1. S

    Mexican Traffic on 462.5750

    I live in Sierra Vista (about 12 miles from the Mexican border). I purchased a HomePatrol about a year ago but only used it for road trips. Monitoring the Monument Fire kindled (pun intended) my interest in scanning. I just added unlicensed bands (CB, FRS, etc.) to thanks to another post on...
  2. B

    Any open GMRS repeaters in Detroit Area?

    Just wondering if there are any open GMRS repeaters still operating in the Detroit area. I have researched this question several times and have come up with conflicting info.
  3. Shawnlin20

    GMRS Repeater

    I would like to purchase a 5-10watt GMRS repeater. I have seen several repeaters that people have built out of mobile or handheld radios but I am not a master with electronics. I would need a plug and repeater type. As in receiver, transmitter, duplexer, controler, and power supply all in one...
  4. S

    GMRS Repeater Antenna

    MOD...I hope this is the right place to post, please move if not. I am setting up a GMRS repeater 462/467 UHF (incase someone does not know the freqs.) and Im trying to choose an antenna. My station is going to be located at my buisness, which is a 50' by 100' steel building aprox 20' hi, I...
  5. A

    how up to date is this site on GMRS repeaters?

    Just wondering from you old timers if this site is up to date with its information on repeaters. can anyone advise me? Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters in New-York
  6. A

    NYC VACS using GMRS frequencies

    I was looking at a list of VACS in the n2nov site and have notice that some use GMRS frequencies. unknown if its simplex or repeater operation. But isn't this not allowed on GMRS?
  7. B

    Cordless phone clearly leaks onto 462.700?

    Is it common for really old cordless phones to leak onto frequencies in the 440mhz band? This came over my radio today and I thought it was very strange. "07" is the FRS channel 7. YouTube - Cordless phone leaks conversation over 440 mhz GMRS frequency. Anybody else pick up things like this...
  8. A

    Can anyone identify this GMRS repeater?

    They operate on 462.600 will a output PL of 151.4. At the begining of every hour, the station automated voice gives a time check. I also heard an automated voice say New york, New jersey, Connecticut. I dont know if this is a grandfather business, but its barely skimming me in Northern Brooklyn.
  9. scanfan22

    Radio programming

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone in the Los Angeles area could program some HT 600s for a friend of mine. The channels would mostly be amateur repeaters and GMRS repeaters. He has both licenses. He would be willing to pay a small fee for the programming services. Thanks
  10. A

    NYC DJ on GMRS/FRS CH 1 462.5875

    He plays music for hours both hiphop & rock. He flat out start cursing telling people to get of his channel. I heard him around 11:00 pm. After arguing with some one he identify himself as "31 flavors" from the Bronx. He must be using a mobile since i hear him clear from brooklyn. Anybody heard...
  11. C

    Riverside County GMRS 462.650mhz

    If you have ever scanned GMRS frequencies and live in the Inland Empire of Riverside County then I am sure you may have heard radio traffic on 462.650mhz (channel #19 on bubble pack radios). Here is a link to the group that uses the repeater on 462.650mhz CTCSS 218.1 They are made up...
  12. C

    GMRS repeater; fee for tone usage?

    I know their are many GMRS repeaters on various mountaintops within my area that have little or no usage. Can anyone tell me what it usually costs to rent or lease a tone on a repeater? I understand it varies from site to site, but I have absolutely no idea what the price range would be. Several...
  13. M

    New GMRS User

    Hey, Y'all! I'm new to the forum, and also a new GMRS user. Wanted to know if anyone is familiar with commonly used GMRS frequencies in the Jackson, MS area so I can check out how my new radio performs; range, etc. If anyone can be of assistance, I'd appreciate it very much! Thanks! ; )
  14. A

    Seeking GMRS users in Ohio!

    I am looking for GMRS users in central Ohio area specifically UNION, MARION, DELAWARE Counties. I am in the process of obtaining call sign from FCC and becoming active user in my area. Looking for someone to help me along in the process and figured here would be a great place to start! So...
  15. R

    GMRS Radio

    I would like to purchase a radio with all of the GMRS/FRS frequencies pre-programmed. My question, does anyone sell a radio that allows a user to do the following: 1. The ability (USER PROGRAMMABLE) to enter/select the PL/DPL for both the transmit and receive frequencies. This would allow...
  16. bezking

    REACT Exercise on 462.7

    Hi all- Did anybody else catch the Nassau County REACT exercise on 462.7000mHz Today? At first I thought it was a police department, with the unit numbers and MDC, but then the dispatcher (?) mentioned REACT. I only caught the last ten minutes, but it sounded like a big radio check (1 2 3 4 5 4...