1. M105

    DSDPlus 2P29 Released

    I see DSDPlus 2P29 in the mail this morning. Thanks for the Christmas update Santa. I am on the road and away from my setup so not able to really try it out. I am a little disappointed that P25 Phase II is not supported yet. Maybe next year.
  2. AD9O

    DSDPlus Can RID Priority Override TG Lockout?

    Hello: I'm using DSDPlus Fastlane 2.15. Curious if there is a way to set up priorities to say that I only want to hear traffic on a TGID if a certain RID shows up. In my testing, it seems a TG ID set to "L/O" will override a RID priority of "High", which makes sense. A scenario: I don't want...
  3. M

    DSDPlus 2p10 link version error

    Hi all, I've had success with DSDPlus 1p101 for some time, and paid for and received the latest (2p10) Fast Lane version, but I can't get it to work. My starting setup is W10, with a working DSDPlus1p101 install decoding a Con+ system. I downloaded 2p10, copied the files over to the 1p101...
  4. M105

    DSD+ FastLane 2p10

    FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see if it follows my NXDN control channel when it changes at midnight. I also now have a 3 dongle setup monitoring both a P25 and NXDN system with a shared VC. Three copies of FMP24 and 3 copies of DSD+. Now if I can only figure out how to arrange the screen! ---...
  5. S

    DSDPlus CC decoding - "Raw Data" and "Rate 1/2 Data" messages

    On a large system in NorCal that I have been monitoring (268-18), over the weekend I have noticed a difference in what is being logged by DSDPlus when it's decoding the CC. I constantly see "Rate 1/2 Data" messages on slot 2 of the frequency that has the CC in slot 1. Every now and then I am...
  6. lurch89

    DMR in Fargo/Moorhead Area

    I just got a Tytera MD-380, after all the posts and news about the firmware being reverse engineered. I know it doesn't do it now, but hoping someone comes up with DSTAR/P25/SystemFusion, etc for it. I tried putting a couple of conventional DMR channels in, and can't seem to get it to decode...
  7. K

    Dsd plus (beating a dead horse)

    Hello I have dsd Plus installed i use a gre psr-500 with a tap on tp-4 when i start up dsd it decodes nxdn for 30 seconds then quits it will never decode dmr or p25 i have tride it on an xp laptop and on a dell laptop one with a sigmatel audio cand and the other with an hd audio card what could...
  8. mrscanner2008

    DSD+ new FastLane release 1.112

    DSD+ 1.112 New Features ----------------------- DSD+: Added per-call recording to MP3 files; use -Pmp3 on the DSD+ command line DSD+: Added detection and audio synthesis of MotoTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM) signals You can use the -1 and -2 command line options and the...
  9. V

    DSD+ new public release - version 1.101

    Haven't seen this announced yet. Download – DSDPlus
  10. P

    DSDPlus 1.101

    DSDPlus 1.101 is now available to everyone. ihttp://www.dsdplus.com/
  11. Forts

    DSDPlus 1.101 Fast Lane Released

    FMP now supports Airspy! This should be quite slick... And of course I got the email nicely after I left for work, with my Airspy sitting on my desk at home. Sigh.... And yes, this is a FastLane release!
  12. E

    DSD Plus Win XP support?

    Hi All, I think the latest (publicly released) version of DSD+ supports Windows XP, but does anyone know if the authors are planning to drop support for XP in future versions? The reason I ask is I'm trying to get it working better on a small netbook as it is nice and portable. The netbook...
  13. VE2NCG

    DSDPlus 1.100 Fast Lane is here!

    DSD+ 1.100 New Features ----------------------- Significant reduction in CPU usage when monitoring busy control channels. Improvement will be most noticeable on low power processors. Detection and decoding of Hytera Extended Pseudo Trunk (XPT) systems.
  14. V

    DSD not working with windows 10

    tried several things,no luck. Presently usingDSD1.074 . All was working perfectly with windows 8.1 Help please and Thanks Jerry
  15. Y

    DSD SMS Window?

    Hey Everyone who work on some kind of DSD Application here I have a big Wish. Please add an additional SMS Window. It would be very nice when i can run DSD over the whole Day and see the SMS separated from the other Voice Stuff. Thanks!
  16. R

    What this line in DSDPLUS mean ?

    Hi I got this line in DSDPLUS Emerg Enc Bcast OVCM Private call TGT = 23 src-55 slot =2s What does it mean ? what is OVCM ? and why the slot is in seconds and not 1 or 2 ? any clarification welcome Thanks Forward Ronen - 4Z4ZQ hrrp://www.ronen.org
  17. 7312345

    Dsdplus next version Feature Suggestions

    Dsdplus should increase Tetra decoding why not?
  18. M105

    DSD+ 1.095 Two new feature suggestions

    (1.) On DSD+ make the Voice Start Alert enable a command line option. (2.) Make an option on the FMP scanner such that it will stop on control channel data. The voice detection stop is nice but there needs to be a way to make it stop scanning on any signal. --- The reason for suggestion #2: I...
  19. Saint

    DSDPlus 1.095 (need set up help)

    I'm looking for someone to help me set up DSDPlus 1.095, I have had no luck figuring out how to fill in all the files to get it to run properly, if some one with some time could set up the files for me so I can see the proper way to do it would be appreciated. For some reason I just can't figure...
  20. S

    DSD+ Can't Lock To Signal More Than 5 Seconds

    Hi, I am trying put the DSD+ to decode Mototrbo/DMR signals. I have my own radio in which I programmed it to transmit to ALL(Group ID 16777215(should not matter anyway?)). I have successfully decoded all voices that comes from the radio. However, I can't seem to make it lasts longer than 5...