1. N9JIG

    Rich's radio room for 2023

    OK, Scott redid his radio room, so I have to update mine. I obtained a Behringer 1602 mixer to replace the much larger X2222 (Thanks Jim!) and moved things around a bit to accommodate it in the rack. I could have gone two ways with this: One was to keep the 3u cabinet I have been using since...
  2. N9JIG

    Moved and updated for Christmas 2022 N9JIG Office shack

    With the son sharing my office these days we decided to move things around a bit. Basically we swapped positions in the office, I took his side and he mine. This allowed us to reclaim some wasted space caused by my L-shaped desk needing to be backed off of one wall to allow access to the...
  3. WX9RLT

    Congrats N9JIG On the Retirement

    Congrats on the retirement. @N9JIG It was announced last night on The Scanner Guys. You have did an amazing job over the years. Time to kick back and enjoy life. :)
  4. N9JIG

    The (almost) all new for 2022 N9JIG Shack

    (Continued from I am at it again!) With a few changes in my life, I have yet again reimagined my shack. I also replaced many of my older radios with newer ones and updated a few other things. A huge change for me is the audio mixer. I had been able to easily listen to and distinguish various...
  5. N9JIG

    I am at it again!

    Ok, I know I change my shack around more often than my brother in law changed his underwear but I am at it again. There is nothing more worrisome to my wife than a nude desk… More to come!
  6. R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    ***SOLD*** For sale today is an Icom R8500 HF/VHF/UHF Communications Receiver with a NovexCom rack (including speaker). Included with the radio are: 12VDC power cable (with PowerPole at the other end) Icom AC power adapter Original Owner's Manual Bail with hardware Original Icom box and...
  7. N9JIG

    Back to the Future: The N9JIG cabinet is back

    I know, I just remodeled the shack a short time ago but the wife complained that there were too many wires visible. In addition I added a second computer station in anticipation of a couple projects. I still had the network cabinet from a prior build as well as the rack panels and mounts for my...
  8. N9JIG

    N9JIG Portable HF Shack

    So last month I bought an Icom IC-705 QRP rig as well as an Outpost portable antenna system. I want to be able to use the rig at home, in the yard or on Field Day. At home it is connected to a 4-position antenna switch so I can use a 10m dipole, 20m dipole, D130NJ discone or a Diamond dual band...
  9. N9JIG

    Reduced N9JIG Shack for February 2022

    Having retired from sales and support of scanners I have drastically reduced my shack. Since I no longer need to have radios around to be able to support them the ones I have are only for my enjoyment. In addition I no longer need a whole bunch of scanners for searching local systems, after 7...
  10. N9JIG

    The Big Swap: New Antennas for the attic

    Part 1: The Prequel I have been accumulating supplies and equipment to pretty much clear out the old antennas and install all new stuff in my attic. I am doing this for a couple reasons: I have actually cut down quite a bit on the radios and thus the antennas needed. I want to standardize the...
  11. N9JIG

    November 2021 N9JIG Shack

    YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/ljptAd2ONVA Here is the latest iteration of my shack. I retired the tall cabinet as my needs changed and I no longer needed as many scanners as I had in the past. I have reduced the radio portion of the shack to a more manageable collection of Uniden...
  12. N9JIG

    N9JIG TriBay Completed.

    I ordered the new Tri-Bay rack about a month ago and it finally arrived today from AudioRax. Being that it is custom made it took a while but it is worth the wait. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it arrived fully assembled, I had assumed it was going to require assembly. Being 5 feet...
  13. N9JIG

    Next for N9JIG: Tri-Bay Desk Rack

    After a few years I have decided that the huge Rack Cabinet (February 2021 N9JIG Shack with video) is too much and needs to go. The main purpose was to search out the huge Mil-Air band and using 12 BCT15/15X’s worked great. Now that I have a good grasp on the local operations I am ready to...
  14. N9JIG

    February 2021 N9JIG Shack with video

    I know, I know! I moved it around AGAIN. My wife preferred her desk to be elsewhere and she likes having the recliner so she can sit with me in the office and watch TV. Usually however she ends up watching trains go by instead and plays with her iPad in between them. I will make a railfan out of...
  15. N9JIG

    The Desk Rack of 2021

    For the last few years on my desk I have kept a couple of scanners for day-to-day use. These have generally been in a Scanner Master 4-scanner desk stand. I added a bracket on the side for my SDS100 and would often put an extra radio on top as shown below: On the rear of the panel I use a...
  16. N9JIG

    N9JIG Desk Stack Updated

    Besides my radio cabinet I have a Desk Stack that I use here. While the cabinet is right behind me that is mostly used for logging of activity and specialty monitoring. Since I, like many of us, am pretty much stuck at home these days, meant I had time to do some work to it. On the desk itself...
  17. N9JIG

    N9JIG Quarantine Radio Cabinet clean up

    With being pretty much stuck at home lately I decided to clean up the Radio Cabinet. I cleaned up of some of the interior rats nest of wires and dusted it out. There was a good reason why I have not included pictures of the interior of the cabinet, it was pretty messy! It reminded me of the...
  18. N9JIG

    The N9JIG self-contained shack desk March 2020

    I have posted many pictures of the radio cabinet I currently have and the various shack builds I have had over the years, this post concentrates on the desk in my office instead. While there are radios on it of course the main use for this desk is the computers. I have had many desks over the...
  19. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack for 2020

    I have been asked a few times recently to update my shack pictures so with the new year I figured this was a good time. I have rearranged some of the stuff recently as well. We will start with the Radio Cabinet: This is a 42u, 7-foot-tall Networking cabinet. (Networking cabinets are less...
  20. N9JIG

    N9JIG Shack Update for April 2019

    Part 1: On Tuesday I ordered a new Uplift L-Shaped standing desk to replace my older single top desk. My wife encouraged this since she wanted the old desk for her crafting room. The desk arrived Thursday night (of course just as we sat down to dinner!) We cleared out what we could then and...