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  1. scseh

    Why the Forsyth County fire department has decided to encrypt its radios, and why that concerns First Amendment expert

    Why the Forsyth County fire department has decided to encrypt its radios, and why that concerns First Amendment expert Kelly Whitmire FCN staff Updated: Feb. 1, 2019, 4:52 p.m. For years, local residents have had the ability to monitor fire and law enforcement traffic on radio scanners...
  2. Airboss

    New - Lincolnton County EMS

    New - Lincoln County EMS I have been monitoring an NXDN 9600 baud system (RAN 0) on 154.415 MHz. Originally I thought this was a new system in Towns Co, but after 100s of hours of monitoring, I am shocked to find it is actually coming from Lincoln County, GA. Today they finally IDed the system...
  3. kg4ojj

    Road Trip Report: Macon to Augusta

    Howdy, Some of you may benefit from my recent road trip through Macon (Bibb County) and up to Augusta (Richmond County). This is a list of what I heard. Many of the recordings (via my TRX-2 and/or G5) were 1-2 seconds long and made it impossible to tell the user. I'll let the locals confirm...
  4. kk4dnl

    Southern USA usuage of 122.750 AIR to AIR Fixed Wing

    Just plugged this freq in my scanner. I have not heard anything yet but wondering if this freq is used much in the North Georgia Area ? And if so how far could I pick up transmissions from? I have a external antenna about 35 feet high.
  5. kg4ojj

    Georgia DNR and P25

    All, We have a nice catalog of Georgia's DNR frequencies here: GA Department of Natural Resources Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference According to recent posts on ScanAtlanta and my own monitoring, however, DNR is moving to digital (P-25 specifically). Post your findings here...
  6. kk4dnl

    GA Forestry Freq and pl tones?

    Does anyone know what freq GA forestry uses up in North East Georgia. I have the currahee repeater but I would like to know where the other towers are located and what their Freq, offset and access Pl tones are. I am a fire Fighter with Carnesville Fire Department and the Communication officer...
  7. S

    Dekalb P25 TRS need help

    Does anyone have a current scan of Dekalb's P25 system? I am trying to id the control channels, System id, WACN, RFSS, and site. I know these are already posted in the database, but something appears to have recently changed as my radio will not pick up the system anymore.
  8. C

    Has coweta county, ga fully switched to the new system

    Just curious, but i havent been listening either way. I'm still to broke to get me a new digital scanner. Im using the pro95 and am sure I cant listen on that anymore. Are there any live scanner feeds for the new system, if not will there ever be?
  9. kg4ojj

    Lee County GA to go to an 800MHz system

    From the Albany Herald: Albany Herald | Lee set for communications upgrade Again, it appears that narrowbanding is locally defined as "move to a trunked radio system." On a technical note, I have watched the shifting of frequencies allocated to the Albany/Dougherty (and Thomas/Crisp County...
  10. L

    Atlanta PD Zone 7

    Newbie here.....Does any1 know how I can tap into Zone 7 for Atlanta, GA PD?
  11. V

    Paulding County chooses Kenwood NEXEDGE?!?

    According to this press release, Paulding County as well as the city of Canton, GA have chosen NEXEDGE as their radio systems. Looks like the days of easy scanning for these places is drawing to an end. Kenwood South Africa - Listen to the future "Macke said he helped Paulding County, Ga...
  12. kg4ojj

    CBP action in Florida & Georgia

    Was listening this week to Customs working two aircraft (91J & 14J) on NET-1 (165.2375 PL 100.0 with/without encryption). Heard one plane and the ground contact ("dispatch") very clearly and had the other plane intermittently, all with a rubber duck antenna on my handheld. Their apprehension...
  13. D

    Sandy Springs PD (Where did feed go???)

    Does anyone know why the Sandy Springs PD feed went away? I bought the ScannerRaio app on my BlackBerry because I enjoyed listening to them and a few weeks later the feed went away.
  14. D

    RadioScanners Retailers in Georgia?

    Besides RadioShack, is there another retailer in Georgia where I can buy the pro 164 at a good price? And I don't use online website, cuz I don't have a Credit card. Thanks
  15. kg4ojj

    Crisp County - new talkgroups - is this a transition?

    Monitoring new talkgroups in Crisp County (Cordele, GA). Does this mean a regional TRS is in the works (say with Houston or Dougherty county)???? Or, is this a transition phase from analog (Moto II) TRS to digital???? Old Sheriff Dispatch 1616, new or transitory talkgroup = 38416 (in analog)...
  16. alex4659

    Cherokee Co icall / itac channels?

    hi yall, If this is in the wrong spot let me know please... Anyway on the RR database, in the state of Georgia, cherokee county has some 800mhz icall, itac channels. I was listening from north fulton county / johns creek area and there seemed to be a lot of interference while listening. Do...
  17. C

    Feed Archives

    ...Hello everyone..my name is coggers & I provide scanner feed for Polk Co., Ga! I use my archive feature quite frequently, as a matter of fact..I need to listen to archives right now... so..where are they and when will I be able to access them??