1. S

    DSDPlus FastLane 1.092 w/ Nexedge48

    Hi guys, ive just got the trunking working ok, but cant seem to get the voice output to work properly. All the windows seem to come up and scroll fine and have tried various ways of editing the bat files, but unfortunately to no avail. Is there something in the virtual cables i need to check...
  2. 7312345

    Where to find dsdplus1.092 download??

    I can not find anywhere dsdplus1.092 Where can I find it , please tell me thank you!
  3. K

    DSDPlus TCP and Windows 10 problem

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 and can no longer get any audio from the latest FMP (TCP). It says it's using 10001. Is there anything that needs to be changed in Windows 10 to allow audio to come through the port?
  4. fdnybuff18

    DSDPlus FastLane 1.092 w/ Nexedge48

    Board, Trying to figure out this Nexedge System and not sure if it is Conventional or a Nexedge Trunk System. The Event Log I am getting is showing the following: Group call; TG=65535 RID= 1001 (insert others as well) and [Radio Name] Also as the different Channels are used, the RAN number...
  5. N8DRC

    DSD+ ver. 1.074

    Hello, I have a question regarding DSD+ build 1.074. Does it follow a Con+ UHF Trbo trunking system? I have looked everywhere for the last 3 days on this question and didn't come up with anything either I am missing it or? I have a 6 frequency UHF CON+ programmed in my PSR-800, if I sit on...
  6. Saint

    DSD+ (future update)

    I run DSD+ for long periods when I go out and leave the program to save audio files so I can listen to the audio when I get back and have time. I had DSD+ set up to save the audio on a (DMR system) and played it back and was wounding if there is a way that DSD+ could show the trunk group or...
  7. Saint

    DSD+ 1.092t fast lane release & NXDN NEXEDGE48

    I have DSD+ 1.092PT Fast lane release, and was wondering if I can decode a NXDN48 system with just a scanner radio with a discriminator tap without running any other programs, if so can you tell me how I could do this. This is the site I want to decode and trunk track site 005. I would like to...
  8. S

    Fast Lane DSDPlus - Why TCP?

    This is a question for the DSDPlus team. Eliminating the need for VAC and VB Cable is a great improvement but ... why TCP? Why not UDP instead? UDP would allow you to stream audio - just like TCP - but also allow automatic discovery via mutli-cast across the local network. This is...
  9. Forts

    New DSD+ Fast Lane

    Just got my new version (1.090) a few minutes ago. No more need for VAC/VBA, audio is routed thru TCP.... How slick is that! Can't wait to dig into the other features....
  10. L

    DMR decryption

    Good day, I've worked with decoding DMR using DSDPlus 1.074 , I have got encrypted output (Enc Group call) and information about it such as (Source, ID, Key and algorithm) . I need software that could decrypt the decoded DMR voice. Thank you
  11. T

    DSD+ and Windows 10

    Hi all, I've just reserved my free copy of Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft, now my question is will DSD+ run on this version of Windows? if no, when will DSD+ likely to be ready for Windows 10? Cheers
  12. 3

    Decoding DMR SMS messages.

    Hello Everyone First of all thanks for this amazing site and DSDPlus software which has made my life alot easier. Now to the question. I have been using DSDPlus to decode voice calls but is there a possibility to decode the sms message. I have a DMR radio and when I send a sms message the...
  13. D

    dsdtune for dsdplus

    I realized I have never created a post about dsdtune. What is dsdtune : dsdtune tries to give you the best fine tuning options for your setup. dsdplus has a few fine tuning decode options that you can see in its help screen Advanced decoder options: -dr Rolloff filter (1-11; 0=auto)...
  14. GTR8000

    DSDPlus: P25 Phase II TDMA Samples

    Here are three raw samples from a P25 Phase II TDMA system. The first is control channel data containing Phase II IDEN_UP messages and voice channel grants; the other two are TDMA voice samples. Note that the control channel data is not in sync with the voice samples...
  15. EricCottrell

    DSD improvements I am working on

    Hello, I fixed a number of issues I had with dsd and improved the program. I added support for ALSA because it plays better with the PulseAudio used in recent linux distributions than OSS does. I added table-based error correction to DMR and can decode most CSBK and TLC frames. I use an...