help needed

  1. F

    Hello, im very new to this and i need help!

    I'm getting a use Bendix King dph Command handheld and I can not find anywhere on the internet about what style PTT I need, everything on Amazon is for baofeng but I've been seeing conflicting things about whether this will work for my radio, any input is appreciated, and I do apologize if I've...
  2. M

    Help needed Radioshack Pro-2052

    My Pro-2052 has been working great until one day i hit something and now it will not search within the trunked freqs. I'm located in Florida and cleared the memory of the scanner and entered the EDACS system i have trunk set up for bank one as "ED", it will scan but when i hit search it starts...
  3. L

    Help with wayne county Georgia updates ?

    Does anyone know what was added or updated in Wayne County- Jesup georgia ? It doesn't show on my end but was green now yellow
  4. S

    How Would i go about programming the Uniden 325P2 for the KCERS system?

    title says it all, I want to programmed it for all of this sites and talk groups, but I will most likely only use the King County/ValleyCom site, most of the time.
  5. E

    Pro-106: Needs Programmed

    I am trying to program the pro 106. I had a gentleman at radio shack do it for me when i bought it. Thet are out of business so... I am in Franklin County PA and looking for help? Any suggestions on program for the computer or how to manually enter the information? I watched videos on you tube...
  6. G

    P25 Talkgroup

    Okay so our department is having a bit of trouble, we were recently thinking about switching our communications from analog to digital but the county we're in says we have to have a talk group created in order for us to be on the P25 system, my problem is I've only worked with mototrbo systems...
  7. G

    Dead tyt md-380g - help!!!

    Hi, I tried to connect an earphone to my MD-380G, but when I inserted the pin into the socket on the side of the rig, the light on the top of the rig flashed momentarily in red and the rig turned off (dead?) Now the rig is dead, I have tried turning on whilst pressing the top side button and the...
  8. K

    HomePatrol 2

    Can someone please give me some "step by step" instructions on how I can input my local Sheriff trunking frequencies? I have the Extreme key and have opened the HP2 but the Owners manual for the Extreme is done in Greek. This 72 year old brain is having a hard time. Any help would be welcomed...
  9. H

    CB Radio Antenna?

    Hello, I'm looking for a Beam antenna for a cobra CB radio. I'd like it to be good for shooting skip and getting the longest range possible. I'd also like the height to be from 16-26ft, and for it to have a good amount (80mph+) wind resistance, in case of a storm or other bad weather. I'm not...
  10. S

    bc75xlt rechargable battery problem

    So, first off this bc75xlt works fine with normal alkalines. But when I remove them, flip the switch, and put in fully charged energizer 2500mah ( externally charged ), the scanner almost immediately starts flashing "batt". When I have charged these, or similar batteries ( no name from china )...
  11. P

    BC75XLT: Stuck on scan and will not turn off

    My son turned on his scanner which had been working fine until now. It is stuck on scan, finds one of the channels he has programmed briefly, then goes back to scan. I cannot turn the scanner off. When I take the batteries out, and re-install them, the unit comes back on and still continues to...
  12. T

    Dual beeps during dispatch transmission

    Recently, anytime dispatch broadcasts on our EMS channel, there are dual beeps that are included every ~10 seconds over tones and voice, only when dispatch broadcasts, not other mobiles/portables. They only come on this channel (Motorola Centracom broadcasts on 6 channels total, all VHF except...
  13. edensvision

    Can anyone help me?

    Please forgive me but I seemed to have hit a brick wall. I have the police scanner version 3.1 from critical hit software. It has stopped working correctly. I have tried to update with a new download and found no joy in that and got charged again for an app I already paid for, and it's still not...
  14. J

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Need help with programming - Will tip $$

    Hello friends, I have a $$$ proposition for you. I'm fluent with computers but new to portable scanners, especially the BCD436HP. Before you tell me to read the instruction manual or to read "Mike's" simplified instruction manual, I've already done that and I'm still lost. But that's my problem...
  15. F

    please help me bct15x

    i have just bought a uniden bct15x i have no idea what to do but am keen to learn. i have been reading a fare bit of info on the net but not a great deal is making sense to me. i live in Rural Australia. i am wondering if we use trunking systems out here. any link to web sites that show me how...
  16. BlackDog928

    Time For A New Scanner, Please Help.

    I was in emergency services for 25 years. I'm retired now. I'm home bound with a terminal heart condition and I live alone. One of the things I like to do to keep busy is listen to/play with my scanner. I've been using a Uniden BC178XLT for years. It's time for something new and better...
  17. V

    New to the BCD996XT (HELP!)

    I purchased my BCD996XT from eBay about a month back. A work in progress is getting my TV tower up so I can attach a few antennas on it. So, for the meantime, I will be working with the supplied indoor antenna. No problem there (for the time being). Today, I received in via CanadaPost my USB-1...
  18. ButlerAlerts

    CDM 1250 UHF SWAr Severe Issue

    CDM 1250 UHF SWR Severe Issue Ok, so I got my CDM 1250 in the mail yesterday, with the Astron power Supply and Hood with Desk Mic. I have been receiving EXTREMELY high SWR, to where it goes off my meter. I have tried it on my A99 at 38 Feet, my TRAM at about 10-12 Feet, and my new RadioShack...
  19. A

    Our Christmas gift Uniden Bc 248clt scanner

    My boyfriend is a firefighter with Luray VFD and my sister got him a scanner for Christmas, I have all of the codes in the scanner. All I can get is the weather, can someone help me see if I am doing something wrong. I would love your Christmas joy :D! Thanks, Alicia aka the confused girlfriend.
  20. M

    Just Digital or Digital Encrypted. Sound Samples Attached

    Looks like "they" upgraded their equipment. I have a BCT15X analog scanner. I know they went digital, I just don't know if it is encrypted also. I would like to know this before I waste my time upgrading to a digital scanner and finding out it's encrypted as well. Sound samples are attached...