1. S

    calls for conventional freq

    Now that SDR Trunk allows for analog conventional systems, I was thinking about sending a copy of my stream to the calls system as well. Since its a non trunked system, would I need to create a feed for fire, second for EMS or would I put them into one feed with a fake alias?
  2. P

    Cheapest Trunking systems?

    On the topic of trunking; what would be the cheapest form of trunking? Let's say you want a 3-channel system. Which ideal would be cheaper than the other, DMR or LTR? Or even a networked DMR repeater system. Let's set this up: we will put DMR trunked (insert any of the available options), DMR...
  3. M

    GPS NXDN digital conventional

    Hi, Is it possible to have a dedicated channel for GPS data, and a second channel for calling on NXDN digital conventional? In our set up we have two NXR-5800 repeaters and several NX-3320 radios, we are currently using only one repeater for calling, and would like to use the other...
  4. W

    900 IR Quantars

    I picked up 7 900MHZ IRs from a P25 single site trunk system replaced by a Mototurbo system...Want to use them on 902/927. I THINK only one has a 10MHz reference as they were all cabled together via coax to the BNCs on the back...NO external reference I could see (I got EVERYTHING but the trunk...
  5. P

    Why is analog used more west of the rockies?...

    ...And why did the departments on the east not keep theirs or use them as frequently? This goes for statewide trunking systems.
  6. bucks83

    General Conventional Frequency Scanner Recommendation - 151mhz to 460mhz mostly, $150 +/-

    The more I listen the more I hear and the more scanners I need. I have a PRO-28 that is good but it only holds 30 frequencies and it is busy. My SDS100 is great but I use it mostly for my county Fire /EMS. P25 system I always wondered why some people had four or five scanners on their desk, now...
  7. MMolina227

    DSDPlus How to monitor P25 conventional on DSD with FMP

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to set up my RTL-SDR V3 to decode my local police departments, each one functions on a P25 conventional single frequency. I've seen too many videos on Youtube and have read countless hours of forums and articles on how to set this up to absolutely no avail...
  8. W2GLD

    Icom F7010 series P25 Subscriber Radio Information

    This thread is to highlight accurate and detailed information related to the latest Icom F7010 series P25 subscriber radios. All F7010 series radios are official DHS CAP certified as of October 2019. The following models are included in the F7010 series: IC-F7010S Limited Keypad VHF 136-174...
  9. S

    Over-The-Air Impres Battery Management with no IP connection

    Hi everybody! I've downloaded the Impres Battery Fleet Management software, and I've been testing to see if it is possible to configure the Over-The-Air data collection option by configuring one Mobile Radio (DM4601) to act as a Control Station, but still no luck. We are not using an IP...
  10. Remington12G

    Franklin County Fire Dispatch

    (THIS POST IS NOT INTENDED TO START A DEBATE, ONLY ASKING A QUESTION) Right now I am scanning 154.43000 with a RAN of 21, it is the Franklin COUNTY Fire Dispatch frequency, the frequency is listed as unencrypted, I am getting the same noise that I get from Frankfort FD Dispatch which is fully...
  11. B

    Switching from Conventional to Trunking

    Good afternoon. I'm newer to the scanner ownership and have a few questions. I've been listening to Broadcastify using multiple phone apps for about 3 or 4 years and decided it was time to bite the bullet and invest into a scanner. Before I actually understood anything about my state, I had put...
  12. AK4FD

    HT-1250LS question

    Good day all, A few days ago I purchased an HT-1250LS UHF handheld, was excited to get it, hooked it up to CPS & much to my dismay discovered that it doesn't do MDC-1200 (which I rely on heavily for Radio ID's and repeater functions & such...), it will do MDC-1200 in LTR Trunking mode but not...
  13. AK4FD

    Catawba County question

    Does anybody know anything about the Catawba County frequencies? I know they primarily use the VIPER State-Wide talkgroups now but due to some hard-to-reach areas they sometimes go to a channel called Direct-1... Now there is a Direct-1 and Direct-2 frequencies listed in the database but I'm...
  14. Bote

    Virginia I-95 CONVENTIONAL Freqs In Use

    I'm trying to pare down my bank of old conventional frequencies along I-95 in Virginia. I don't drive that stretch often any more so I don't want to put in a bunch of trunked systems that get used for maybe 15-20 minutes at a time while driving through. I note that a lot of them never have...
  15. J

    East Cleveland, OH

    I have a BCD325P2 with a RS 800mhz antenna. A few days ago I was able to briefly listen to 155.1300 which is a conventional frequency. A member has been trouble shooting with me to see why I can't pull this frequency in. Please help
  16. J


    I fist manually programmed 155.1300 (East Cleveland, OH PD) which is a conventional analog frequency. After though I used software to program other freqencies, now the 155.1300 doesn't pick up and it's set as a priority. Please help!
  17. K

    Is this possible?

    I've never owned a Motorola or an advanced commercial HT. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a combination of trunking and conventional programmed into the radio? For example: An XTS2500 UHF 450 to 512 - Our FD uses both convential UHF and a trunked system. Is it possible to have both on one...
  18. rjvalenta

    what's left in St. Louis conventional frequencies?

    i've been waging the reception war with SLATER here in Kirkwood, and in that the best solution i've found to my reception issues is to turn my squelch ALL the way down. now i'm only listening to trunked on my two main boxes... and i started to wonder, what's left in the conventional...
  19. M

    Delay Time

    I know there is no way to actually set a delay for conventional frequencies like you can trunked. But, is there a way to, sort of, trick it to basically be the same as being delayed. Would it work to set the same conventional frequencies in multiple banks in the same channel or in different...
  20. U

    BCD436HP All Conventional Channels squelch open

    I've been slowly working my way through creating and editing favorite lists in my settings using the Sentinel software. Very recently ALL of my analog (conventional) channels on this radio act as if the squelch is simply not there (turned all the way open), with static heard until a user on the...