1. S

    Questions on Fequency coverage

    I recently purchased a Uniden Home Patrol scanner and was wondering if I can listen to municipalities that do not automatically come up on the radio's database. Like today, there is an emergency at a school down the road from me in Murrysville, PA and I hear nothing. I found something about...
  2. Z

    City of Menominee Police

    Hello, I was wondering which channel the City of Menominee Police Department Broadcast on. Do they use the Delta & Menominee County Law, Fire and EMS; the Marinette, Menominee, Florence, Oconto, Dickinson, and Forest Counties Public Safety or do they use a frequency with no feed? Thanks!
  3. U

    Can someone post a new frequency plz?

    Hey RR people I was wondering if someone could provide a feed to the 73/75 precincts in brooklyn new york? It's a very active frequency and I'm pretty sure that many would love to listen to the frequency as well. I don't have the money to buy my own scanner so I have to rely on others to provide...
  4. kk4dnl

    GA Forestry Freq and pl tones?

    Does anyone know what freq GA forestry uses up in North East Georgia. I have the currahee repeater but I would like to know where the other towers are located and what their Freq, offset and access Pl tones are. I am a fire Fighter with Carnesville Fire Department and the Communication officer...
  5. fivemotorthree


    I picked up a Radio Shack Pro-404 scanner a little while ago, I can't seem to get ANYTHING I program it with. I'm really wanting to pick up Hawthorne Police's dispatch and/or radio traffic. Is distance the problem? ( I'm 20 miles away ) not too far. Is it the scanner or just distance itself??
  6. S

    Kendall County Sheriff's Department

    hey there! i was wondering if anyone knew what frequency the Kendall county sheriff's department is now on? I cant seem to find it and haven't heard them in a long time on 453.47500. Does anyone know what they switched to? Thanks!
  7. C

    Bedford county help

    Hi, I am looking for some frequencies. There is a group in Bedford county called USAR (urban search and rescue) does Any know there frequencies
  8. C

    Hunterdon County Fire Frequencies ??'s

    Alright so this has been bothering me for awhile while scanning Hunterdon but i never got around to address it. I have the entire Hunterdon fire/ems system programmed into one group on my 996xt. When Com center puts a dispatch out i pick it up on multiple channels (AMBO 5 UHF, HC Fire 1, 1LB, &...
  9. S

    Black Hawks frequency?

    Hello, I'm up here in Santa Fe mountains near Pecos and we get Black Hawks from time to time, today we had a flight of three go by, does anyone know where they come from, I'm guessing they are ANG but are they from NM? Any idea what frequency to monitor VHF or HF? Thanks
  10. T

    BCD996XT and "five-digit" frequencies?

    One of the trunking systems in my area has a control frequency of 774.73125. The BCD996XT only lets me enter four digits to the right of the decimal point. Is entering 774.7312 or 774.7313 going to work? Is there a different way around this problem?
  11. J

    Allegan County Sheriff

    Hey guys, I stopped listening to my scanner for a long time and recently decide to turn it on again. My only problem is I don't hear anything on my Allegan County frequencies and groups. I still have 3211 as central but haven't heard a single thing from it. Did they make a change to where we no...
  12. w2lie

    Hurricane Sandy Frequency Summary

    All, I am working on my next column for the "Scanner Digest Newsletter", and was looking for input from those in lower NY (Long Island, NYC, Westchester). My current work conditions only allowed me to monitor via 'table top' scanning. In other words, back of radio telescoping antennas only...
  13. gonzalu

    Port Authority Frequency?

    Picked this up with Close Call on the GWB this morning... 452.3875 dcs 412 Trying to figure out what it is... Licenses show PANYNJ as a potential but not sure. Chatter was surveillance related but unclear if it was GWB security or Police Enforcement etc. Thank you
  14. B

    antenna for kenwood 760

    i have a Kenwood 760 that will be programmed to 153.860, i am in need of an antenna but have no clue what antenna will work, please help.
  15. 6

    Question About DPL on Frequency

    I'm curious as what the DPL would be for the a second frequency. My school has given me to permission to transmit on their frequency when I help out at sporting events. If you look here at Benton County School Corporation it has 1 frequency, 155.265 with a 754 DPL Benton County, Indiana (IN)...
  16. FireFighterChissy

    Creating a private channel / frequency

    Hi there, I am new to using and programing portable radios. I am a volunteer firefighter and I have recently purchased a Motorola GP338 Plus portable radio, I will soon be programming it to pick up local fire department frequencies. What I was wondering is if it is possible that I could talk...
  17. C

    Round Lake police F-? Code

    when i look at the frequencies for round lake some have a Police: [F-4] under descriptions. does anyone know what these mean
  18. S

    Lake County Sheriff Frequency

    Hi I need help to find the Lake County Sheriff Fequency. I also tried looking on the RR Page but there was to many frequencys and I didn't know which to pick. Thanks
  19. G

    Help with tow truck frequencies.....

    Trying to find four local towing company frequencies. They do police tows for most of the agencies in the far south suburbs of Chicago(i.e. Chicago Heights, Steger, Crete,etc.). The four I' m looking for are TMW in Crete, A-1 and Expert in Chicago Heights, and Coy's in Matteson. I have...
  20. honda112


    I walked into Radioshack the other day and told the guy i was looking for a scanner to listen to the local fire, ems, police frequencys. I said i was looking at the Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT so i could tune into them. He said that the Uniden Bearcat BC72XLT is not "digital" and cannot get my local...