1. SignalEmitter5000

    Pro-107 Handheld Scanner

    I bought this scanner sometime back in 2011. The box that it came with has long since disappeared from my belongings and is someplace where the Gremlin that hides my socks hangs out. Anyways, I located the iSCAN software for this and I was wondering if anyone had any leads on where to purchase...
  2. P

    Pro 107 Not Recognized

    My SD card nor the scanner is recognized by my PC when I plug them in. It says USB device not recognized or malfunctioned. Should I try updating the library database in IScan using a card reader or what's happening ?
  3. C

    Experience with Pro-107? Signal Stalker and other Q's.

    I'm thinking about getting a Pro-107 for the Signal Stalker feature but heard some bad experiences with Signal Stalker. Can anyone share they opinion of the Pro-107's Signal Stalker feature? Bugs, issues, annoyances? i.e. hanging up on finding the RF it detected, etc. Anyone able to compare it...
  4. T

    iSCAN pro-107 increase distance recieved

    I got my husband this scanner for christmas but we are unable to pick up any recption unless we are about 2 miles from the police station. we live about 10 miles from town and dont get anything at all at home but when we go to town it works fine. how can i increase the distance to be able to get...
  5. D

    APCO P25 system & PRO-107

    I recently purchased a PRO-107 scanner, the scanner library allows you can pick the MPSCS system but after reading on line I found that this is a APCO P25 based system. shows th PRO-107 does not support this system just Motorola, EDACS and LTR. Can someone confirm to I am...
  6. M


    Hello all, I have a Radio Shack Pro-107 scanner. I have had it for less than a year. I just updated the library on the SD card and rearranged my channels. Now while following the SFPD after anywhere from 15 mins to 1.5 hours it stops picking up transmissions. It says it is still scanning. San...
  7. P

    RadioShack Pro-107 iSCAN Trunking Scanner

    I bought a RadioShack Pro-107 iSCAN Trunking Scanner. I'm a novice but was vaguely aware that scanners underwent an analog to digital format conversion similar to what happened with television. I specifically asked the clerk whether this scanner would pick up the new format channels, and he...
  8. N


    Picked up a 107. Like it but I need to know how to totally erase a scanlist. I have too much on scanlist 001 and need to erase and then re load. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Bill_Boltinghouse

    PRO-107 Scanner Control Program Query For Update

    Mr. Boltinghouse, Thanks for your inquiry and your interest in ScanControl. Sorry, but we have no plans to add support for the PRO-107 a this time. 3D Technologies ScanControl Upgrades ScanControl Ver. 7.1 One Program * Multiple Scanners * Made in USA...
  10. R

    Pro-107 Updated to latest firmware - Now silence

    I just upgraded to latest firmware on my Pro-107 (.16) and after updating a few groups and the library to the sd-card, All I get is silence. I used another scanner verify that I'm missing traffic. My radio will squelch on conventional RCMP frequencies if i rotate the squelch to off. But I am not...
  11. reserve161

    Radio Shack Pro-107 "iScan"

    I went out on a limb to try this new scanner. I am pretty pleased with how easy it is to update and program it. I have one issue, though. I listen to Lewisville's Public Safety system (Motorola Type II Hybrid) and only the fire department talkgroups. The Fire Dispatch channel won't play the...
  12. rvacs

    PRO-107 Acting Up from Time to Time... a steal on a Pro-107 on Ebay. I absolutely love the iScan Software. Love the size of the scanner. Loving everything about it BUT Scanner will sometimes come on - but display is backlit but no text on the screen. I can sometimes get it to start working by Powering off / and Master...
  13. S

    PRO-107 Scan by Radio ID

    Is there a way for me to scan a trunked system not by talkgroup but by radio id? I have a PRO-107 and I've input several radio id's (via the software), but all that does is display the text on the LCD when that RID is active. But, is there a way for me to monitor that RID as it jumps around...
  14. kkirkpatrick

    Need advice on a new scanner purchase!

    I am looking to purchase a new handheld radio scanner. I currently have the Pro-97 and it has been working well up until the area I live in (Ogden area of Northern Utah) re-banded their frequencies. It still works but not like it did before they did this. I normally listen to all Police, Fire...
  15. T

    Newbie Pro-107 user help!!

    My Pro-107 wont play a trunking system that is pre programmed into it, does anybody know why it wont/ help please
  16. T

    PRO-107 help

    My Pro-107 wont work on a trunking channel that is pre programmed into the library, but it works on the conventional frequency, does anybody know why it wont work on trunking?
  17. howardrw

    EDACS System switches to Alt Control Channel

    I have a RS PRO-107 iSCAN scanner, and have been using it to listen to the EDACS analog trunked system in Rockwall, TX for quite some time. The agencies that use it have "gone quiet", and I'm thinking that they may have switched to the Alternate control channel listed in the RadioReference...
  18. Z

    PRO-107 database suggestion (Railroads)

    How about adding the option for adding ALL of the AAR frequencies? In Alameda County, adding all of the railroads I could find in my available choices, There were 59 of the AAR frequencies NOT in my scan list, and I found many multiple entries for AAR 12, AAR 14, etc. Sure, most railroads list...
  19. I

    Pro 107 display all messed up

    Help! Somehow, I got the display so dim, that I cannot read the background. It is so dim, I cannot see any of the commands, in menu. The orange lights are on, but that is it. What do I do? I went to the software package, and tried to adjust settings there, but nothing happens. What do I do...
  20. W

    iScan Pro-107

    PRO-107 iSCAN cdat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, here I go again. Trying to learn something new, I’m 63. I purchased the PRO-107 this past week. Research shows this is good scanner technology. But, anytime ones endeavors to use technology...