1. K

    Radio Mounting Hardware Identification / Recommendation

    I'm trying to mount my President McKinley radio in my 2019 Subaru Ascent. I'd like to mount it in the least destructive way possible while being able to easily remove it. I found the mounting setup in the picture on a Subaru Ascent forum but the guy failed to respond when I asked what hardware...
  2. K3VDM

    Yaesu FTM-400XDR Install - 2019 F150

    Installed a Yaesu FTM-400XDR in my 2019 Ford F150 a few weeks ago. I used a solenoid which is tied to an ignition fuse in the truck. The fuse block powers on and off with the truck. The antenna is a Diamond NR770HBNMO mounted on the front driver fender. The dash mount and behind rear seat mount...
  3. KG5KS

    Ideas on mounts for two mobile radios

    I have a 2019 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and will be putting in two small mobiles " President McKinley and Anytone 578 DMR radio. Normally I would mount in Havis at the center seat. Problem is sometimes I have to have that center seat. So can't have a permanent mount , figuring a mount for both...
  4. W4XED

    Mobile Install Question

    I've searched and searched, but can't find the answer I'm looking for. I'm going to wire my quad band mobile ham in my 2016 Malibu Limited 1LT (which has an auxiliary battery in the trunk to facilitate restarts when the auto-stop engages). The only difference I can find functionally between the...
  5. K7MFC

    K7MFC mobile shack: 2019 Ford F-150 XLT

    Last summer I replaced my 2013 F-150 with a new 2019 F-150. Just like the last truck, this is my daily driver to the office job, but it does truck stuff too! I've been happy with Ford trucks and decided to get another F-150, but this time around I placed a factory order so I could get the...
  6. E

    Ambulance Radio Options

    Hey all- An agency I work with is specing out a new ambulance and there were talks about buying new mobiles with it. We have an analog VHF simulcast system with two repeater sites. We use Kenwood TK-790's for primary communications, with the dual head kit. One head in the back, one in the cab...
  7. T

    2008 Ford Expedition Install

    Hello, This is my first post here so I hope I get it right. I have a 2008 Ford Expedition that I recently finished building out as my mobile ham shack/mobile Office. For radios I have a VHF Motorola Spectra Astro that works on both P25 and analog repeaters in my area, I also have a Motorola...
  8. BlueDevil

    2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel Radio Install

    Here are some pictures of the radio install I completed yesterday on a 2015 Dodge 1500 Laramie Ecodiesel. I installed an Icom F5021 VHF Mobile Radio, 2-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket, Larsen 1/4 Wave VHF NMO Antenna, Larsen NMO Mount with 25' Coax and PL259 Connector, and Chargeguard CG12D...
  9. qc

    2004 Chevy Silverado Install

    We Just completed our radio install wanted to thank 8859, mmckenna , WX4EMT and everyone else for the help Here is list of everything we installed Havis made me a 1-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket. I just ship my Yaesu FT 8900R to Havis and there engineers made it fit like a glove the part...
  10. WX4EMT

    WX4EMT Home QTH

    Those who have followed the buildout of the WX4EMT Tahoe PPV have requested a peek into the inner workings of my home station. and.... Since the current station is getting a large facelift I thought the time was right to start a home thread. First a little history, it is not difficult to see...
  11. N

    2016 Ford Fusion Ham Radio

    I've been slowly documenting my install in my new car on my blog, so that the guys in my local radio club could follow along with my progress. Here's few of the pics. If you want to check out the details my blog is at November 3 Victor Echo Mike - November 3 Victor Echo Mike let me know what...
  12. P

    2013 Sierra Install

    I realized that though I have posted some pictures of components here and there, I haven't really posted anything about the how it's coming together as a whole and after reading brewerywgn1's 2004 Sierra-Redux. Anyway, here goes nothing. So I started with a mostly stock (one of the previous...
  13. daugherh

    Wiring Question

    Hello All, Let me start by saying thanks in advanced for your advice. I have researched this through many of the threads here on the RR Forums but wanted to throw out my scenario for any custom stuff I may need to know. I currently have a Motorola CDM1250 in my vehicle that is installed using...
  14. del1964

    Recipe CMakeFiles issue GNURadio

    Error trying to load/configure GNURadio: -- Building for version: v3.7.6.1-58-g620817ed / 3.7.7git -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/root/pybombs/src/gnuradio/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also "/root/pybombs/src/gnuradio/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log"...
  15. D

    BCD536HP Install in my 2010 Ford Explorer

    I've wanted a in-dash install in my vehicle for several years. It took me ungrading from a 996XT AND my vehicle for me to finally do it. The Explorer uses a dual-din radio, so this made the task a lot easier, My installer said it was a very simple install and straight forward. The setup...
  16. L

    Single DIN - what to choose

    Hello all. I'm looking to purchase a police scanner for my father in law. I will install this in a console with a single DIN. I'm wondering which scanner I should choose. Would the BCD536 work? I'm new to this so thanks for any/all help you can provide. Thanks!
  17. V

    CB and Scanner install on 2011 Frontier 4x4

    Hello all, I'd like to share my mobile setup. I've seen many ugly/incorrect/dangerous installs of CB radios, ham radios, scanners, antennas, etc around online, so here's my setup and a little bit of how it was done to maybe provide some reference for anyone looking to accomplish a similar...
  18. KC9ZNV

    NOOB 06 Trailblazer mobile install

    Hi folks, I am relatively new to HAM, I just received a brandy new Kenwood TM-V71A and I intend to mount this in my 2006 Chevy Trail Blazer. I did my best to search all of the forums on this site for answers with out much luck. This is my main forum for radio stuffs. The last radio I installed...
  19. SlipNutz15

    2013 Chevrolet Malibu Install

    I recently bought a 2013 Malibu and after a few weeks of not having any radios or scanners in my car and it driving me nuts, I took the plunge. I don't have pictures of the trunk lid liner removal but it was simply removing the plastic rivets and the plastic handle used to close the trunk...
  20. 5stormchasers

    External ham radio speaker for the chase vehicle

    Here are a few pics of the install of the external speaker for my Yaesu 7900! Before.. The joys of splicing wire! Le's hide this wire under that step... Speaker mounted under the vehicle! Hooking up the switch! Place the switch in a compartment, and we are done!