1. G

    Two licenses for same frequency

    Hello, I have been experiencing some interference on a frequency that I have licensed for our entire county. I went to the ULS (FCC) site to see what I could find. It seems that another entity in an adjacent county also has been licensed to use the same frequency. Should I contact the FCC, a...
  2. F

    Oakland county public talkgroup question

    Hi guys, i have a maybe stupid question but i'm sure you guys know the answer. Again sorry if it's kind of noob. Is there any public talkgroup or public frequency in oakland county ( west bloomfield, farmington hills, or around these areas) that we can program and talk? By public talkgroup or...
  3. WX9RLT

    HF & Shortwave Frequencies

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the most common and active frequencies the military uses in the shortwave bands? Thank you
  4. BlueDevil

    What does the SC mean on an FCC License?

    When looking at the frequencies licensed to a specific FCC license some of the frequencies have an "SC" icon on next to them. A quick hoover with the mouse indicates that this is a special condition icon. Logic suggests that the Special Condition is directly associated with the frequency in...
  5. N7iOS

    Baofeng Offset frequency issue w/ CHIRP

    I am trying to program my Baofeng UV82 and i am using seperate TX frequencies by setting the Duplex to "Split" and then putting the TX Freq in the Offset column. This is right and it transfers to radio alright. However, when i save my file and open it back up, those offset TX Freq's now display...
  6. chaos12135

    BCT15X: Is it possible?

    So let me first state that I am extremely new to scanners, and so I'll try to be as detailed, but brief as possible. I live in Simi Valley, California. I'm trying to listen on the Simi Valley Police Department radio frequencies, but I've messed with this unit for so long now (BCT15X), and I'm...
  7. C

    Need Help With Local Frequencies

    Hello All, So I received a radio shack handheld scanner a long time ago and just dug it out the other day after seeing a bunch of police in my backyard with flashlights searching for something or someone. I have been trying to find the frequency to put in for Denville, NJ Police and every...
  8. n5itu

    Fairview TX Police Frequencies

    I recently moved to Fairview (75069) from Carrollton. It appears that the Fairview FD is on the PAWM (Plano, Allen, Wylie, Murphy) trunked system. The City of Fairview operations their own PD, with assistance from Allen PD. I am not clear if PD simply uses the Allen trunked system on PAWM, or...
  9. D

    Fairfax County Fire Frequencies.

    I just got my new scanner, it's a Uniden BC355N. I've been looking for the Fairfax County Fire/EMS dispatch frequency, the ones on this site don't work, am I doing something wrong?
  10. F

    Need help with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency

    Hi guys, I have problem with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency. I Programmed my uniden BCD436HP and wouxun KG-UV8D radio with frequency that i found from radioreference database. but the problem i have is i can't hear anything except Dispatch. I checked my frequency and Tone but i can't...
  11. F

    Need help: Can't hear any thing on UHF 424.1750

    Hi everyone, i have problem with my Fire Department radio I'm living in West Bloomfield and they are using 424.175 frequency with 100.0 PL Tone which i found from radioreference database. i programmed my uniden and wouxan with that frequency and tone but the problem i have is i can't hear...
  12. F

    BCD436HP: Need Help

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my Fire Department frequency I'm living in West Bloomfield, MI. I wanna listen to Fire Department radio, but the problem i have is i can't hear any thing except Dispatch on West Bloomfield Fire frequency, i programmed my uniden BCD436HP and also wouxun dual band. I...
  13. K

    Tri Creek Schools--Bus Frequency, Lake Co, IN

    I've noticed that there isn't a listing for the Tri Creek School Corporation Bus Service in the Lake Co, IN schools list. I'd like to ask if I could add the following data: Tri Creek Schools Frequency: 153.560 Licence: WQPY899 Type: BM Tone: 127.3 PL Alpha Tag: (at your...
  14. marksroberson

    Weather radio receiver question

    Hello, I just thought about this, I live in Jefferson County, Alabama, my house is on the side of Red Mountain, the local Weather Radio transmitter is on red mountain as well (KIH-54) but the National Weather Service office is in a entirely different county It is at the Shelby county airport, so...
  15. U

    Multiple NYPD SSD 10-13s today!!!

    So today (12/16/14), I was listening to School Safety Citywide 1 and I heard 5 10-13s/10-85s come over at different schools in different boroughs. Most of the 13s/85s were in regards to multiple 10-52s or 10-34s going on at that location. The worst one that I heard was at Leadership H.S. in...
  16. R

    Newbie needs direction

    Hello all, found your forum and hoping it's the help I need. I'm looking for a programmable walkie talkie, that I can use at work ( private security). I know absolutely nothing about radios and frequencies. First, I have a company supplied radio, but do not know the freq. How do I find it...
  17. S

    PPL in Lincoln County Area

    Does anyone have the frequency for Pacific Power and Light in the Lincoln County area? yesterday we had a logging truck run into a power lines nearby here in Otis and we lost power, luckily it lasted an hour, could have been worse. I checked the two frequencies I had from before we moved into...
  18. U

    NYPD Transit Question

    So I was listening to the NYPD's transit division frequency and I was wondering what are all the different units that use the channel. For example some things I heard were: "32 Adam/Boy, ATU post #5, XP post #15, Safe passage post #8, Omega 11, 34 David #28" Those are the units that I don't know...
  19. U

    NYPD CW3 info

    So I was listening to NYPD CW3 and I heard a unit come over as "Bus Unit RMP #3346" so I wanted to know if anyone on here could tell me: A.) What is the bus unit? B.) What is their purpose? C.) An estimate of how many cops could be in that unit? D.) What bureau are they assigned to? and finally...
  20. A

    Baofeng BF-888S Frequency Expansion

    Hello. Just got a Baofeng BF-888S and was wondering if there's any way to do a frequency expansion so that I could program it for frequencies not in the 400-470MHz range. I looked around online and found nothing but frequency expansions for the UV-5R. Thanks.