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  1. T

    Motorola HT1250 Speaker Mic Not Working

    This is the older HT1250 without the full keypad. With some speaker mics I can hear but not transmit, and others i can't do either. Does anyone know why it wouldnt work with speaker mics?
  2. helvis

    Dead scanner. Error codes......

    I attempted to install the EZ Scan software from my 668 I just bought. I read the manual but it was lacking detail. The manual simply said to follow the prompts. I ended up erasing the SD card after clicking the format box > clicking OK. The first error code was 5-00 on my 668 I check the E...
  3. Danny37

    Vertex vx-4207 scan function won't work.

    Would there be any reason for the scan function not to work? At first I thought the key was broken but then I changed the key via software and no luck so far. I have the scan function on the main screen set to "B" for all the channels and the scan list set to "user" Any help would be...
  4. 1

    Need help federal signal corporation pa300

    I am not sure if it done something when it was hooked up but it worked perfectly at first the only thing i can think of that was wrong was they had the two radio wires and bot high and low output wire all hooked up. He said it get hot and stopped working so it was unhooked and given to me. i...
  5. BakeryBoy


    I bought a slightly used Pro-37 and I've enjoyed using it daily for about two months. Today I listened on my lunch break, no problems. I get ready to go home, turn on the unit and nothing. I replaced the batteries, and still dead. This unit is barely used, not a scratch on it. It has worked...
  6. A

    Pro 70 will not recieve anything

    I bought a Pro 70 handheld scanner on ebay and everything seems to work fine. It performs all it's functions like it is supposed to do but I cannot pick up anything on the air. I reinitialized it and put in my local freqs and it scans them fine. If I turn Squelch off I get your standard radio...