1. H

    CHP to Trunking

    As I understand it, CHP is moving to a trunked system sometime in the future. In San Diego County they're already experimenting with CHP utilizing the county system. At what point in time does one expect CHP to be trunked and sadly encrypted? I'm at a point of investing in an antenna and I don't...
  2. C

    Reception and tips to improve it. (LAPD LASD CHP)

    Hi, I Have a question on how to improve reception Mainly for LAPD but also for LASD, CHP I Live in the San Fernado Valley (Pacoima/Arleta area) I have a Uniden BCD325P2 The Antenna I use is a TRAM 1094 3ft in length mounted on top of my roof for LAPD I can hear all of VALLEY Bureau and CENTRAL...
  3. L

    LAPD and FD callsigns

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what callsigns the LAFD and LAPD use for patrol units, Does LAFD use a 1-UNIT-00 system or? Also, what does 1 in front mean, what do the -00 numbers present? What does Lincoln, Adam, David mean?
  4. XArkans

    LAPD Vice Unit

    Hello, What are the responsibilities of the "Vice Unit"? Regards, Jason
  5. medic9351301

    lapd hot shots

    few questions about hotshots . i listen to it on the feed . 1. its only a one way channel correct ? meaning no field units talk on it . 2. is it like a priorty channel in division radios? 3. how do the feild units in the division the call goes to get the call if its not a priorty channel or...
  6. S

    LAPD audio cutting off on BCD436HP

    Howdy Howdy! I'm having a little bit of an issue with listening in to LAPD on the BCD436HP. When listening to their audio (from the latest database), I hear the dispatch/tac audio clearly, except that the last half-second of the transmission always seems to be cut off. I've tried different...
  7. D

    Los Angeles LAPD LASD Radio Zones and Channel Setup

    Hello, Does anyone know how LAPD or LASD have their radio's setup? Which channel's/freqs are in which zones? Are they all setup the same or does each station/area have theirs setup however they want? Thanks.
  8. A

    Best SDR set-up for Los Angeles ***not a repost**

    ***I hope you agree this isn't a repost since the Los Angeles OP25 thread ultimately is not what I thought it was*** So Ive learned a great deal recently about SDR -- I started on a Mac and got GQRX and DSD+ running beautifully together. Problem was the dispatchers send out the incident but...
  9. A

    OP25 and Los Angeles

    im tryimg to follow LAPD trunked systems but cant seem to find the TGIDs and Alpha tags to do so. im very new to OP25 but understand to follow trumked communications the TGID and Alpha tag is all i need i can see all the LAPD frequemcies but hardly any TGIDs can anyone familiar with usimg...
  10. O

    Can't Receive LAPD West or South Bureau Scanner Traffic

    Hi. I'm writing to ask if there has been a change to LAPD frequencies or whether you can help me troubleshoot a local scanner issue. I have my BCD996P2 set up to monitor LAPD's four bureaus. Each bureau is a separate conventional system: Central, West, South, and Valley. I've had it that way...
  11. O

    Callsigns For CHP, LASD, and Fire

    I'm familiar with the naming convention used to identify LAPD units (e.g., 10-A-12) where 10 is the division, A is a two-officer patrol, and 12 would be the car identifier. Can anyone provide similar conventions for callsigns of CHP, LASD, LA County Fire, and LA City Fire? I hear them called...
  12. Mountain343

    SDR and LAPD?

    Not sure which forum would be better but since I'm more curious about how well LAPD specifically sounds, I figure here is the place to ask. Has anyone used a cheap sdr doggle and software to listen to LAPD? Was it easy to set up? Any problems? How was it for ease of use? I mostly just want to...
  13. F

    Antenna help

    Currently using a Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT - I follow LAPD and LASD. I want to upgrade my rubber duck antenna - does anyone have any suggestions for an upgrade? Thanks!
  14. I

    Los Alamos LAPD frequencies

    Good afternoon. I am a very amateur user; as a newspaper, we have a scanner in our office to monitor what might be going on in the county and provide public safety updates. This is the first time I've had to try to use and set up a scanner. A few weeks ago, LAPD and LAFD both dropped out when...
  15. C

    LAPD SWAT callsigns

    Sorry, if this was already asked (tried to search, but results didn't show up — is this feature broken or is something wrong with my browser?), but: It's known that 10-David is lieutenant — commander of LAPD D platoon, and that 20-David through 70-David are sergeants — squad leaders. Are other...
  16. F

    New LAPD Trunked System

    Working in Irvine OC today and noticed 855.1375 SID ID 03456h - 0101 No talkgroups noted though. Pulling in full signal strength bars Curious.... Anybody have any ideas
  17. J

    No Scanner Traffic From LAPD Frequencies

    Hi: I recently bought a Uniden BC345CRS. I have programmed a number frequencies associated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), which can be found here: I get a lot of scanner traffic. However, when trying the same...
  18. T

    LAPD Valley traffic is 26 not 23

    The Database says valley traffic 23 but its 26 just wanted to let radio reference know.
  19. T

    What Scanner tolisten to LAPD

    Hello everyone,I am somewhat new to scanners and I was wondering what scanner I should buy to listen to the LAPD I have been thinking about the bcd436hp and the 396xt. Thank you.
  20. yaesumofo

    Scanners Going away?

    According to this article LA's first responder radio networks will eventually be forced vacate the 470-512mhz frequencies in favor of LA-RICS VO-LTE network (which has not been built yet I don't think). Will I be able to monitor LTE transmissions? I doubt it. Is this going on everywhere? Right...