1. DanRollman

    Atlanta TG 19825

    Tonight's protest is being worked on TG 19825 on the Atlanta system. I am not familiar with this TG or what it ought to be labeled in the DB.
  2. michaelbrown2018

    p25 Encryption is not like the old voice Guard on conventional channels

    p25 Encryption is a busy singal our can be silent Encryption
  3. JohnDistai

    Encrypted traffic vs. simulcast distortion traffic - What do I hear?

    I'm listening to Viper Simulcast using a SDS 200 and a 996xt. Some traffic is garbled, but portions are semi-coherent. Not sure which radio these calls are on, as both get traffic hits at the same time. How would I distinguish encrypted traffic from a simulcast distorted traffic? What would I...
  4. u2brent

    Lancaster County - P25 System (Part II)

    Finally, Some good news for LCWC listeners & hobbyists. (y) https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/what-are-police-talking-about-on-their-encrypted-radios-the-public-may-soon-find-out/article_dac35474-b56f-11ea-8211-afebdcf56be5.html LE encryption may end soon.. (At least on the Dispatch side...
  5. J

    SLATER Encrypted Fire-Tacs

    3 shot, 1 dead in what was originally reported as an active shooter at the Applebee's on St. Charles Rock Rd. in St. John, MO. Was interested to hear how it went down on the triage side of things on Fire/EMS-North, but since it went out as an active shooter, the ops were on Tac 81E (Encrypted)...
  6. Salvatorejrc


    How can you tell if a frequency is encrypted on the Radio reference database?
  7. V

    WMATA Transit Police Channel

    Does anyone know what happened to the Transit Police channel(s) that could be found here? They just stopped working for me one day and I tried reprogramming today and still nothing is coming through. Maybe it got encrypted or moved to another system (if so, which system?)
  8. M

    "Official" standards documents for DMR encryption

    Hey guys, I tried looking at the DMR Association's standards documents (Digital Mobile Radio Association | The DMR Standards, developed by ETSI) for information on how encryption is done within the DMR standard and interoperability (eg. if AES is used in CFB/OFB mode, what is used as the IV)...
  9. HAMKM6

    Need advice from the group...

    I'm new to the scanning world. I'm a HAM and am looking into purchasing a digital trunking scanner. However I'm reading on this forum that there is increasingly less to listen to due to the shift to encrypted communication. Is it still worth it?
  10. Motoballa

    Garland Fire Department going ∅ Encrypted?

    A friend in the Garland Fire Department informed me a couple of days ago that they will begin encrypting their radios on Tuesday, October 8th starting at 7:00 am. I was forwarded part of the email which stated: "Once they state all operations radios have been encrypted we will poll the stations...
  11. Spitfire8520

    Douglas & Elbert County Law Enforcement to Encrypt

    https://coloradocommunitymedia.com/stories/douglas-county-sheriffs-office-to-fully-encrypt-radio-channels-in-2019,284836 Douglas County will be flipping the switch this December and there is a rumor that Castle Rock will be flipping the switch alongside them. Parker has plans for early 2020 and...
  12. r60

    Fire Department Encryption

    With at least one large NJ fire department rumored to be headed for encryption I felt it may be pertinent to post this from California. It is fresh. OCFA Chief orders decryption of firefighter radios
  13. scseh

    Got Missed Last Year 4/30/2018 - Virginia Beach police scanner app gets thousands of listeners during College Beach Weekend

    Two Stories here. Both related. First story was broadcast last year, 4/30/2018 on WAVY 10, Virginia Beach. It talked about how there was an uptick in Scanner App monitoring during Virginia Beach College Beach Weekend. Because of the uptick, it also attributes the Police taking action to...
  14. BoxAlarm187

    Denver (CO) Fire to encrypt all tactical channels

    From the Denver Post on February 27, 2019: "Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open." Read more: Denver Fire Department to encrypt...
  15. L

    Encrytpion Avoid

    I am about to update the firmware in a G5 and would like to know how the encryption avoid works. Do I have to do anything or is there something I need to do??
  16. lurch89

    Fargo PD Encryption

    Well, some of us saw this day coming. It finally happened though. Fargo PD channels 1 and 2 are now full-time encrypted. They also have an ARMER patch right now ahead of the planned migration of Cass County (ND) over to ARMER, and that has had encryption turned on at the system level. I just...
  17. WX9RLT

    Scanner Manufactures Future, Due To Encryption?

    My area went full encrypted few years back. Needless to say, I will NO LONGER be buying anymore scanners. What is the point of buying one, if I can't listen to the stuff I want to listen too??? Many people I know have said the same thing. So this leads to my question: What is the scanner...
  18. Buttabean

    Henry County New P25 Phase 2 System (Intended For MTS2000des)

    Im back in henry countys area erik (MTS2000des) & have their new system in my TRX-1 Scanner but its not receiving anything on the TGs that are listed as "NOT ENCRYPTED" or listed as below. Im curious if the encryption is 100% or 50/50% cause ive heard traffic on the transit TG but fire/ems...
  19. melona380

    Lancater county encryption

    so... umm its fall lol when do they plan to encrypt. I know from a "state official" that we will be joining another network ie interoperability. Ao what do you guys think are we joining NESR or ORIAN? Also from my understanding as a former dispatcher out of south Dakota its a pain in the...
  20. Buttabean

    Henry County New P25 Phase 1 phase 2 capable System

    Well i see the residents of henry county that own the Uniden BCD325P2 Police Scanners arent gonna be able to hear Henry County Law Enforcement pretty soon. The control freqs were just posted to RR yesterday which means their getting closer to utilizing the new system installed by Harris Corp...