1. wlittle

    Two questions

    In my daily monitoring endeavors, I have come up with two questions regarding frequencies/talk groups on the south side of metro Atlanta: 1. Has the Clayton County Fire Department changed radio systems to 800 Mhz. or EDACS? I was going to monitor them the other day and saw that fire department...
  2. T

    Repeater Question (schools)

    Hi all- I am new to scanning and amateur radio in general and I had a couple questions regarding repeaters. I have browsed the FCC records, and determined the frequencies my school uses. I programmed them all into my scanner, and the only one I have heard anything on is: 463.9125 I have...
  3. scansomd

    Bath Page camping resort in Urbana

    The wife and I are camping at the Beth Page facility in Urbana this Memorial day. It seems to me a camping facility of this size must have a conventional frequency or two to manage the day to day operations, etc. I could not locate anything in the Middlesex County frequency directory. Anyone...
  4. H

    Military Frequencies ? ? ?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please excuse me for asking a possibly novice question. I reciently pulled out my Radio Shack 800mhz digital scanner that I bought about 5 years ago and tuned it to Selfridge Air National Guard Base's aircraft Approach Freq. I realized that I am only receiving...
  5. oregontreehugger

    ODOT Frequency Listing / Use

    I pulled all the FCC records licensed to ODOT last night and compared them against what's listed in the RRDB. They have a few on VHF lowband (east of the Cascades) and on UHF (probably links), along with several AM broadcast highway advisory radio stations. Still, their meat and potatoes is the...
  6. D

    UP Sacramento/Stockton

    Does anyone have the frequency of the UP between Sacramento/Elk Grove and Lodi/Stockton? I cant seem to narrow it down from the RR listing. I thought it was channel 96 on 161.550 but the traffic doesn't seem correct. I should hear detector 55.5 but I dont. Any ideas?? Tnx Dqve W6CM
  7. nate1992

    Receiving A license & Cost

    First off if this is in the wrong section my apologize it looked like the most fitting! I am looking into getting radios for my company in the near future as we expanded & start providing services in the county, My first thought was to try & use unlicensed radios from like radio shake, how ever...
  8. P

    Can someone help me out!!??

    So i live in the small college town of Pullman Washington just south of Spokane, WA. I was wondering if anyone would be able to add the Pullman Police Department to the scanner database? Currently the campus police are streamed but i know from experience that the city is busier. If anyone can...
  9. D


    Well i am from Odell,IL and we don't have a police department because were such a small town but police come from one of are neighboring towns called Pontiac,IL i was wondering what is the frequency for the police department and maybe someone could broadcast that frequency.
  10. jlazerus

    iphone scanner

    Is there a way to have an app on your iphone that will notify you like when a fire department pager activates with sound following it for a specific department when many departments use the same frequency but different PL codes for activation?
  11. dustinrenz

    CFB Borden Trunking System Help Please!!!

    Hello, I have a radio shack pro-164 Scanner. Ive been racking my brains out over figuring out the trunking scan. I tried programming it but do not know what frequencies need to go on or exactly what I am doing as the instructions are really bad. If someone could take me through it step by step...
  12. P

    Right scanner to stream VHF band

    I was wondering if anyone knows what scanner works best with the RR/sc application. I would like to stream a simple VHF frequency. Any help would be great, Thanks in advance!
  13. T

    Frequency License In Canada

    Hello Folks, I'm wondering if it is possible that I could register a frequency with Industry Canada, and how much it would cost to go about doing so. (In the 136 - 174 mhz VHF range.) I am not interested in getting an "Amateur Radio" license. I would like to use it for biking and hiking with...
  14. A

    NYC VACS using GMRS frequencies

    I was looking at a list of VACS in the n2nov site and have notice that some use GMRS frequencies. unknown if its simplex or repeater operation. But isn't this not allowed on GMRS?
  15. del1964

    Frequency counter on bcd396xt?

    Was wondering how to use the frequency counter on the bcd396xt? I was able to find a review of the bcd396t where they mention when powering on press "hold" , "3" and "0". I did this and the display shows "800MHz+ Band" and it's flickering around 865 Mhz give or take. How do you adjust the...
  16. vanhoogenk

    Burlington City Police

    i have been monitoring their frequencies for years now and in the past couple of months i have noticed that i have not heard anything on their channel. now i did some investigating and put the input frequency on my output frequency side and have heard officers talking......has anyone else that...
  17. E

    Lynch Ambulance Frequencies??

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or knows how to get scanner frequencies for Lynch Ambulance in Anaheim, CA? Thanks
  18. V

    Camden NY Fire/EMS Frequencies

    I have a Uniden Bearcat BC95XLT and I am trying to pick up local fire and emergency calls so that I can photograph the scenes. Using the site I came up with 154.13000 as the Camden NY Fire frequency however when I tried to enter it into my scanner it came up with error. I...
  19. S

    Interchanging Crystals

    I have a Bearcat III H/U which uses 10.8 IF crystals. I have a crystal marked "460.425MHz MRU-1" which I interpret as being a 10.7 IF crystal used to receive on a frequency of 460.425MHz. Can I put this crystal into the Bearcat III and if I can what frequency should I receive in the Bearcat...
  20. B

    Meno. Falls Frequency

    We have listened to MFP for years on our scanner. We went out of town last week and came home and now there is nothing on that channel or any other for MF. We have an older bear tracker DCT7. This is really driving me nuts.. maybe it is time to buy a newer scanner.. Any info or help would be...