1. K

    CHIRP Invalid Username or Password

    I reactivated my account yesterday, and everything is working great as far as the site is concerned, and downloading CSVs works without issue. However, I am running into a problem using CHIRP and importing the Radio Reference data source. I get the following error after putting in my username...
  2. tadpole207

    Any help with Chirp allowing Radio Reference to pull in frequencies?

    There is a setting in Chirp that allows connection between Radio Reference and Chirp. I am well aware that one did not develop the other, but there has to be some idea on this issue- i found it on a radio reference forum specifically here: Issue with Chirp | Query data source -> RadioReference...
  3. tadpole207

    Easily Programing all GMRS Frequencies into Chirp

    Howdy I have all these in a spreadsheet, and even though not all are active in my area, i want to program them into my radio. I cannot find an import in Chirp that allows this. Frequency FRS channel FRS power FRS bandwidth GMRS power GMRS bandwidth Notes 462.5625 MHz 1 2 W 12.5...
  4. N

    CHIRP or similar FreeOpenSourceSoftware Support? Arduino?

    Mornin'! I noticed a distinct lack of native support for anything Motorola within CHIRP, which is a pity for models whose programming tools are long since No Longer Available. Recently inherited a box of SP50 radios. Some work together, others need to be reprogrammed to sync with the others...
  5. Crevice

    Baofeng Need Help Please, Baofeng BF-F8HP & CHIRP

    I'm brand new and just bought a budget radio to get my feet wet. I have the Baofeng BF-F8HP with the proper FTDI Programming Cable and the latest version of CHIRP on Windows 10 Pro. I setup all of my channels via CHIRP and I drove around a bit and in and out of the home I'm only picking up NOAA...
  6. T

    Chip File for Cross Country Trip

    I am traveling across the country from CA to FL next week using the southern route. I am looking for a Chirp file for my BTECH UV-5XR that will have many of the proper emergency, local & repeater channels programmed already. I understand some will overlap from one state to the next, but I was...
  7. B

    Yaesu: VX-3R Freq Steps?

    I have several vx-2's and one vx-3r. I can use VX-2 commander to program 15x.3175 no issues. works great. With Chirp and the VX-3R It will not let me enter that channel at all. Gives me an error about the 2.5 tuning step not supported. Why does it work on the vx2 and not the vx3??? Thanks, Rick
  8. A

    Yaesu: cToneFreq in CHIRP

    I am using CHIRP software to program a Yaesu FT-7800 for a friend. Can anyone give me a definition for the cToneFreq column I see in the CSV file I exported from the image I downloaded from the radio? I am thinking that rToneFreq is the receive CTSS tone frequency is cToneFreq the transmit tone...
  9. B

    Chirp Error with York County

    I am trying to Import from Datasource on Chirp To program a Boafeng UV-5R, Every other county that ive tried works except Zipcodes from York County Maine. I get the error <unknown>:1:2125: not well-formed (invalid token) Ive tried on Windows and Linux and get the same error. Any help would be...
  10. K

    Baofeng GT-5TP Programming Help

    Ive purchased a GT-5TP Baofeng but i cant seem to be able to program it with chirp, has anyone managed to program it using chirp. It doesn't give me an option to upload to radio and when i select download from radio it say 'Incorrect 'Model selected' when Using UV-82HP which is what chirp...
  11. J

    Baofeng / Chirp / RadioRef error

    Using chirp to program Baofeng UV-5R I am able to import from all zip codes in my area except the zip codes in one particular county. If I select ANY zip code in Tazewell County, IL I get the following error: <unknown>:1:1401: not well-formed (invalid token) This has been going on for a few...
  12. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  13. W

    Newb Help: BaoFeng UV-82HP CHIRP, Windows

    So new to this., not sure how far I ever want to dive in,. but I am looking to program my BaoFeng radio with the following list of frequencies. These are the frequencies that come pre-loaded on offroad race radios. Could someone help to point me to how to do this? I started to 'try' and I didn't...
  14. Z

    CHIRP Csv issue

    Attempting to use CHIRP to load/edit CSV files. I exported my radio file to a CSV for the formatting, edited it, and now trying to upload the csv to CHIRP, which reports no channels found. Ive literally opened the CSVs in a notepad editor, eyeballing, they are exactly the same, commas, input...
  15. J

    Kenwood: Cant get CHIRP with work with MacBook AIR

    Very frustrated, been trying to program my Kenwood TMV71 with CHIRP, using a FTDI cable from a reputable seller called BlueMax and my new Mac Air. The computer will not download from radio. I installed multiple versions of the FTDI drivers and nothing. Even switched the cable for a new one just...
  16. T

    Chirp frequency images

    Good evening where is a good resource to download compiled images for chirp for my boafeng. i am specifically looking for one for canada. thanks
  17. D

    tone types

    first time programming. i am using the chirp program for my baofeng/pofung UV-82. how do i tell the difference between a DTCS channel and a Cross channel
  18. D

    Need help with programming Kenwood radio!!!

    Hello! Let me start by saying that I have a general knowledge of radios/scanners and how to program them and I am generally okay when it comes to dealing with computer software. I recently came into possession of an older Kenwood UHF FM Transceiver. It is a Kenwood TK-372G. My department got all...
  19. R

    Yaesu: Yaesu FT-50R Programming Tip

    Recently installed CHIRP to program my Yaesu FT-50R HT. I purchased a USB to radio cable on Amazon which works with this radio. Cable installed on Win7 + Win 10 right away, correct latest Prolific driver. Could download FROM radio to CHIRP no problem! Every attempt to upload TO radio failed with...
  20. R

    Programing Baofeng UV-82 through Radio Reference

    I am a premium user of Radio Reference and I am trying to programing my Baofeng UV-82s using Chirp. Using Chirp to program my radios is a breeze but I can not figure out hoe to set up Chirp with frequencies from Radio reference. I can't query or do anything else for that matter. Can someone...