1. T

    Pasco Co FD locations update?

    Does anyone have or know any current information regarding the Pasco Co Wiki? https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Pasco_County_(FL)
  2. V

    Sunrise, FL Signal Disruption Area

    Hey all, I've noticed there is an area in Sunrise, FL where, without fail, my car's bluetooth is disrupted and cuts out several times momentarily. It has happened in several different makes and models I've been in over the past 2 years. This usually happens when I drive either direction on the...
  3. I

    Clermont, Florida

    I just moved here and looking for some help as I see the last entry for "Clermont" was in 2010. If I understand correctly they are on a trunked system. If so, what are the emergency services frequencies for Lake County and Clermont, and which handheld scanner would you recommend? Thanks in...
  4. emcomm

    JAX Fire on a XTS 5000 - to flash or not to flash

    Hi, I have a JAX FD codeplug for an XTS5000 which I am going to put into a used radio for monitoring only--yes, I have the software. The radio is coming from a friend out of state and is a FPP. My question is, do I have to flash the radio first to make it for a Type II Smartzone ? Thanks, S...
  5. emcomm

    Clay County on a Uniden BCD436HP ?

    Hi, Will a Uniden BCD436HP monitor the Clay County system? Looks like it, but before I pull the triggers and make the purchase, just thought I would ask. best regards
  6. edweirdFL

    REGIONAL JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER freqs in January 2021 FCC grants

    I noticed a pattern of grants in the latest FCC update for Florida, where multiple counties received grant for a UHF pair for their REGIONAL JUVENILE DETENTION CENTER and all are for the same frequency except for Orange County. Something to put in your scan list and note any activity...
  7. resnickm

    Difficulty Scanning Miami City P25 System

    I know the city's P25 system is fairly new (and still seems to be underway), but I was hoping someone had some insight to its current status/functionality. I set up an SDR last week and programmed in the P25 system and was able to pick up fairly decent audio for a few days. All of a sudden, it...
  8. edweirdFL

    Volusia County Wiki collaboration pages

    Using the Florida sub-forum for collaboration can be problematic because things scroll off the first page and also some folks may not want to read through the process of verifying things in a threaded post. I've created some pages in the RR Wiki linked off the Volusia County page and some of...
  9. edweirdFL

    Scanning the 2020 Daytona 500, Thunderbirds fly over, and Presidential visit

    So far I've heard the Thunderbirds flying overhead on Thursday which was media day when they took 2 of the NASCAR series drivers up with them. I didn't capture any traffic on 235.250, 149.650, or 141.175. Today (Friday) I've heard two brief voice transmissions on 235.250 that sounded right...
  10. edweirdFL

    2019 Daytona 500

    From my location outside the track I can often hear the spotters on the roof of the grandstands, and sometimes the cars when they are up on the high banks. Here's what I caught during the Gander RV Duel at Daytona 1 this evening. This along with the second Duel race sets the field (other than...
  11. A

    Help setting up in Sarasota! $$$ for you!

    Hello, I am new to the forum and completely new to radios and trunking. I purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 to do some independent journalism and to no surprise, programming is a nightmare. I tried using freescan to program the settings straight from RR, but copy and paste is about as far as my...
  12. AK4FD

    Harris planning to protest decision for Florida SLERS P25 system

    I came across an interesting article this morning... Apparently Harris is pretty upset that Motorola got awarded the contract for the Florida State-wide SLERS P25 System... They’re planning to protest it! Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola...
  13. AK4FD

    Harris planning protest over Florida’s award of SLERS P25 system to Motorola

    Interesting article I saw this morning. The other day it was announced Motorola was getting the contract for the Florida State-wide SLERS system, and Harris is planning to fight it! Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola Solutions | P25 content...
  14. AK4FD

    Harris plans to protest Motorola’s award for the Florida State-wide P25 system!!

    Interesting article I saw today... Since the Motorola announcement was posted here, I felt this should be seen too. Harris declares plan to protest Florida intent to award large P25 contract to Motorola Solutions | P25 content from Urgent Communications
  15. wa8iqo

    Motorola Mentor/Elmer Wanted!

    Im looking for a mentor or amature radio elmer in Central Florida who has extensively knowledgeable with Motorola ASTRO and Mototrbo product lines. Im looking to expand my knowledge on the XTL/XTS5000 radios and gain some primer on turbo system as well. Can't seem to find anyone within the local...
  16. C

    Plantation Police Department

    So I see that the Plantation PD is fully TDMA. Will my BCD436HP be able to receive them?
  17. wa8iqo

    Transmitter Output Restrictions In Florida

    Hello everyone. I moved to Central Florida last year. Just recently I read somewhere that Amature Radio Operators were limited to a transmission output power of no more then 50 watts within any geographical boundaries of Florida. The reason being is due to Florida having an over abundance of...
  18. KF4UHJ

    Where is Ft Lauderdale?

    Anyone know why Ft Lauderdale public safety has completely gone silent on the Broward County trucked system? I have a Motorola XPR 6580 programmed with ALL of Broward county, AND a BCD436HP scanner. Both have gone silent on the Lauderdale channels. Maybe has something to do with the upcoming...
  19. K

    UHF Florida Codeplug

    Good Morning one and all! I'm very new to DMR and just got a TYT-MD380. I live in Palm Bay Florida and I'm looking for a UHF codeplug for this area. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  20. I

    Seminole P25 Updates!!

    Below is a list of Talk group hits on a WinRadio G305e between noon on Thursday and up to now Friday night, does anyone know what these unknown talk groups are used for? 0000 – 0000 – Unknown 0008 – 0008 – Unknown 0018 – 0012 – Unknown 1671 – 0687 – Unknown 4109 – 100D - Unknown 5462 – 1556 –...