1. CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    CDM1250, Raspberry pi, linking and programming Bundle

    Everything you need to get online, Allstar or a linked GMRS System (gmrs live, or Package includes the following: Motorola CDM1250 (AAM25SKD9AA2AN) UHF 450-512MHz 40W Microphone Raspberry pi 3 with case and power cord 32GB SanDisk Micro-SD card RIM-Lite RIM-Maxtrac interface...
  2. nofdexplorer406

    Signalink and CDM1550 LS+ Zello@Work

    I'm running a Motorola CDM 1550 LS+ with a Signalink USB via 16 pin accessory port for 911 Communications via Zello@Work, my only continuous issue I'm having is the audio varies user to user some users audio is lite others are so loud their distorted. Haven't been able to figure out why the...
  3. nhfdcadet

    CDM1250 Station Alerting

    With some help from a few people to get me past a couple of walls I ran into, I was able to figure out how to use a CDM as a station alarm for when the tones go off. This radio was pulled out of our ambulance because it stopped making PL tones on transmit, but it decodes PL fine and receive...
  4. Various Motorola Two-Way Radios

    Various Motorola Two-Way Radios

    Update: 5/9/20 17 HT1250 LS+ (Mixed R and S DP5 and DP7) $80 each 2 EX500 R $50 each (no accessories) 6 CDM750 S $80 each (hand mic and power cable) 1 CDM750 repeater (includes everything) $400 All are in working order. Came from a casino who went to DMR. OBO on everything. Bought these for a...
  5. DylanMadigan

    CDM Pro Radio CPS - Enable monitor when mic off hook

    Sorry I tried looking around quite a bit but I'm having trouble finding what I'm looking for. Being we use our radios on a shared frequency with our own PL, is there any way where we can program the CDM radios to enable Monitor mode when the mic is taken off the hook? Just by looking at the mic...
  6. N

    Programming CDM via Accessory Port with FTDI RIB-less cable

    After several months, and fully dedicating a weekend to this project, I have pieced together from various sources (especially this forum), enough information to make an Accessory Port programming cable for the Motorola GM/CDM radios that will work with the generally available FTDI based RIB-less...
  7. Mtnrider

    CDM 1250ing sense issue

    Have a CDM 1250 that worked without the ing sense and someone decided to check the program to see what was up....changed the program. Now radio wont power up . Anyway to get it to power up and go back to turning it on each time....the way it was....ill assume the ing sense was not working to...
  8. S

    Anyone successful in ridding this burst on ht1250s?

    I am aware of the repeaters turn off code, pl settings, and lower end motorola repeaters. This issue is common when newer radios equipped with a active key loaded ucm or mace key transmitting in analog clear using post mdc data will emit a nasty burst if mdc is not muted and in any case muted...
  9. G

    790 crossband with CDM

    My local Fire department came to me and they are trying to get a cross-band repeater up in a truck so mutual aid can talk to them as cheep as possible. the fire dept uses UHF for fire ground operations and have tk-790 remote head for use in the neighboring county. they want me to hook up a...
  10. I

    CDM-1550LS+ programming issue

    I have a CDM 1550 LS+ that I am trying to program with both commercial Public Safety as well as Ham freqs. The software gives me the FCC 12.5kz notice as soon as it starts programming and I cannot get around it. Any ideas. I have tried both .08 and .09 software.
  11. X

    CPS Programming Issue With CDM1250

    I am currently having an issue where i get the following on-screen error: "Couldn't open port. Check weather device/RIB are powered on or not, and the device to RIB, and RIB to PC connection is ok." Where i did in fact have the 1250 on, i was trying multiple com ports (1,2) which I'm using a...
  12. S

    rockland county fire dispatch

    Does anyone know what the required frequencies are to program fire1 (46.18) fire 2 (46.08) and fire 3( 46.48) into a mobile or portable low band? The programing sheet says Receive(RX) RX PL/DPL/CSQ Tone Transmit(TX) TX PL/DPL/CSQ Tone Spacing Bandwidth 12.5 or 25 kHz is all required which i...
  13. L

    CDM Decode ID

    How can I make the Decode ID disappear faster.
  14. L

    CDM 1550

    I bid on a cdm 1550 on eBay and have won it. I didn't do alot of research on the specific model #. They gave me the freq it covered and I understand not all the 1550's are 160 channel. Anyone have insight into this model # AAM25SHF9AA5AN
  15. K

    Open Scanned Channel on Tone Reveive

    So this is what I am looking to do... There are 2 widely used freqs that I scan but get tired of having to use nuisance delete to kill the trivial chatter, I only want to hear the dispatch with QC-II tones. I have the tone settings that dispatch uses when giving out the call, how do I set...
  16. K

    CDM control station speaker issue

    I've got a CDM-750 installed in a CDM-Series control station. The radio's internal speaker is disabled as to not compete with the station speaker. The problem is that when I plug in a headset, while the headset works fine, the station speaker also continues producing audio. I called Motorola...
  17. K

    CDM 1550-LS Mobile

    I have programmed a few CDM1550's not the LS model and it seems to have a couple difference which I am trying to work out see below, any help would be appreciated: Model AAM25SKF9DU5AN Have a couple programming questions: #1 I am not going to be using the trunking features can i disable...
  18. N

    Motorola CDM 1250

    i have a question about the scan list and zone feature on the Motorola CDM 1250. I can get the scan to work in zone 1 but when i go to zone 2 to try and scan them channels it goes back to zone 1 to scan them. Is there any way to scan zone 1 and zone 2 on its own? I cant figure it out is there...
  19. J

    CDM1250 Squelch

    Where/What is the setting to adjust the squelch in the CPS software for the CDM1250? We got a new radio with the same freqs we have been using for years and now it's picking up (barely braking squelch) transimitions from ??? where. I'm somewhat familiar with the CPS software as I have adjusted...
  20. D

    Console database manager (cdm)

    When you look at a CDM you can select a CCI Port and it will display the associated CEBs. However, I am trying to reproduce this relationship through the raw data tables. Unfortunately, I cannot see a way to do this. The table OPERATOR POSITION contains a OPID field which represents each CCI...