1. HogDriver

    Location Control

    I've read a lot on Location Control, but am unclear on one thing. I have approximately 20 freqs listed that are various Ham repeaters used during severe weather by spotters. In order to scan all of them, can I simply turn off Location Control for that Department or do I have to just make the...
  2. kc9lfd

    DMR equipment question

    I would like to apologize if this isn't the est place to post about DMR-related questions. I didn't see a dedicated DMR board and this seemed seemed as close as I could find. My question is about DMR radios equipped with GPS for location sharing -- does anyone know of a DMR that can be equipped...
  3. J

    Geographical Feed Location

    Hi all, Happy New Year. I was playing with the iOS Broadcastify app and was in a city within 5 miles of my home feed(s) city. I did a search of feeds nearest to my location (using iOS Location Services) and my two feeds did NOT show up in the list. It some that were nearby and a feed some 74...
  4. Evnldr

    New antenna location question

    OK I'm stuck I need to mount an antenna neer power lines. How far do I need to be from it I may have 5ft to the left but that's where the line is
  5. P

    Trunking on Motorola APX7000XE StarCOM21 question.

    So I have a general question that may apply to any trunking system similar but I am specifically talking about STARCOM21 in this case. So if you will refer to https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=2324 this link to see how the system is set up. On with the point. I have already set up my...
  6. rvacs

    HP-2: GPS Setup - Best to Location Favorites or Scan Category?

    Hello All, Wanting to setup my HP-2 with a new GPS coming in. Want to be able to drive and use the GPS to scan close by Police and HwyPatrol. Have not really looked a lot into this - but is the best way - say if I want TX DPS (Hwy Patrol) to add them all in as a favorite in Sentinel and then...
  7. T

    Location Based Scanning

    Hi dear friends of the forum. Before all, I'll like to say that I'm a totally newbie at this, so, maybe it's possible that my asking and conclusions might be wrong. Sorry for that. I always be captivate by radio things, and now, maybe I have some more time to dedicate to this and I decide to...
  8. B

    Computer Aided Dispatch Question

    I am a long time firefighter and I've always wondered about something and I am wondering if anyone that knows the answer can help me out. How do chief officers and emergency planners determine who is due and how much is due to any given address? There must be software to determine closest unit...
  9. O

    Sub-Category Details GPS

    Before I start to submit new Location info in Alberta for Countywide stuff. I would like to know if it can be a range that works or is it to be a set amount? Also with the newest scanners on sale today having the rectangle location type is there a way or going to be a part with that info? I...
  10. badlans

    AWIN Oddness

    I've noticed something odd in the AWIN listing. The RR listing for the SPRINGDALE site shows that the site is in Washington County. However, if you look at the map, the site is actually in Madison County. I have no idea why they named the site SPRINGDALE in the first place -- it's nowhere...
  11. E

    Lat/Lon of database entry

    I'm interested in looking at some MPT1327 signals and obviously there aren't many in the US. I'm in the Denver area and a search showed up a system belonging to Basin Electric Power Cooperative. It shows a lot of different towers spanning multiple states, there are supposedly a couple in...
  12. B

    bcd996xt Location programming

    Does anyone know how to program Location alerts into the scanner via computer. I can't figure it out in freescan.
  13. ToDaMax

    Wisconsin Detector Help

    I'm having a hard time searching for information on locations of defect detectors in Wisconsin (Particualrly SE Wisconsin). I know the frequencies in Wisconsin and a basic map of main lines and what runs on them. But I cannot find any information on milepost or detector locations. Maybe I'm...
  14. U

    request for antenna location suggestions

    I have this thing in my backyard. As you can see it's up on a hill. The other picture is of my house from underneath it on top of the hill. As you can see it's actually pretty close to the height of my house. I probably already know the answer to this but I just wanted to ask. I probably...
  15. hotdjdave

    BCD396T GPS Location-Based Scanning Capable

    Someone at a local ham radio store that the Unided BCD396T can do GPS location-based scanning. He said it requires aftermarket software and cable, and it can be done. I cannot find this on the web. Has anyone heard of this or know how to do it? If so, could you provide links, please. Thanks.