1. M

    2006 Impala Install

    Here is the install I did on an 06 impala. Let me know what you think
  2. KaiserM715

    Kenwood install in '10 F150

    After having my license since June and my radio since July, I finally had time to get it all installed. I picked Kenwood based on several reviews discussing ease of use and programming. Not to mention, I have a local ham who uses them and has been helping me with programming. I know...
  3. T

    '96 Range Rover Radio/Scanner Install

    I'm looking at installing a Uniden BCT8 scanner and a Uniden PRO520XL in my 1996 Land Rover Range Rover, however, I can't seem to find a very effective way to do it... Because the parking break and the shifter are housed within the center console, I can't make up my own custom console for...
  4. T

    2010 Elantra and FT-8800R

    Not nearly as elegant as the sunglasses holder install. This is almost exclusively my commute vehicle. I don't have to worry about passengers too much so I mounted the main portion of the radio on the side of the console. It is far enough forward to be out of the way moving the seat and get...
  5. WX4EMT

    2011 Tahoe PPV Install

    Let's get started: First we assemble the stuff to be installed: Gut the truck: Drop the headliner: Be careful of the airbags! No insulation? Mark the spot and drill some holes:
  6. knottkd

    Motorola PM 400

    I just recieved my new PM 400 from work and i installed it in my F-150. When the mic is on the hanger it has all audio. When I take the mic off i loose all audio?? I am not a radio prof.. is this a install problem or programming issue?? please help.
  7. K8CPA

    Any Tower Climbers in Michigan read this forum?

    I have an antenna. It's the Comet Tri-Bander; the CX-333. I need to put it together. (Which I can do...of course...) I have a 40 Ft Steel Tower. It's guyed. I need to get this up on my tower. I now have a Antron-99 at the top of this tower. It broke over in a small wind storm here back in...
  8. mgolden2

    2009 F-150 install

    I'm trying to install a radio in a 2009 Ford F-150 and was wondering if someone can give me some help as to how to run the power cables. Do I go directly from the pos/neg on the battery, do I ground it to the frame instead, how do I get the power from the engine compartment into the cab? Or...
  9. T

    Bcd996t install options

    I am new to this hobby and am very excited to get started. We are designing a custom coach from the ground up and want to add a scanner and we want to make sure we do things right. Our selection for the scanner is the Uniden BDC996T. Our choice of antenna is the Austin Spectra. The scanner...
  10. I

    Yukon Install

    So this is a Yukon we did. It was mostly done from my coworker, but I gave my help in wiring the power. It is a full dash mount MCS2000, not a remote mount. He had to cut away behind there where the tray is usually at. He did the cutting and fitting. He does this all the time, and (sucking in...
  11. S

    I Need Advice for Install

    Hello. I just got a jeep commander and am going to install some radios for communication purposes. I just need some advice on which radios are the best for this kind of project. My bidget is $10,000