1. D

    Baofeng Baofeng help!

    I’m a new user to amateur radio and this is my first device ever. I have a Baofeng UV-21R and I can’t program it at all. I just want to scan the emergency stations nearby to know what’s going on with all the sirens sometimes. I have no intention of talking, just listening. However I can’t hear...
  2. D

    452.05 activity in the capital region

    Does anybody know what agency is active on frequency 452.05 in the capital region area? I’m located in the Guilderland area and am hearing it loud and clear. Doesn’t seem too professional, not LE, FD or EMS. Any ideas?
  3. P

    Question about frequency storing for one simulcast tower

    Hello, I am soon getting my BCD996P2 scanner and I plan to build a Yagi antenna for 800 mhz to listen to local police, fire, etc. and point it towards one tower. On the RR database, it has all the frequencies for the towers for my county, do I need to program them all in or just the ones...
  4. Sheepdog777

    IF: Low Frequency (LF) RF Travels Through the Earth/Water AND: Heat = Infrared (IR) (300 GHz - 400 THz) The Same... THEN: Why Not HF/MF/VHF/UHF/SHF ?

    Hello Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, So, upon my ongoing research regarding Underground Buried Earth Antennas (UNDERGROUND BURIED EARTH ANTENNAS &, I have received many conflicting responses. But, as with so many...
  5. Sheepdog777

    The Google Earth Repeaters Overlay Project for the Entire United States and Territories

    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, I hope all is well and would like to share this project, which I have finished, finally! The Google Earth Repeaters Overlay Project for the entire United States and Territories. This one-stop-shop offline database is derived directly from...
  6. C

    newport news frequency change

    Has Newport News changed any frequency on their trunked system in the past couple of months. I will get hit and miss radio traffic from PD and Fire if any at all.
  7. M

    BC125AT: uniden bearcat bc125at frequency centering question

    hi guys i had a BC125AT scanner, today i tried to store MANUALLY frequency 161.6 (channel20 marine) but the scanner shift automatically to 161.6025 and cannot stay on 161.6000. i noticed that if i search with the SVC shortcut in the marine section i can find the frequency 161.6000 centered...
  8. dnadareski

    SDS200 DMR with a Control Channel?

    I have a SDS200 with DMR key activated. I programmed Leominster, MA UMASS Hospital with the 14 frequencies found on FCC Website. I set it up as conventional and I hear a control channel. I also hear the staff talking on some of the other frequencies and it shows as DMR with Slots 1 and 2...
  9. C

    Need Help Finding Freq: CSX | Bellevue, Nashville, TN

    Hello, Thought I'd run this question to see what I people may know. I can not seem to find the correct frequency for the CSX railroad that is near my house. Here are the details: Crossing: 7491 Old Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37221 Crossing ID: 348036X Railroad: CSX Milepost: 0012.360 There...
  10. Z

    Greenville County Sheriff's Office (sc)

    Here lately, I've noticed that they aren't using the 460 frequencies anymore. I was listening to the South and North dispatch, plus the car to car frequency and in the past few weeks, I haven't been hearing any traffic at all. Did the GCSO move to new frequencies or....? If so, could someone...
  11. S

    Motorola frequency bands

    Hello, I have a Motorola EX500 handheld two way radio. (Flea market find) The spec sheet says this model does VHF and UHF frequency bands. Does that mean my particular radio can be programmed to do both bands or does it mean the model EX500 can be purchased for one band or the other? From...
  12. G

    Kenwood TK-6110

    A buddy of mine used to own a construction company, which operated serveral Kenwood TK-6110 radios. I also run a small company with only a fleet of 4 vehicles including myself. Our jobs sites could be across town or a county away. Is there a “private” or Car-To-Car frequency we could use? Not...
  13. J

    Help for the signal identification and any info for modulation

    Hi to all, I am open :) to all kind of info related to two printscreens. Modulation, working type and any small info will be appreciated First picture can be M FSK but M ? any info about modulation... Second picture is a different signal, maybe phase modulated ? why so wide ? Thanks, WR
  14. SpectralContent

    Ghost Frequency? Uniden scanner not finding frequency with desired communications.

    I work on the grounds maintenance crew at a golf course that extensively uses radios to coordinate activities. Due to my low seniority, the course would not provide a radio to me. Being extremely curious about the inner logistics of the radio system, I decided to do some research to see if I...
  15. L

    Southern Spain Frequencies, Anyone?

    I am looking for some Spanish emergency service freqs and so far, my online searches are coming up pretty blank. Does anyone have frequencies, or can give me some ranges, for emergency services for anything Spain nationwide (Guardia Civil, Policia Nacional, etc), or specifically, Granada...
  16. K

    FCC data base "Frequency" modifier

    In the FCC database, some numerical frequencies are followed by a space then an upper-case letter "V." An example is callsign WPTE977, licensed to Georgetown, County of (S.C.), Site 2, Pawleys Isl, 3700 West of City off US 17 on Dump Road: 853.23750000 V 853.35000000 V. What does the "V"...
  17. J

    Frequency for Seattle Women's March Jan 20 2018

    I want to monitor the radio comments during the Jan 20 2018 Seattle Women's March that starts around 10am at Cal Anderson park, and goes through Seattle downtown to Seattle center over the next 3-4 hrs. Does anybody know the primary discussion frequency, and whether any club has an event...
  18. N

    Ottawa Sirens

    I have been trying to find ottawa’s siren frequency so i can get Two time/DTFM/FSK in my siren videos. Anyone know Ottawa siren frequency, or can some one help me get it?
  19. BC2001

    Give me a list of all the frequencies you can recieve!

    Hey everyone! Hope y'all are having a good one. I figured I would starta conversation. What all do you folks receive normally? Mine are as follows: 155.06250 Leslie County Sheriff 155.43000 Leslie Count Fire Department / Emergency Operations center 153.27500 TranStar Ambulance Service (Leslie...
  20. Thats0Brandon

    Niagara Falls Transit

    Hey Everyone, I have been scanning the Niagara Falls Transit for about 4 days now. When I first programmed that DMR information into my radio, I could hear them talking back and fourth but now I can't hear anything nor is my LED indicator lighting up. I am wondering if I am even hitting their...