1. AES-256-Encryption

    XPR4550 questions

    Let me make this clear, I don't know anything about MOTOTRBO/DMR. First, is the potentiometer for the volume knob supposed to feel loose? it goes halfway like loose, then I feel some clicks. I'm gonna order a new plastic for the radio but I wanna know if I should get a new potentiometer, also...
  2. H

    Baofeng Needing help diagnosing no sound with DTCS/DPL Codes in CHIRP.

    First off, I'm completely new to radios. I have a Baofeng uv-9g GMRS radio. I have tested it via NOAA to confirm its work. I want to use it to monitor my local municipality radio frequencies near me. I'm trying to program my radio through CHIRP. the freq. in question uses DPL 026 for tone...
  3. T

    New to scanning, trying to listen to my city's police department radio.

    I'm completely new to radio scanners, but I've been trying to look around for my city's police department radio on scanner apps and such but I couldn't find it. I did, however, find details here on Radio Reference such as the DEC and HEX, although I don't know how to use them. Would I have to...
  4. kudzu_kid

    Sentinel favorites lists and DB updates Was: Neophyte RR DB Question

    Hi, Pardon the n00bish question here. I've had my scanner (Uniden SDS200) for about 3 weeks. My time to parse the RR threads and the fair to poor scanner manual is rather limited. To my question(s): Once I have my scanner configured to my liking (unwanted stuff is AVOIDed on scanner, some...
  5. P

    N00B Questions For Mil Air Listening on NW FL Gulf Coast

    Hello, As a user of many forums on topics from firearms to scale modeling, I cringe asking these noob questions, but my due diligence research has raised more questions than it has answered, and I need your help. About Me: I'm a general class ham located in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I'm literally...
  6. S

    Proper continuity test on UHF connectors

    New HAM here. I have in my mobile setup, 3 lines of coax cables coming forward all terminated in PL-259 for use in a diplexer and a third for another radio. I use crimp PL-259 for all 3, but need to know what I should be looking for in continuity between the center pin and the shield. 2 out of...
  7. T

    Dabbled a bit, but need to get serious

    Hey all, I have been interested in radios, specifically CBs for a while. I plan to participate in a few road rally's, drives, and road trips across California in the future, and would like to be able to listen to the CHP as well as local law enforcement (but mostly CHP). Airplanes as well as...
  8. MagicMan08

    Pro-164 - 1st Accessories to Purchase?

    First things first I know a little bit about the hobby, but I am getting into it on my own for the first time. Long time lurker, first time poster. I live in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN central area with a trunked system and several college and fire freq's I'd like to monitor. (Clay...
  9. N

    Not getting traffic any more with new PSR-500

    I just got a PSR-500 and I tried loading my area's V-Scanner folder just to get started. At first it seemed to work great, it was pretty much non stop traffic. I managed to program my own TSYS and added the talkgroups I cared about. Again, seemed to work pretty well. But yesterday I noticed it...
  10. T

    Programming needed for a BC346XT

    I bought a scanner for entertainment use while I work (as I do security patrol), and now I'm slowly getting to know more and more about the works of scanners. However, I've ran into a few snags. First, as I've mentioned I'm using a Uinden BC346XT, I've tried doing some manual programming just...
  11. F

    Discriminator Tap BC700A

    Ok, i was wanting to know how to put a disc. tap on my old scanner, i have sort of an idea on how to do this but i'm not sure where to solder from to the pin. Plus after i do this would i be able to get the raw data from the headphone jack or how would that be done? Thanks in advance.
  12. B

    General BCT15X Instructions

    Hi folks. I bought a BCT15X and I'm having a horrible time trying to figure it out. I'm an amateur radio operator and software developer, so I'm not new to this type of stuff. Far from it. The problem stems from the fact that the manual for this unit is horrible. Online information that I...
  13. X

    PRO-164 questions.

    Ok, so I just bought a pro-164 and I'm new to scanning and I had a few questions. 1. I figured out how to add the trunked frequencies, and how to add the talkgroups, but some of the frequencies when I tune into them, give this strange tone and it says something like MOT: Control xx%, I'm...