1. H

    2 x DMR systems - both using TG901

    Greetings, Long time reader of the forum. I’ve just started using DSD+ again. Local to me, I have 2 x DMR systems, they both use the same frequency and both use talkgroup 901. I’ve not even looked at radio IDs at this point. DMR system 1 uses colour code 1 DMR system 2 uses colour code 15...
  2. J

    DSDPlus DSD+ error -5

    I am setting up DSDplus and got everything to load besides reading my SDR, thanks to this post. I was using two SDRs originally but to just get this to run, I am trying to set it up with just one SDR. 1R.bat gives me this: I have played around with changing the link ID but no luck. What should...
  3. T

    DSDPlus CC Tracking but no VC

    Jefferson County has two trucked systems listed in RRDB. It has appeared they are using the frequencies from the TRBO to run the new TIII. I am having trouble getting the Voice to track and play through my speakers. The first thing I get when I start FMP24-CC and then tune to the CC of...
  4. E

    DSDPlus Is DSD+ still being updated?

    What is the current situation with DSD+, especially the paid "fastlane" version? Is the project still being updated and supported? The last post on the website is from 2018 and the last entry in the changelog on the website is from 2015. Is it still actively supported and worth paying for?
  5. S

    DSDPlus DSD+ Fast Lane. Display Color Code in Event Log?

    Hi I don't know if I'm missing something in the options, but is it possible to have the color code displayed in the event log along with the TG, RID etc, or the Current/Seen logs? Sometimes I have multiple users on one frequency and it would be handy to see who was who in the event log. Thank...
  6. F

    Uniden UBC125AT + DSDplus, searching for suggestions

    Hi Mates! I'm a radio scanner enthusiast from Italy. I have recently modified my UBC125XLT (the european version of the 125at) with a discriminator Tap. The discriminator tap works, i can see on DSDplus, when tuning on a dmr frequency, that the software can read the colour codes etc..., but i'm...
  7. K

    Anyone Help me with this case?

    I'm using SDRUno with DSD+ 2.7x for decode trunking system with one SDR Model MSI.SDR-SDR Receptor, 10kHz a 2GHz, TCXO 0.5ppm, 12 bits ADC (RSP1) and i can't listening audio calls. what's wrong? Anyone help me? The System is TIII (MOT) thank you for all helps.
  8. N

    DSDPlus lame_enc_dll not found in current working folder (SDRsharp)

    Since I updated to DSDplus fastlane, it has lost compatibility with SDRsharp "DSD Interface" plugin. The software seems to ignore working directory path given in configuration window, and is looking for DSD files in SDRsharp directory. Any way to route it back or to fix the issue?
  9. vortexf5

    DSD+-FL poor audio quality on Cap+ system

    I'm using DSD+-FL to track a local DMR/Cap+ system. The tracking seems to be working well, but the audio quality leaves a lot to be desired. Basically, the audio is frequently unintelligible. I'm pretty confident that it's not encryption because I can often "sort of" tell what they are talking...
  10. ondra

    DSDPlus RSP1A problem with DSDfastline

    Hi, I am with windows 7 64 bit. I put the SDRPlay serial number in FMPP.cfg, and when I start FMPP-CC.bat the system crashes and the computer shuts down. Has someone else had the same thing happen to them?.
  11. N

    DMR text messages streaming to phone

    Hey guys. I’m turning to this forum with hope to possibly find a solution regarding DMR data (especially text messages) stream to smart phone. For decoding I currently use DSD+ but I want to access text messages when away from computer, over my phone. Is that somehow possible? Thanks and kind...
  12. U

    DSDPlus P25 No Audio

    Hi all, I'm very new to HAM radio and still in the process of reading my technician book prior to testing. In the meantime, I'm playing around with monitoring to get my feet wet and help prepare myself for the test with some practical knowledge. A few years back, I attended DefCon and...
  13. kd1sq

    DSD+ and Airspy HF+ Discovery not being found?

    I'm trying to use my Airspy HF+ Discovery with DSD+. DSD+ never seems to be able to find the device. Other applications have no difficulty with using it. Any suggestions as to what I have to be doing incorrectly or what additional information may be needed for you to be able to help...
  14. T

    DSDPlus Request help optimizing P25 voice decoding

    Kindly request expert advice to optimize my decoding of local P25 voice comms. There was a brief moment where I had it perfectly intelligible, and something changed.... I have driven myself nuts tweaking DSD+ settings, VB cable settings, Windows sound settings, and SDRSharp settings (not to...
  15. C

    DSDPlus DSD+ Faslane help please

    hey can anyone help me out iv'e try'ed to purchase dsd plus fast lane and received a refund? ,,, im trying to use a RSP1A to trunk track P25 P1 with dsd+ can anyone give me an example of what programs i should have running to do so also what should the .freq .site ect code for CapeBreton nova...
  16. P

    DSDPlus Fastlane Links Not Working

    Is anyone else having download issues (404 error) when trying to download FastLane releases now? I'm attempting to install the programs onto a new laptop and keep getting 404 error when attempting to download the .zip file.
  17. OldRabbit

    DSD+ Fastlane beginner - stuck

    Hi, sorry for asking another DSD+ question, but the posts I have been able to find on the subject does not quite answer my question. I have Purchased and installed DSD+ Fastlane - and using SDR# + VBCable in my setup. I am able to tune into a digital frequency - and see some response from...
  18. OldRabbit

    Kenwood TK-3401D Decoding (with DSD+)

    Hi, I am very new to Digital Voice decoding - but have used SDR# & Airspy for quite some time. I just purchased a Kenwood TK3401D digital PMR - and am attempting to decode digital voice using the guides found for SDR# and DSD+. Unfortunately, DSD+ does not appear to react to transmission from...
  19. M

    DSD+ p25 Decoding Problems

    Hi everyone, first time poster but long time browser. I'm hoping I can get some help with some p25 phase 1 decoding using SDR# and DSD+. I have been messing with this for a while now and just can't seem to get it right. I am trying to listen to the public service trunked systemic the city I am...
  20. H

    DSD+ FL FMP24 & ScannerCast TAGS

    I am currently running FMP24 is scan mode, monitoring 5 Freq. (4 are part of the Trunked NXDN system and 1 is a separate non trunked NXDN). This setup seems to work good with very little missed transmissions. I would like to know how I can get the radio Alias from DSD+ FL Event log to send...