1. H

    How does analog DES encryption work?

    Some of the older Motorola System Saber radios make use of DES encryption. How does encryption work with an analog signal? Encrypting digital signals seems straight forward but how are analog signals encrypted using DES?
  2. S

    Wilmington, NC - Law enforcement agencies encrypting radio trasmissions

    Wilmington, NC - "The advent of mobile apps and websites that allow more people than ever to listen to police radio chatter prompted two local law enforcement agencies to follow a growing trend across the country – encrypting police radio traffic." Full story: Law enforcement agencies...
  3. H

    Analog/Digital capability with encryption

    Does anyone know if Vertex offers a handheld radio that offer both analog and digital operation with encryption capability? Would be great if it offered dual band support and could be programmed from the keypad and via software. Thank you.
  4. S

    Police scanner hobbyists will lose signal in city, county

    Please be advised that with the new City/County radio communications system becoming operational soon... Police scanner hobbyists will lose signal in city, county
  5. H

    Motorola XTS5000 and KVL3000

    I recently purchased a XTS5000 and KVL3000. I also have the approved connection to connect the equipment to each other. When they are connected the radio says "KEYLOADING". I have several keys stored within the KVL. Transferring ASTRO25 keys - I get the alternating tone from the radio to say...
  6. tateconcepts

    McKinney Encryption and Talkgroup update

    Before we begin - this is not a topic meant to be in violation of the recent announcements on discussions of encryption but rather the lack of, which we all have been discussing for some time now. While driving to a relative's home in the middle of McKinney the other day (Eldorado and Lake...
  7. B

    Waterloo Region RFP for new radio system - Police seeking encryption

    Article source: TheRecord.com, 2013-11-12. Emphasis within article is not in the original article. Replacing emergency radio system expected to cost $26 million...
  8. D

    Anchorage AK -APD Completes Encryption

    As of today 11/12/2013 Anchorage PD has encrypted it's North and South dispatch channels which had been in the clear on the Alaska P25 LMR system. Anchorage Fire now has encryption equipped radios to interoperate with APD, but are as of yet in the clear. These two dispatch channels now join the...
  9. S

    Little Rock Police

    Congrats to the person streaming Little Rock Police Department. You are the official reason cited last week by LR 911 Ops for them going to full encryption across all police channels. This inlcudes the main and secondary dispatch channels, so the rest of us are left in the dark. So, for...
  10. C

    Questions about Albertville, AL

    I recently received a bcd396xt scanner. I have set up Birmingham as a Motorola Type II system in and am able to receive those broadcasts. I work in Albertville, and from my research, Gadsden and Etowah are encrypted. Thus I am no longer expecting to hear any of those transmissions when I pass...
  11. N

    Hunters Amb.: encrypted or what

    Greetings, I have heard a sound while listening to Hunters Amb. here in the Meriden area but am not sure what it is. It almost sounds like a fire alarm klaxon but no discernible audio is heard have they gone to an encrypted radio system? Anyone know? please let me know. BTW it is heard on the...
  12. F

    Jacksonville Fire P-25

    So, I have heard many different things about the JFRD P-25 system. I have heard that yes, Main dispatch is in the clear because they have been experiencing issues with it. Does anyone know or actually monitor Jacksonville(FL) Fire to tell me if I can listen to the JFRD P-25 system or is it just...
  13. J

    Phoenix Police to Encrypt More Radio Traffic

    The Arizona Republic reports Phoenix police have decided to encrypt emergency police-radio traffic related to crimes in progress, a move that will reduce by about 18 percent the agency’s scanner traffic audible to the public, said Sgt. Trent Crump, a department spokesman. full story at...
  14. S

    Old newbie needs help, please

    I don't have a scanner but am wanting to buy one to try and monitor what's going on when fires start, I'm terrified of fires. We were evacuated once and it was more scary than anything I've ever been through. I'm confused though about what I need insofar as purchasing a scanner. Radio Shack...
  15. C

    Warren County PD Encrypted Channel

    Was reading the news on lehighvalleylive.com today and stumbled upon this. Warren County is adding a encrypted channel for "sensitive situations". My question is they do not operate on a trunked or digital system. Is that even possible with such a system? Warren County adding new encrypted...
  16. D

    Encryption in Georgia

    Quite often I hear the moaning and whining about how scanner owners are no longer able to listen to local radio systems because of encryption. Many times the reason cited is a public safety responder concern but realistically think about the overall improvement of emergency response after...
  17. trunktracking

    Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office Denies X2-TDMA System Monitoring Requests

    Fellow Scanning Enthusiasts, On June 18, 2012 (after moving to full-time radio encryption of every radio channel, 45 days previous) the Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office shared with me in a teleconference, (after waiting to speak with them about this issue for six months, and because of...
  18. n9mxq

    Boone County/Belvidere Tac3 Encrypted?

    Anyone else on here listen to Boone County/Belvidere TAC 3 (Starcom talk group 1378)? The other day I heard traffic on there, and was pretty sure it was encrypted..Or my poor old Pro-96 was having a braincramp during the decode process..
  19. K

    Pasadena, CA continues to deny access to police radio traffic

    Pasadena continues to deny access to police radio traffic - Pasadena Star-News
  20. G

    Williamson County Encryption

    I have learned from reliable sources that fire departments and EMS in Williamson County will be going back to unencrypted operation by the end of the year. Georgetown Fire will be a holdout, remaining encrypted, and Round Rock is still undecided, but the rest will be going back to unencrypted...