello friends! Has anyone heard anything about when these cables will become available again? I ordered one from Gigaparts back in June and the ETA originally said August. I just checked their site and now it says September. They must be heavily constrained! I don’t want to lose my place in...
  15. G

    Cable Modems

    Hello, is it possible to receive anything if I khooked up a cable modem to an IC 8500?
  16. G

    IC 8500 and Cable Modem

    Hello, I have a used Motorola SB 5102 cable modem lying around and was wondering if I could receive anything on the IC 8500 if I connected it. does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? Range of IC 8500 is 100 kHz to 2 ghz. Thanks for your assistance.8500
  17. D

    Johnson Messenger 4145 power hook up

    I don't know much about CB Radios but I just got my hand on the Johnson Messenger 4145 and don't have any power cables for it. What would I need to connect it to a car and possibly home power? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  18. S

    BC346XT: usb cable

    I am trying to connect the scanner to my laptop. I have a 9 pin male serial to usb cable that connects to the female cable supplied with the unit. When I try to download files from FreeScan I get a communication error cannot communicate with the scanner. I have used this usb cable to program...
  19. A

    Spectra Remote Cable

    Hello everyone. Im trying to remote mount my older Spectra radio and im having trouble finding the right cable. Its an older radio (model no. DA4KM+067W) but from what ive been able to find it is remote-able. Ive tried to find cables but the only ones i can find have the DB15 connector...
  20. AlJones

    Programming the TYT Th-9800

    When I purchased my new TH-9800 it came with a cable branded TYT and a disk. I'm unable to load any software from the disk - it doesn't help that much of it is in Chinese!. Adding to that, the vendor says that it won't work under Windows 10 (or XP Sp3 apparently) When I plug in the cable...