1. C

    Issues with county radio

    The county I am based out of is stated as "Fully Encrypted" on Radio reference. However, someone has a Broadcastify feed for said county and can pick up the county. How is this possible? Is there something wrong in the Radio reference database? He posted some frequencys for "Point to point...
  2. MTL_Emergencies

    Encrypted talkgroups on control channel

    Is it possible to detect encrypted talkgroups (BP / EP / AES) on Motorola Connect+ systems by scanning the Control Channel?
  3. H

    Michigan State University Active Shooter - possible Suspect with Scanner

    During the tragic active shooting at Michigan State University, police units requested tactical/encrypted channels but were then notified by the dispatcher that interoperability may be compromised since not all units on scene have access to the same encrypted channels. This was becoming a...
  4. rvacs

    OKC PD in the Clear / Most Tulsa PD encrypted

    As you scroll through the OKWIN P25 Phase 1 database it is always interesting all those "in the clear" and then the ones "encrypted". Seems strange OKC PD seems all in the Clear when the majority of the Tulsa PD channels (minus dispatch) are encrypted. I fully support encrypted for some...
  5. p25man123

    New APX Next Radios Arrived For ACDC Agency Members

    After throughly looking into the pictures that I’ve seen with agencies that are apart of ACDC. I believe it’s safe to say that the APX Next radios have came in along with the new mics that Officers and Deputies will be receiving as well. Now I don’t know if DU-COMM has gotten theirs yet but the...
  6. E

    KDFtool/KFDshield timeout

    Hi all, I have been burning for one of the KFDtools but since parts availability is zero, I haven't been able to get my hands on one until I found out about KFDshield. I purchased one, with the addition of the 3.5mm to hirose cable and an NTN8613C keyload adapter. I have tried it on an XTS5k...
  7. A

    Is Cyprus Police Fire and EMS encrypted?

    Hello. I’m not asking to monitor these frequencies. This post is strictly for research purposes! I’m curious on what Frequencies the Cyprus Police Fire and EMS services are using. I’m researching what radio systems First Responders in EU countries use and I’m aware that the UK is using TETRA...
  8. 3

    XPR 7550 Basic/Advanced Encryption Compatability

    I'm currently looking to see if anyone knows which Amateur or "Ham" style radio brands/models (Hytera, Retevis, TYT, ect) are compatible with either the Basic or Advanced encryptions on the XPR 7550, or if there is a trick to maybe use decimal VS Hex in one or the other. I'm currently working...
  9. Originaldash10

    Help sign my petition in Clarksville

    Hello everyone, I’m currently sharing this petition to get better transparency for the Clarksville/Montgomery County, Tennessee area. Please help by signing it and sharing it with everyone else who lives in the area. Transparency is really lacking here and everyone deserves to have access to...
  10. T

    MHP Back on Air?

    Anyone hearing MHP in the clear on their normal dispatch talkgroups again? Multiple "sources" have informed me they are dropping encryption due to a few reasons now. Drop your findings below! I have verified with some people in the community for sure that Troop F and Troop J are in the...
  11. Anime

    Requested: Documented Cases of Civilian Scanner Listeners Helping LEO/Fire

    Hi there, apart of my attempt to gather evidence to show the benefits of open scanner traffic(dispatch only, obviously), I am looking for news articles or PD/FD Facebook/Twitter post that mention a situation where someone listening to their radio traffic ended up helping them. Such as hearing a...
  12. Anime

    Any Departments That Ended Encryption or Reversed Decision To Encrypt?

    I've search for this answer everywhere with little to no success. But can anybody name any agencies that either went fully encrypted then later decided/was forced to go unencrypted again? Or even agencies that have said they will never encrypt (dispatch) traffic? A few that I've heard of was New...
  13. jrtl92

    BCD996P2: Unmuting(not decoding) P25 Encryption on a 996P2

    Is it possible to unmute p25 encryption on a 996P2 like what you have with the GRE scanners, where its not decoding the audio, but you can still hear the garbled sound? Id like to have that enabled so i can still tell if my local PD is busy, etc
  14. SpectralContent

    Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Encrypted

    It appears that Loyola University Maryland Public Safety Capacity+ DMR system has unfortunately become encrypted recently. Has anyone monitored this system as of late to know when it might have changed to an encrypted network? It was not encrypted as of late 2019/early 2020. According to DSD+...
  15. F

    SDS200: Receiving encryption on SDS200

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but I figured someone may be able to prove me wrong. I volunteer at my local fire department, where we have an SDS200 scanner. There's a nearby military base that we're 4th alarm for (hopefully that never happens, but we have to be...
  16. DanRollman

    Atlanta TG 19825

    Tonight's protest is being worked on TG 19825 on the Atlanta system. I am not familiar with this TG or what it ought to be labeled in the DB.
  17. michaelbrown2018

    p25 Encryption is not like the old voice Guard on conventional channels

    p25 Encryption is a busy singal our can be silent Encryption
  18. JohnDistai

    Encrypted traffic vs. simulcast distortion traffic - What do I hear?

    I'm listening to Viper Simulcast using a SDS 200 and a 996xt. Some traffic is garbled, but portions are semi-coherent. Not sure which radio these calls are on, as both get traffic hits at the same time. How would I distinguish encrypted traffic from a simulcast distorted traffic? What would I...
  19. u2brent

    Lancaster County - P25 System (Part II)

    Finally, Some good news for LCWC listeners & hobbyists. (y) https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/what-are-police-talking-about-on-their-encrypted-radios-the-public-may-soon-find-out/article_dac35474-b56f-11ea-8211-afebdcf56be5.html LE encryption may end soon.. (At least on the Dispatch side...
  20. J

    SLATER Encrypted Fire-Tacs

    3 shot, 1 dead in what was originally reported as an active shooter at the Applebee's on St. Charles Rock Rd. in St. John, MO. Was interested to hear how it went down on the triage side of things on Fire/EMS-North, but since it went out as an active shooter, the ops were on Tac 81E (Encrypted)...