1. D

    dsdtune for dsdplus

    I realized I have never created a post about dsdtune. What is dsdtune : dsdtune tries to give you the best fine tuning options for your setup. dsdplus has a few fine tuning decode options that you can see in its help screen Advanced decoder options: -dr Rolloff filter (1-11; 0=auto)...
  2. GTR8000

    DSDPlus: P25 Phase II TDMA Samples

    Here are three raw samples from a P25 Phase II TDMA system. The first is control channel data containing Phase II IDEN_UP messages and voice channel grants; the other two are TDMA voice samples. Note that the control channel data is not in sync with the voice samples...
  3. EricCottrell

    DSD improvements I am working on

    Hello, I fixed a number of issues I had with dsd and improved the program. I added support for ALSA because it plays better with the PulseAudio used in recent linux distributions than OSS does. I added table-based error correction to DMR and can decode most CSBK and TLC frames. I use an...