1. kg4ojj

    2nd Alarm Fire - Jacksonville FL

    2nd Alarm struck for apartment fire, Jacksonville, FL First-due units calling for 2nd alarm, with heavy fire showing from 3-story apartment building. For Fire District 52, apartment complex at 6500 Lake Gray Blvd., near I-295 & Blanding Blvd. Stations 52, 31, 10, and 4 responding. JFRD on...
  2. V

    Firefighter seeking fire tones for Warren County VA

    I'm a volunteer firefighter in Warren County VA. I've been looking for the fire pager tones for Warren County fire stations but have not been able to locate them in any reference material. We have the following stations; thanks in advance for any information you can provide. # CO 1 FRONT...
  3. N

    Lake County Fire & EMS feed

    Any reason for it being offline? I enjoy listening to it
  4. queso5280

    Third Alarm Fire Savoy Illinois

    Working fire in savoy illinois. 11/23/2010 @ 0317 1808 Woodfield Dr. Large 2 story mutli suite building, mutiple businesses, include Savoy DCFS office, Wickersheimer Engineering, PREPARE inc., Marvalous massage. Savoy, Tolono, Edge Scott, Eastern Prarie, Carroll, Champaign, Urbana...
  5. SShuster221

    LiveFireFeeds Updates

    ALL, I wanted to let everyone know were working very hard to add some new feeds to the ranks. I have a third feed coming online for AACO... Right now it is going to be BWI, unless someone in this thread can help us decide whatelse to throw on it. Fire Radio (iPhone) app was updated and now...
  6. K

    Warren Township (Somerset County) Reception Difficulties

    Today, as I was attempting to monitor a fire in Warren Township, I realized my scanner was NOT picking up ANYTHING. I went back through my audio logs and it turns out since late September, interceptions of Warren FD's dispatch frequency (470.625MHz) have been completely absent with the exception...
  7. H

    Hazelwood Fire - Burning in Brea, CA

    Hazelwood IC is located at Hazelwood and Ponderosa. Responding agencies include: LA County fire, Brea Fire, Orange County Fire. Communications on OC Access (151.0850) Sounds like a potentially dangerous fire if winds don't cooperate. Fire is currently moving semi-slowly.
  8. Eastie

    6 Alarm fire in Fall River, MA

    A fire is ripping through a mill complex.. WHDH-TV - Fire rips through mill complex in Fall River Here is the RR feed for Fall River Police and Fire (592 Listeners) Fall River Police and Fire Live Scanner Audio Feed SKY7 was live over the scene, they are in New Bedford refueling right now...
  9. qr25det

    Helpful Hints?

    Hello, My name is Scott, I'm from the Halifax area and after a lot of reading a research, decided to go with the GRE PSR500. I ordered it about 5 minutes ago complete with rechargeable batteries, wall charger and car charger :D. I have been sifting through the other forums, but I am not sure...
  10. usarLT

    finding Tone frequencies for local Fire Departments

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me locate the tone codes for fire departments in Oktibbeha county... all I can find is Sturgis and Macon. Thanks!
  11. cfr301

    Breaking news

    Major Crash On I 75 Near US 33 in Wapakoneta Ohio Area, Semi Leaking Diesel Fuel on fire apparently was struck by a van, Vehicles in median, Numerous fire EMA Folks on Scene Lisyen to the Ohio- Auglaize County Feed .. Mobi Feed is not working for you folks on B/B Rick...
  12. nate1992

    WNC Public safety

    hey guys i have two feeds up one is Western nc public safety which has 7 countys a few towns and the mission medvac chopper also i host the buncombe county Asheville city feed take a listen to them and enjoy also i got a question on the westernNC public safety feed there is a fire ground...
  13. R

    Would this scanner work in Fredericton?

    I was thinking of buying this Police Scanner (UnidenDirect - Clock Radio Base Scanner) I was just wondering if this scanner would work to listen to Fredericton, Police, Fire, Ambulance and Dispatch? Would anyone know?
  14. K

    Stratford and Bridgeport Police and Fire

    Why are they always "OFFLINE" all of a sudden (last few weeks)....this is the reason I paid for the App. Any help? Thank you for your time, Kat
  15. R

    LOOKING - Fredericton Police / Fire

    Hi I am looking for the Frequencies for Fredericton, Police and Fire and dispatch..... Can you send them in this format: ###.### That way I just can go ahead and put them right in to the scanner.
  16. eNubiX

    Riverside California RPD and Fire feed

    Is anybody going to cover Riverside again? I know the feed was changed some time ago. But I never heard anything about it sense.
  17. N

    Anyone Monitoring Hernando County?

    If any one is familiar with monitoring Hernando County, I have some questions: 1. What is the protocol for Fire Rescue tone-outs? Are the apparatus on 800 MHz only, and just the tones and initial dispatch come out on VHF? Or is the appratus to dispatch traffic also on VHF in some places? I...
  18. S

    Union County Ohio - Fire Question

    The Union County MARCS system for the fire stations is confusing me. I know it's pretty simple with just 9 TGs, but recently OPS-4 has been down. Anyone know why?? Thanks.
  19. T

    Grays Harbor

    I just got a scanner app for my Droid and it picks up Fire, Police, and EMS radios... But everyone talks is code so I was wondering how I can find out what the codes are. (and they're not regular 10 codes - some one them are the same but some are waaaaaaaay different. :-)