1. S

    Tytera MD-380 Privacy Settings

    I am an amateur with radio programming, however I help a small law enforcement agency in my area when I can. They can't afford to pay all the time for radio work. They are using a Hytera repeater for their analog and digital (DMR) channels. The digital channel is encrypted with a 10-character...
  2. danceredt

    EMS Freq changes in Danville

    Can any member confirm the Danville Life Saving Crew and Regional One Ambulance Service gone to an encrypted system. If not what are the new frequencies :confused:
  3. S

    Encryption and Scrambling

    Before I spend nearly $500 for a new scanner, I'd like to know the likely-hood of law enforcement encryption and/or scrambling in the Magnolia state. Without getting location specific is there any general information about this issue? My old scanner is basically useless now, and I don't want the...
  4. I

    Sioux City Police consider encryption

    Sioux City could black out police, emergency radio channels | News | siouxcityjournal.com
  5. kirkpatrick88

    Request for information

    Does anyone know if or have a current list of which Fire / EMS agencies in Colorado use encryption on their systems and if they are full time, or only have certain tactical channels they encrypt as needed? Apparently there has been some controversy in Washington DC with their Fire / EMS going...
  6. W

    Wethersfield encryption

    Just heard Wethersfield PD testing encryption on their P25 system. They were using it on PD Tac3, talk group 103.
  7. RonBon

    Fairfax encryption

    Hello, Just curious if anyone knows who's encrypted on the Fairfax county p25 system. My scanner is picking up encryption warnings.
  8. S

    P25 Encryption

    I have noticed a lot of agencies in my area going to P25 Encryption. Is there any way to monitor these, or decrypt the communications? I don't know too much about Encryption, and am trying to learn more on how it works. Thanks in advance! Jeff
  9. Muffin


    Apparently the RCMP are all Encrypted throughout the majority of BC now. Or are they?? Interesting to note that in Chilliwack the RCMP are dispatched on what RRDS has listed as M4 (139.350) and I hear them fine with my new RadioShack digital iScan. My dad only hears the raw data on his older...
  10. H

    Business band with encryption

    I understand that amateur bands do not allow encryption, but what about business radio? Can a company purchase a license for spectrum that allows for voice encryption? If so, does anyone know how much it costs?
  11. D

    rock co. wi Janesville PD tac. using encryption now

    Sorry did not know where else to put just wanted to let people know
  12. E

    encryption is un-necessary

    i have been a radio hobbyist for 30 years. you, as a citizen, need to make your local officials think before they digitize & encrypt everything public employees say on a publicly paid for radio many scanner radio hobbyist listen to public service agencies to gain a sense of community & to be...
  13. S

    DTR550 and other Walkie-Talkies

    What Motorola handheld radios support some sort of privacy and privacy calling (individual or group)? I want to have a "public" channel for everyone & set-up a small private group (optionally maybe do some private 1-to-1 calling, but that's not a requirement). DTR550 looks one promising radio...
  14. K

    Encryption or Mistake?

    I have successfully loaded 1,000 frequencies but the main three I wanted are either not programmed correctly or are encrypted because when they transmit, I only get a loud static sound. It is strange since the site for the three frequencies is a small residential living facility and they have...
  15. 7StoryMTN

    Gwinnett County Fire to go encrypted?

    Anybody hear anything regarding Gwinnett Fire going encrypted like the PD is already? I heard they are in the process of switching over. Was that always the plan?
  16. H

    Does rolling code encryption pass through repeaters?

    Does the rolling code encryption used by add-in boards for some of the Vertex models pass through an analog repeater?
  17. O

    Alle-Kiski Valley (PA) Police Departments to Encrypt Radio Chatter

    4 Alle-Kiski Valley police departments to encrypt radio chatter 4 Alle-Kiski Valley police departments to encrypt radio chatter | TribLIVE
  18. dw2872

    Westminster PD now fully encrypted

    Westminster PD is now fully encrypted. Went that way at 9 am this morning. The last purposeful transmission is shared below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/abyklwpt3gx2pxl/Westy%20PD%20switched%20to%20encryption%20at%209am%20on%20Aug%2018%202014.mp3 Thanks for catching the fact that they are now...
  19. D

    New IDAS System Questions Icom or Kenwood

    I am looking very seriously at switching my business from analog VHF to NXDN VHF, I have a couple questions that I hope you all can help with: *What are the benefits of going Icom instead of Kenwood ? (F-5061 removable faceplate is a big plus for us but I can seem to find any other real...
  20. K

    Making a Case for Non-encryption in Gwinnett County

    Possible to make a case for Non-encryption in Gwinnett County??? Was just curious. When did Gwinnett County Police go encrypted? Was there any debate, conversation, or concern brought up by Gwinnett Citizens at any commission meetings? Can anyone point to an instance where citizens...