1. D

    Texas Military Activity and Frequencies

    With all of the military bases in Texas There should be a lot of activity. I thought I will try to restart the Texas Military Activity and Frequencies thread. Here is some new frequencies for Randolph AFB. 139.575 Randolph Hangover SOF or TEXAN Ops 149.250 Randolph T-1 T-38 Moc PTD 149.875...
  2. T

    Chinese Air Defense MC03 station, 5139 kHz LSB, January, 2019

    Chinese military station MC03 has been active this month on 5139 kHz, LSB mode. For those not familiar, this is one of several oddity stations that are believed to be Chinese military related, in this case very possibly air defense or air tracking. It may be related to VC01, the "Chinese...
  3. P

    transmitting/receiving on military frequencies

    Hi All, I'm new here, doing some research for a paper, and I have a dumb newbie question. There seem to be plenty of scanners that'll scan military frequencies like 225-400 and 138-144 mhz. What commercially-available antenna is best to use for this purpose? Assuming I built or somehow...
  4. J

    US DoD (14C) Key West NAS Site

    Spending a few days down South, way down South! And brought my Whistler TRX-1 along for some entertainment while walking the dogs. The county P25 system is coming in great, even heard the NAS tower, but the trunked system has been quiet for two days. The last 12 hours or so I've been...
  5. K

    Military PRC Radios for Amateur Use

    Does anyone on here use military radios for amateur purposes? I recently obtained a PRC-77 from the Vietnam years and an older PRC-10 from the Korean War, and both have FM capabilities on the 6 meter amateur band. The power output of these portable manpack radios is only between 1-4 watts, so...
  6. lucky43113

    Antron 99 antenna for scanning?

    I have this antenna ANTRON 99 CB RADIO AND 10M BASE STATION ANTENNA A99 For Galaxy DX2547 & Others | eBay Would that work for picking up military communications? I am in Pickaway County, also locally I am a ufo investigator and last month we had a wave of sightings in the area and lots of...
  7. lucky43113

    Radioshck pro 433 am mode?

    I just bought the pro 433 works great but some of the frequencies i put in need to be on am is that possible with this scanner? They are mil com frequencies they programmed ok but not sure if they are on am or not.
  8. WU8Y

    Michigan National Guard to host Northern Strike 2016

    Michigan National Guard to host Northern Strike 2016 Combined arms exercise to take place across northern Lower Peninsula, Aug., 1-20, 2016
  9. H

    NATO's high intensity of combat training

    As we know Polish Armed Forces conducted a large-scale military training exercise Anakonda involving 24 NATO and partner countries. For more than 10 days, 31,000 troops, backed by large numbers of vehicles, aircraft and ships trained together. The aim was to exercise and test the...
  10. rfsparkz

    CFB Borden Air Show June 11-12 2016

    Canadian Armed Forces Day celebration will be held June 11-12 2016 at CFB Borden located just 20 minutes west of Barrie Ontario. More info can be found at Base Borden Canadian Armed Forces Day and Air Show There is a free shuttle from the bus terminal in Barrie directly to the airshow in Angus/...
  11. WX9RLT

    C-17 Globemaster over N. Illinois

    C-17 Globemaster over N. Illinois
  12. T

    Satcom UHF Antennas sale

    Have several Trivec Avant satcom antennas for sale. Have the 2055-3 brand new still in box. And a few of the EGG BEATER ONNIDIRECTIONAL satcom on the move vehicle/helicopter/or boat mountable antennas for less than half of the current going rates, also still new in box... Reply for pictures or...
  13. W

    Pro-97 Antenna for Airshows/Military

    Hey everyone, forum lurker on here. Wanted to chime in and ask for some suggestions as I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of antennas that are out there and frankly, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to what's good or bad in the least. I have two Radio Shack Pro 97s that I use at...
  14. WX9RLT

    HF & Shortwave Frequencies

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the most common and active frequencies the military uses in the shortwave bands? Thank you
  15. WX9RLT

    C-17 over Northern IL

    Spotted AE146D 07-7175 RCH690 C-17 Globemaster above Northern Illinois a few minutes ago
  16. WX9RLT

    ADS-B Military Feed Sites?

    There any ADS-B military feed sites? I used to feed to but that sites been down awhile. Is there any sites like that one?
  17. J

    Military Air in Portland region?

    Is there a list for military air freqs for the Portland Oregon area? Thanks
  18. OK2BCK

    RF-10 Czech military manpack

    While visiting Czech Republic I bought two of these military radios. They were very cheap and both in pristine condition even with maintenance logbook. I paid about USD $37 for each; if you like military radios or 6m QRP, I suggest you to check this blog by IX1CKN. I've just made 1st QSO and...
  19. C138NC

    Just spotted a AH-1W Cobra flying over Alamance

    Dont know how many folks in NC monitors military air unless its all encrypted but just saw a USMC AH-1W Cobra fly over head, came back home and thought air care was flying by but it happens to be a military aircraft and it was headed East, I guess down to New River or Camp Lejuene, That bird...
  20. Bote

    DoD 380MHz P25 nationwide military trunked system 14C

    I've been monitoring the nationwide 380MHz P25 military trunked system 14C site at Key West, Florida for some time. Recently they have begun using talkgroup 28995 for daily radio checks and actual dispatches of fire calls. This is labeled "Navy southeast region dispatch". The Key West units...