1. I

    DSDPlus audio source problems

    I am using DSDPlus Fastlane which has been working great until today I tried to get decode from SDR# using virtual audio by running dsdplus to figure out my in/output: \Users\ianci\OneDrive\Desktop\DSD>dsdplus DSD+ 2.360 Current working directory is "C:\Users\ianci\OneDrive\Desktop\DSD"...
  2. I

    Audio Settings Plus & DSD.

    Hi. I’m using Fastlane for trunk tracking my Cap+ systems no problem. This is via FMP24 and PlusCC.bat. I have since installed the open source version of DSD, and I want this version to pass audio. Example. I want the information to be received from FMP into Plus. Then, I want everything Plus...
  3. adamfancher

    DSDPlus Broadcastify Calls and DSDPlus

    I'm interested in starting a Calls feed and at this point am pretty well established with my alpha tags in DSDPlus. I noticed however that DSDPlus is not currently an option on Calls. Does anyone know of any plans to add support for DSDPlus?
  4. M

    DSDPlus Fastlane and a SDPlay RSPdx

    Newbie to the world of SDR. I have DSDPlus Fastlane working with a SDPlay RSPdx. I have it decoding P25 after a day of research. How do I tell FMPP which antenna to use and to turn on the bias-t? Thanks, Mike
  5. N8RDF

    DSDPlus DSD+ on raspberry Pi 4 using a scanner? (NOT SDR)

    Shouldn't a rasperry pi 4 have the power to run DSD+, especially if using an outboard scanner with a discriminator tap instead of an sdr dongle? Has there been any effort/success in this area? Is there another microcontroller or tablet app to do this without a full windows device?
  6. C

    DSDPlus Fast Lane Missing Voice Channels

    I'm using DSDPlus Fast Lane in a dual SDR configuration to monitor an NXDN 4800 system in SoCal and am having intermittent problems with it following talk groups. For the most part, everything is awesome. But frequently it misses part of the convo or the entire thing. I'm currently holding to a...
  7. J

    DSDPlus How to always listen to highest priority talkgroup?

    Hi, I use DSDPlus with two RTL-SDR receivers. The setup works extremely well. Our local trunk system includes both police and fire. I want to hear every police broadcast. If the voice channel is currently on a fire channel and a police talk group becomes active, I want the voice channel to...
  8. J

    Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Software Defined Radios course review

    I am sure many of us have heard about Scanner School and Phil, W2LIE. He has put out a free beginner’s software define radio course for those interested in using an SDR for scanning or monitoring. I took the course and here is my review. Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Software Defined Radios...
  9. hermite

    FMP logging to file?

    Hello, is there a way to route the output of the FMP console log to a .log file? Tks.
  10. M

    Setup DSDPlus 2.289 without SDR?

    Hello All Coming back to DSDPlus after a time away and have the latest Fast Lane release which now seems to default to all manner of SDR-based decoding. I just want DSDPlus to listen to the pre-discriminator USB audio stream from my IC7100 radio so that I can read various system information or...
  11. J

    DSDPlus P25 Trunking Private Calls

    I have yet to figure out how to listen to private (radio to radio) calls. These are not encrypted calls. I am sure it is simple. Maybe monitor threshold? Please advise. TIA. Currently DSD+ FL 2.89.
  12. J

    Line In CC & SDR VC

    I cannot seem to get the setup I have working correctly. I have a maxtrac 800 (yes, it is receive only before someone brings it up) line input that works absolutely wonderful and has for a couple of years. I want it to be the channel control for a single SDR being the voice channel. I cannot get...
  13. deim

    Universal Scanner Audio Player

    Hi guys! Today I want to introduce my new app Universal Scanner Audio Player ( old name UnidenWavPlayer Uniden wav files player and organizer) Now support AOR DV-10, ICOM R30, Uniden 436/536/sds100/sds200/homepatrol, Whistler TRX1/TRX2 audio files. New player engine. Extended filter...
  14. S

    DSDPLUS new update how to use it?

    Hello guys, 3 days before I paid for the fast lane program of DSD plus. They sent me updated files. I tried as per the Read Me file, but unable to upgrade properly with the old version and having some issues to start dsdplus (updated) with SDR#. Please check the screenshots. For "lame_enc.dll"...
  15. C

    DSDPlus DSD+ Faslane help please

    hey can anyone help me out iv'e try'ed to purchase dsd plus fast lane and received a refund? ,,, im trying to use a RSP1A to trunk track P25 P1 with dsd+ can anyone give me an example of what programs i should have running to do so also what should the .freq .site ect code for CapeBreton nova...
  16. mwjones

    DSDPlus DMR Decoding challenges

    Using the latest release of DSDPlus Fastlane, and working on a few trunked systems, where I've encountered three problems and wonder if anyone has any ideas how to address this, or if it is a bug in the software. Problem 1: There is a DMR Tier 3 system in the region, Azle Communications (Tier...
  17. StaRipper

    DSDPlus DSDPlus 2.256 with SDRPlay RSP1.

    Hello friends, Got DSDPlus 2.256 (Fastlane) ... With my RTL_SDR v3 Dongle it's working fine and decoding P25 Phase II. But, when i try to do it with my SDRPlay RSP1 i get the below message: --------------------------- FMPP 1.13 -i1 -o20001 ERROR --------------------------- Can't open...
  18. A

    SDR# DSD decoder receiving data but no output

    I have been playing around with this for a while, checking forums and watching videos. I finally have to make my own post. It looks like DSD is doing something as CMD has data coming through it, but the event log doesn't show anything. I am not able to hear anything unless I check "Enable aux...
  19. Motursa

    FMP24 Is it compliant with Fitipower FC0012 Tuner?

    Hello friends, does anyone know if the Fitipower FC0012 tuner is compatible? I am using DSD + 2.246 ,,, the program recognizes the tuner FC0012 but recognizes it as unknown and does not show gain,, I am new to this and comment that I have a second r820t tuner that works perfectly
  20. ChrisBoden

    Is anyone else getting a virus warning in DSDPlus?

    Greetings everyone. I downloaded the fastlane version of DSDPlus today for the first time, and it's throwing a virus warning on one of the files in there. Is this a known issue or a real problem? Please advise :) Thank you! KD8PZH