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  1. T

    Motorola HT1250 Speaker Mic Not Working

    This is the older HT1250 without the full keypad. With some speaker mics I can hear but not transmit, and others i can't do either. Does anyone know why it wouldnt work with speaker mics?
  2. helvis

    Dead scanner. Error codes......

    I attempted to install the EZ Scan software from my 668 I just bought. I read the manual but it was lacking detail. The manual simply said to follow the prompts. I ended up erasing the SD card after clicking the format box > clicking OK. The first error code was 5-00 on my 668 I check the E...
  3. Danny37

    Vertex vx-4207 scan function won't work.

    Would there be any reason for the scan function not to work? At first I thought the key was broken but then I changed the key via software and no luck so far. I have the scan function on the main screen set to "B" for all the channels and the scan list set to "user" Any help would be...
  4. BakeryBoy


    I bought a slightly used Pro-37 and I've enjoyed using it daily for about two months. Today I listened on my lunch break, no problems. I get ready to go home, turn on the unit and nothing. I replaced the batteries, and still dead. This unit is barely used, not a scratch on it. It has worked...
  5. A

    Pro 70 will not recieve anything

    I bought a Pro 70 handheld scanner on ebay and everything seems to work fine. It performs all it's functions like it is supposed to do but I cannot pick up anything on the air. I reinitialized it and put in my local freqs and it scans them fine. If I turn Squelch off I get your standard radio...