Need Help With Local Frequencies

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May 6, 2013
Hello All,

So I received a radio shack handheld scanner a long time ago and just dug it out the other day after seeing a bunch of police in my backyard with flashlights searching for something or someone.

I have been trying to find the frequency to put in for Denville, NJ Police and every frequency that I find online does not have any action at all.

Does anyone know frequencies that work in this area?

I have tried the following:

460.58750 - Denville Police Dispatch
472.20000 - Denville Fire Dispatch
460.53750 - Denville Fire Ground 1
465.58750 - Denville Fire Ground 2

Also, My scanner is a Trunking scanner and when I try to add the frequencies in it only takes the first 3 numbers then the "." then 3 more numbers or if I enter a 5 as the 4th it will take it but no additional ones. For Example .... 460.5875 is all I can add or 472.200 is all I can add.

Not sure if this is any reason why I cannot hear anything either.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!


Dec 19, 2003
Hopatcong, NJ
Denville Police Department is no longer on Analog. They are now on NXDN which is a digital mode your hand held scanner will not be able to receive them unfortunately. As far as the Fire Department 472.200 will work for you. Hope this helps.


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Dec 19, 2002
Denville Police can be received on NXDN digital, but you have a few options:

- purchase the AOR DV-1 base receiver for a hefty price (in the $1,000 range) or
- download Digital Speech Decoder software (for free) and use with either a scanner tapped at the discriminator port with a stereo cable fed through your computer to the discriminator port (there are scanners that have taps installed already for sale on eBay and the Classifieds section of this site if you don't want to modify your current scanner) or a USB dongle stick (I forgot the type but it's listed on here in many threads); or
- purchase an NXDN radio and have it programmed for receive mode only (which I have no information on).

I have personally monitored Denville PD using the Digital Speech Decoder (DSD) method and they are still in the clear but you won't receive them unless any of the above methods are used listed above.
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