1. S

    Wasilla/Palmer PD encrypted, too?

    I got one of the GRE 600 scanners when our old one went obsolete with the digital conversion. I came to Radio Reference for help getting it programmed and all was well for a while, but as I see on the Fairbanks encryption thread, we may have the same problem here. Does anyone know if the...
  2. HTC-JAY805

    Moto HT1000

    Hey everyone I've got a quick question sorry if its a stupid one to ask but guy in my dept have the new XTS Series radios ( the ones where you can do it all except surf he web lol ) and they use it for a privately owned com radio system. I was wondering if I can transmit and receive on my HR1000...
  3. joshua86


    If a frequency has a NAC Tone, does this mean its encrypted? If so are there scanners that will decrypt the NAC tone? Thanx in advance.
  4. gmclam

    Garden City, KS: Police scanner encryption under fire

    Citizens with older model scanners in their homes may have noticed a dead silence late in 2009 when the Federal Communications Commission mandated an upgrade in standards. .... In order to listen to the new frequencies, people would have had to buy scanners that range in the $500 range, or try...
  5. kenshabby

    City police radios are now encrypted

    Law enforcement officials in the same county hold different opinions about the use of encryption. Police scanner encryption under fire*|*Garden City Telegram Online
  6. S

    Waco, TX P25 Channel Question

    I am new and will try to ask my question in, at least, a semi-intelligent way. I downloaded all of the trunk frequency data for McLennan County/Waco, Texas and uploaded them to my BCD396XT with no problem thanks to the ARC software I purchased. All groups and sites are working fine and I am...
  7. BuiltonAsus

    Ypsilanti Man Fires at Passing Chase

    Video Another reason why so many departments scream for encryption. It only takes one idiot to ruin it for everyone.
  8. mckeeb

    Bedford PD Active on 155 Mhz Today!

    It's been awhile since I've heard Bedford PD talk on the scanner. After moving to 800 mhz and going encrypted. But today I've heard them, dispatch and all, talking on the old 155 mhz! (155.56500, Bdfrd PD F1). Not sure if there is/was a problem with 800, but it is nice to hear them again. Maybe...
  9. B

    Pro-135 Problem - Encryption or Digital

    I purchased my pro-135 about a month ago and I enjoy it very much. The problem i'm getting is that when I find the frequency of a security guard using Signal Stalker I can sometimes hear him speak but most of the times I just hear static. When his base responds to him it's always only static...
  10. B

    Pro-85 problem

    I have a Pro-85 scanner and it works great. Except for this one situation that I encounter. When I pick up a frequency of a nearby security guard I can hear him speak sometimes but not every time. Also when his base responds to him I only hear static on the same frequency. Are they using some...
  11. FlashSWT

    Del Rio, TX

    Hey gang, I heard from a colleague down in Del Rio that users there have recently switched from conventional to the A/TC/WC/MRG system: Scanner Frequencies: Austin/Travis/Williamson/Middle Rio Grande Trunking System, Austin, Texas Has anyone here heard anything? They've been told things will...
  12. S

    Encryption (Killing) Killed the Scanning Hobby

    Encryption (Killing) Killed the Scanning Hobby A commentary and retrospect. During the era of WWII, The Cold War and until now, various and mostly totalitarian nation states would have their army, secret police or similar agency or group go door to door of their citizens and remove (by force if...
  13. qlajlu

    TG 64000 - Digital - Multiple Sites

    TG 64000 is listed in the Db as "UCAN Encrypted 5." I have been getting a fair amount of digital traffic on this TG the past couple of days from the UCAN Engineers and it has all been in the clear. Although there is no question that since it is a UCAN Engineer assigned TG it could also have...