1. B

    LR fire Rescue channel

    why did this disappear? They still use it I know for rescue/medical type calls. Does anyone know the ID for it?
  2. W

    BCD436HP performance scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS activity?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on how the BCD436HP performs with scanning non-RCMP AFRRCS chatter, particularly Fire and Peace Officers south of Calgary. Is simulcast much of an issue on the system? Recently had a Whistler TRX-1 bite the dust. It was great, but the Uniden handset seems...
  3. N4VKF

    Fairfax County (P25) Fire Talkgroups

    Has anyone determined what the talk group numbers are for 4 Lima and 4 Mike? I have read there they are available to use for any mutual aid system. Most surrounding systems are phase 2 and have been programmed directly into fairfax county radios.
  4. P

    Orangeville Fire Department - Station Alerting

    OFD has recently started using station tone-out / alerting prior to dispatching a call. If the call warrants volunteers, a second tone-out is sent. Station Page Tone-Out Frequencies 585.0 / 726.1 Volunteer Page Tone-Out Frequencies 482.2 / 433.2 I've updated the Wiki also
  5. D

    East Haddam Fire UHF

    It looks like the system mentioned in the (locked) 4 year old thread "East Haddam CT Approves New Radio System" is now online. Here's what I'm receiving in Middletown: WQSA739: 453.400 82.5pl (Link / rebroadcast of 46.18) WQSA739: 453.625 77.0pl (Link / rebroadcast of 46.22) Can someone...
  6. U

    Harford CMARC Fire Talkgroups

    I am looking to program a knob position on my Unication G4 to monitor talkgroups as local as possible to where I live and work. I want to program the fire talkgroups that would handle incidents in the Bynum Run Business Center in Forest Hill, and in Street near Forge Hill Rd and Trappe Rd...
  7. K

    how to import radioreference csv file into G5 pps

    Good evening. First post and new to radioreference. Just picked up a G5 for when I'm off-duty and for situational awareness. I have updated the firmware on the G5, I have installed the PPS software. I paid for a subscription to radioreference. I just can't figure out how to get all the channel...
  8. E

    Fire pager Frequencies

    Hi there! I was wonder what the spring field fire department pager frequency is. That is Springfield Georgia in Effingham county.
  9. R

    Burnet County freqs

    Howdy, I gave up on scanning in Williamson County due to encrypted everything. Now we live in Burnet County. I found these freqs here on this site but also a mention that most moved to GATRRS 155.01000 155.13000 Will I be able to hear anything out here in Burnet County? I'm using a PRO-2067...
  10. SlipNutz15

    ICORRS counties fire and ems dispatch

    For those counties part of ICORRS, which counties are still using conventional paging for Fire and/or EMS services? Armstrong - Fire was low band but shows deprecated. Are they using alpha pager or a different voice paging? EMS paging still 155.2200? Fayette - Fire dispatch still 155.1900...
  11. P

    Amateur Kick-starting Guide

    Hello Everyone, I live in Wake County, and I'm pretty new at this whole radio thing. Im an aspiring junior firefighter, and Ive been wanting to listen to wake fire frequencies for a while, but Ive run into a snag. On my current analog scanner (Whistler WS1010) I am unable to listen to some...
  12. Bruce42

    Pawnee Fire in Lake County

    Does anyone have the active frequencies being used at this fire? I hear CDF on Command 1, 151.355 MHz and LNU East, 151.340 MHz, but would especially like to know any of the VHF Air frequencies for the spotter and the tankers? thank you in advance, Bruce....
  13. F

    NX-5200 Programming

    Our department has received 6 NX-5200 radios on a grant, traditionally we have utilized Motorola's so I'm not too familiar with these radios. They continuously break squelch and all throughout the night our firefighters are woken up by the station identifier beeping away in Morse code. None of...
  14. F

    888s as backup fire pager?

    Looking into the baofeng 888s as a budget friendly fire pager/scanner for a VFD. Price point and lack of features (aka buttons for people to press and mess something up) are very attractive. We have no dealers nearby to program and I'm familiar with CHIRP on the uv82 and have a good prog cable...
  15. Buttabean

    Morrow/Lake City Old Public Safety Frequencies???

    Im hearing radio tests and kerchunking of radios and a new repeater courtesy tone on 154.0700Mhz(Morrow Fire Disp) and kerchunking on 158.7900Mhz(Lake City PD) frequencies as if theyre prepping them to be used by public works or some other city entity. Can that be the case or does public works...
  16. S

    rcmp scanning

    I am interested in getting a scanner that can hear everything! Used to have one years ago that I could hear rcmp, fire, ambulance, and mb hydro (for some reason). Can anyone reccomend a scanner with these capabilities please? Or let me know if this even still possible? thank you
  17. K

    Buncombe County P25 - Fire Tac

    Hi all, I am a big scanner listener, especially on fire frequencies. I live in Buncombe County, NC. Recently, I heard fire dispatches that told units to go to Fire Tac 3 and Fire Tac 4. However, the RR page for the Buncombe County P25 trunk system only covers Fire Tac 1 and Fire Tac 2, not 3...
  18. Z

    wouxun kg-uv9d+ as an 800 mhz public safety scanner

    This is a weird request so hear me out completely. Looking into buying this for ham radio use. I just got my license, and this was recommended to me as a decent entry level. Im also a volunteer firefighter. I saw this can...
  19. fdnyfish

    Fire Tone Out

    Do any of the digital scanners do Fire-Tone-Out?
  20. G

    Clark County/SNACC system

    I see the term "deprecated" after all references to this system. Does that mean it's no longer in use? Thanks, Gregg, N2UUP